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News & Views, 9/21/04


That loud-mouthed buffoon Michael Moore is having a cow over the turmoil coming out of the Kerry campaign. And he's crying about it like a kid who had her lollipop taken away. Joan of Arc did less whining at the stake. Here, take a look at just the opening paragraph of this "Dear Friends" letter posted on his website yesterday...

"Enough of the handwringing! Enough of the doomsaying! Do I have to come there and personally calm you down? Stop with all the defeatism, OK? Bush IS a goner -- IF we all just quit our whining and bellyaching and stop shaking like a bunch of nervous ninnies. Geez, this is embarrassing!"

And it gets better from there. You GOTTA read the entire rant. It’s wonderful! These people are going down in flames...and all the media's horses and all of Michael Moore's men can't put this Humpty Dumpty of a campaign back together again.

For a good laugh, check it out HERE


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“Of all the loopy statements made by Dan Rather in the 10 days since he decided to throw his career away, my favorite is this, from Dan's interview with the Washington Post on Thursday: ‘If the documents are not what we were led to believe, I'd like to break that story.'

“Hel-looooo? Earth to the Lost Planet of Ratheria: You can't 'break that story.' A guy called 'Buckhead' did that, on the Free Republic Web site a couple of hours after you and your money-no-object resources-a-go-go '60 Minutes' crew attempted to pass off four obvious Microsoft Word documents as authentic 1972 typewritten memos about Bush's skipping latrine duty in the Spanish-American War, or whatever it was.”

- Columnist Mark Steyn


(Sung to the tune from the Beverly Hillbillies)

Come and listen to my story 'bout a man named Dan,
The documents were fake and he didn't give a damn;
He put 'em on the air, an' he thought he'd done the job,
But up from the web come a howlin' mob.

Blogs, that is.
Web logs.
Checkin' facts.

Well, the first thing you know ol' Dan's a-runnin' fast;
Made a false report an' it bit him in the ass;
He said 'dog-gonnit, I done thought I'd get away!'
But it turned out to be his a-reckonin' day.

Busted, that is.
Mud in the eye.

Well, now it's time to say goodbye to Dan and all his men;
And they would like to shoot you folks for turnin' them in;

You're all invited back next week to watch the Evening News,
And see which correspondent's picked to fill Dan's empty shoes.

Y'all come back, now, hear?

- Forwarded by a News & Views reader


* “Before thermometers were invented, brewers would dip a thumb or finger into the mix to find the right temperature for adding yeast. Too cold, and the yeast wouldn’t grow. Too hot, and the yeast would die. This thumb in the beer is where we get the phrase ‘rule of thumb.’

* “In English pubs, ale is ordered in pints and quarts. So in old England, when customers got unruly, the bartender would yell at them to mind their own pints and quarts and settle down. It’s where we get the phrase ‘mind your P’s and Q’s.’”

- The Mariner, 9/17/04


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* And much, much more...

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