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News & Views, 9/22/04


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On Monday, crockumentary film-maker Michael Moore published on his website ( ) a whiny letter to Kerry supporters (or, more accurately, anti-Bush supporters) titled, “Put Away Your Hankies.”

Well, considering how badly it looks like his hero is going to be trounced on election day, it appears Big Mike is going to need a LOT of hankies in about six weeks. So News & Views reader Robert McCabe suggested we all help out our fellow man by sending Moore a hanky in the mail which he can use as a crying towel on November 2. Sounds like a good idea to me.

BRUSHFIRE ALERT: Interestingly but not surprisingly, Moore doesn’t provide a snail-mail address anywhere on his website. However, we’re sure that any correspondence sent to his Hollywood agent will be promptly delivered to the “star.” You can mail your hankies (new or used) to:

The Endeavor Agency
9601 Wilshire Blvd., 3rd Floor
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

You might also want to include a short, sincere and sympathetic maybe, “Waaahhhhh!!!

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“Vince Willmore, a spokesman for the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, said it has been House leadership that has resisted FDA regulation (of tobacco). ‘We think the real obstacle to passing the (tobacco) buyout (bill) is...the House leadership, which refuses to accept FDA tobacco regulation despite overwhelming support both among the public and in Congress,’ he said.”

- Associated Press, 9/17/04


“Such evidence of the inherent danger that comes with smoking makes tobacco use a matter of significant moral import. Christian doctrine has long maintained one should refrain from any practice that does demonstrable harm to the body. The Scriptures teach the body ought to be treated as the temple of God. If one defiles the body, God's temple, then that person will be destroyed (I Cor. 3:16-17). Christians should not only avoid smoking themselves, but they also need to be in the vanguard of helping others shun or break the habit.

“...Last July, the U.S. Senate voted 78-15 to approve legislation that would include FDA (Food and Drug Administration) authority over tobacco products. . . . FDA oversight of the tobacco companies is essential to reducing the toll of tobacco.

“...Of course, some will argue giving the FDA authority over tobacco sales would give the government too much control. Even some Christians argue in this fashion, saying we need less government not more. Granted, there are ways the government is too invasive in people's lives. But it needs to be remembered that the God-ordained purpose of government, as outlined in Romans 13:1-5, is to protect the welfare of the citizenry and to suppress evil.”

- Rev. Mark H. Creech,, 9/21/04


Efforts to grant the Food & Drug Administration broad new authority over tobacco would appear targeted directly at tobacco manufacturers. But retailers are likely to get hit with some legislative shrapnel should such a bill be approved this fall.

Under legislation currently being considered, tobacco retailers - such as convenience stores, grocery stores, etc. - would be bound by new regulations. However, according to the National Association of Convenience Stores, such regulations would not apply to retailers who sell over the Internet, through the mail, through adult-only locations and on Indian reservations. Hardly a level playing field.

Also, should a minor attempt to illegally purchase tobacco products, only the retailer gets penalized. There’s no provision for even slapping the wrists of the underaged purchaser who willingly and intentionally initiated the sale.

And lastly, proposed new advertising restrictions might, unbelievably, even apply to signs INSIDE the store if said signs are visible through the window.

Such regulatory burdens should simply be unacceptable in a free society which cherishes equal justice under law.


Some cigarette makers are marketing new “exotic blend” smokes “which smell and taste like sweets, come in brightly colored packages and go by names such as Twista Lime and Midnight Berry,” reports Chicago Sun-Times reporter Lori Rackl.” And despite the fact that such flavored cigarettes “are almost twice as expensive as a regular pack,” the anti-tobacco jihadists maintain they are “a shameless marketing ploy to hook young customers.”

As if adult menthol smokers would have no interest in trying a new flavor - the way many coffee drinkers prefer a variety of flavored creams in their cup of joe. But, hey, protecting “children” is the left’s tried-and-true way to attack a plethora of adult why not, right?

Because it’s WRONG, that’s why.


“Public-health advocates, who have for years pressed for government regulation of cigarettes, are suddenly divided on whether a pending bill in Congress deserves their support. This dispute comes at a time when top lawmakers are mulling whether to increase the government’s power significantly in order to reduce smoking.

“Health advocates outside the Washington Beltway have broken with Washington-based health groups to oppose legislation that would allow the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to regulate cigarettes. The state and local health activists charge that the FDA bill, based on a compromise worked out between cigarette maker Altria and the D.C.-based Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids (TFK), will do more to solidify Altria’s market dominance than it will to reduce smoking-related illnesses. . . . ’FDA regulation is basically a stamp of approval for cigarettes. Philip Morris will be the beneficiary of this,’ said Bill Godshall, executive director of Smokefree Pennsylvania.”

- The Hill, 9/8/04


Well-coordinated anti-tobacco activists from sea to shining sea are using the exact same soundbites regarding FDA regulation of tobacco. They’ve even brainwashed kids to regurgitate the same clichés in public.

For example, an article favoring FDA regulation in a small newspaper (the Fairfield Ledger) in a small Iowa town featuring a small Iowa school published this quote from a local high school girl who appeared at an anti-smoking press conference recently: “(M)ake sure that the tobacco industry's products fall under the same rules and regulations as a box of macaroni and cheese or bottle of Coke.”

Hello, little mind-full-of-mush. I’m sure they haven’t taught you this in your government re-education camp in Mount Pleasant, but could you PLEASE show us in the Constitution where Thomas Jefferson enumerated the power of the federal government to regulate a box of macaroni and cheese? Just asking.

Another “child” from Fairfield blasted “big tobacco's newest marketing scheme to addict America's youth” with the above-mentioned flavored cigarettes...and slammed Brown & Williamson for using hip-hop music in its ads. Why are they doing it? the teen-tyke asks. “Because the statistics show that if they are unable to addict us before we turn 18, they never will.”

Fortunately, a reader who caught the article wrote in exposing this pabulum for what it is. “Unfortunately, the youth in this story are misguided,” wrote Michael Tacelosky. “Altria/Philip Morris is lobbying extensively for this bill. It would solidify their position in the tobacco market, while providing (sp) protection for them because they can say, ‘We're regulated by the government now.’ The FDA bill, as written, is a Philip Morris dream come true.”

And a limited-government nightmare.

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