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News & Views, 9/10/04


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“The languages of the world, including Arabic, are not rich enough to describe the depravity of terrorists, Islamist or otherwise, who would shoot tiny children to make points, political or otherwise.”

- Wesley Pruden, Pruden On Politics, 9/7/04


“They are still burying the victims of the latest atrocity committed by evildoers professing Islam -- the slaughter of hundreds of children, teachers, and parents in an elementary school in Beslan, Russia. And from Muslims the world over, as usual, has come mostly silence.

“There have been no public demonstrations by Muslims anxious to make it clear how outraged and sickened they are that anyone could commit such unspeakable deeds as an act of Islamic faith. There has been no anguished outcry by Islam's leading imams and sheiks. Prominent Muslim organizations in the West have not called press conferences to express their disgust and anger. Once again the world has witnessed a savage episode of Islamist terror, and once again it strains to hear a convincing rejection of the terrorists from those who should care most about Islam's reputation.”

- Boston Globe columnist Jeff Jacoby


“We were weak, and weak people are beaten.”

- Russian President Vladimir Putin in the wake of the terrorist massacre of children at that school in Beslan


“As for carrying out preventive strikes against terrorist bases, we will take all measures to liquidate terrorist bases in any region of the world.”

- Col. Gen. Yuri Baluyevsky, chief of the Russian General Staff, Washington Times, 9/9/04


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“Demeaning our allies is an interesting approach for someone seeking the office of the presidency. When it comes to diplomacy, it looks like John Kerry should stick to windsurfing.”

- Vice President Dick Cheney


“The number of folks on the Kerry campaign who are more loyal to the Democratic nominee than to the Democratic Party can be counted on one hand - or, one could argue, one finger.”

- Chuck Todd of National Journal’s “Hotline”


“In an interview with the New Yorker, former Vice President and almost president (thank God he lost) Al Gore is once again attacking the president. This is unbelievable. Al has apparently resigned himself to the fact that he will now live the rest of his life as a bitter victim. The sour grapes have now lasted four years. How much longer are you going to hold a grudge, Al? Apparently forever.”

- Talk show host Neal Boortz, 9/9/04


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“An act of party unity and magnanimity is coming back to haunt the West Virginia Republican Party. In the immediate aftermath of the crowded 10-person GOP primary for Governor back in May, the party selected the five top runner-ups from the gubernatorial contest to be the official slate of GOP Electors for the upcoming Presidential race. Those names were subsequently filed by the state's deadline and are now locked into place. That's where the problem begins.

“South Charleston Mayor Richie Robb (R) -- who placed fourth in the primary with 10% -- was thus awarded one of the coveted Presidential Elector slots. This week Robb told the AP that he does not think he will cast his electoral vote for President Bush. Under WV state law, apparently, there is nothing that forces him to do so. Robb said he will not cast his ballot for Kerry, but would most likely cast his electoral vote -- if Bush wins the state -- for ‘No Candidate.’ "

- Ron Gunzburger, Politics1, 9/9/04


Just when you think the Libertarians can’t embarrass themselves any further...they rise to the occasion and prove you wrong. Here’s the latest...

LP presidential candidate Michael Badnarik is using the third anniversary of the tragic 9-11 terrorist attack to raise money for his campaign. In a


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Postmaster General John Potter is hopping into the wagon with others in Washington who are using the threat of terrorism to justify ever higher budgets, begging Congress give the USPS monopoly “$779 million to pay for machines to detect biological weapons sent through the mail and filter biohazards from the air at postal facilities.”

That’s $779 MILLION for new mail sorting machines and air filters. Let’s see: That 37-cent stamp should come in around, oh, $1.98 pretty soon at this rate. What a bargain, huh?

In the meantime, Japan is moving forward with Prime Minister Koizumi’s plan to PRIVATIZE the Japanese postal system. Voice of America reports that Japan’s cabinet endorsed a plan on Friday to split the huge postal system into four parts despite “fierce resistance” from some lawmakers in Mr. Koizumi’s own party.

Meanwhile, back in the states, Congress isn’t likely to consider even mild reforms to our own postal service monopoly before adjourning and returning home for November’s election. You might want to bring this up if you bump into your congress-critter on the campaign trail.


“Beer magnate Pete Coors is sending signals that he's willing to make some U.S. Senators feel the heat for pork-barrel spending if Coloradoans elect him to that body this November. The Republican nominee has launched an ad he calls ‘Gravy Train,’ which lambastes ‘politicians and lawyers in the Senate who want you to pay for their pet programs.’

“His chief example is a $50 million federal grant for an indoor rain forest in Iowa. The project is a favorite of Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley, chairman of the powerful Finance Committee that Mr. Coors hopes to join as a member. A Grassley aide says ‘the senator wasn't offended by the Coors ad’ and there would be no retribution exacted for it.”

- John Fund, Political Diary, 9/9/04


“A national identification card, in whatever form it may take, will allow the federal government to inappropriately monitor the movements and transactions of every American. History shows that governments inevitably use the power to monitor the actions of people in harmful ways. Claims that the government will protect the privacy of Americans when implementing a national identification card ring hollow. We would do well to remember what happened with the Social Security number. It was introduced with solemn restrictions on how it could be used, but it has become a de facto national identifier. Those who are willing to allow the government to establish a Soviet-style internal passport system because they think it will make us safer are terribly mistaken.”

- Rep. Ron Paul, Texas Straight Talk, 9/6/04


“Alongside activist groups including the Center for Science in the Public Interest and the Center on Alcohol Marketing and Youth, Rep. Tom Osborne of Nebraska is leading a movement against alcohol advertising in collegiate sports. They intend to remove the industry from college athletics altogether, ending a $50 million a year advertising market, and cutting schools off from a highly lucrative source of revenue.

“…(O)ur government must realize that no matter how much it decides to legislate against alcohol, it will find that each new law is no more effective than the last. Prohibition proved to this nation that extremities fail, especially in law.

“And extremity is the key issue. Alcohol problems will never end in this nation when the issue is treated with our traditional extreme philosophies. If the government is intent on solving this problem, then aggressive legislation is not the answer. The answer lies in household attitudes of the family or the individual. The government should focus more on encouraging moderation, rather than enforcing the extreme.”

- The Collegiate Times Online, 9/9/04


Here’s a little noticed tidbit from Tuesday’s primary elections in Nevada. Seems there’s a law banning the distribution of campaign literature within 100 feet of a polling location. But according to the Las Vegas Review Journal, election workers for the AFL-CIO decided the law didn’t apply to them and blatant violations were reported at six separate polling locations. So what did election officials do about it?

“I told the election workers not to arm wrestle them and to just let them do what they were doing as long as we didn’t get any complaints,” said Clark County Registrar Larry Lomax.

Lovely, huh?

But the bigger questions are: Why didn’t the Republican Party poll workers complain? WERE there any Republican Party poll workers? If not, this doesn’t bode well for President Bush in this key “swing” state dominated by anti-Bush organized labor.


If you’re not subscribed to DC Confidential, here’s what you missed in yesterday’s edition: Putting those 1,000 deaths in Iraq in perspective, who leaked the details of that Bill Clinton conversation with John Kerry, big troubles and bad signs for Team Kerry, the best anti-Kerry protest sign of the week, the one vote that completely kills Kerry’s complaints about how Bush has handled Iraq, how Kerry shot himself in the foot with that gun photo-op in West Virginia, how the poster child for “Miserable Failure” blew another one in South America, how President Bush can nail down his base vote among economic conservatives, and more.

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