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News & Views, 9/29,04


Gia and I were invited to the premier of David Bossie’s new film, “Celsius 41.11: The Temperature At Which the Brain Begins to Die,” in Georgetown last night. The film was produced to show “the truth behind the lies” of Michael Moore’s “Fahrenheit 9/11.”

And boy did it do that. Celsius 41.11 slices and dices one argument after the other being put forth by the left in this year’s election and highlights the stunning contrast between George W. Bush and John F. Kerry. Undecided voters who watch this documentary aren’t likely to still be undecided by the time they finish their popcorn.

A couple things struck me in the film which I hadn’t fully appreciated before.

First was John Kerry’s “Thurston Howell III” accent and the air of entitled arrogance he displayed while testifying before Congress back in 1971, clips of which are shown in the movie. It’s bad enough to hear *about* what Kerry said in his testimony; it’s quite another to actually hear it in that smarmy, my-sh*t-don’t-stink elitist condescending accent of his - “Jeeves, another Perrier for me and Lovey. Chop-chop, my good man.” He has surely paid a small fortune for a speech coach to remove that accent from his vocal cords. It makes you want to smack him with a wet noodle.

And secondly, there is a perception out there that the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth guys popped up to take on Kerry now simply because he’s running for president. But Celsius 41.11 features a clip I had never seen before from an 30-year-old Dick Cavett show where the co-author of “Unfit for Command” debated and took John Kerry to task for smearing his Vietnam “brothers” in that 1971 congressional hearing. The swifties attack on Kerry isn’t some political brouhaha invented, created and orchestrated by the Bush campaign for 2004; it’s a decades-long blood feud. And now it’s payback time.

Anyway, Celsius 41.11 may or may not be coming to a theater near you. I’m sure this will come as a complete shock, but conservatives don’t have near the money that Hollywood put up to market and distribute Moore’s crockumentary. However, you can still get the film on DVD simply by making a $25 contribution to Bossie’s organization, Citizens United. Just go to

And share it with a liberal you love.


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“Just days before Dem presidential hopeful John Kerry is set to take the stage in a debate opener projected to be seen by 70 million, photos show the senator dramatically taking on color. Is it the late September Wisconsin sun during debate prep that has turned Kerry's face to rich pumpkin-colored hues? Or has he been campaigning in the rust-belt? “Kerry advisers defend the sudden deep tan transition, noting how it simply was from a game of flag football last Friday in Bedford, Mass. But the College Democrats who met Kerry were surprised by his rich tan glow -- before the game even began, the HARVARD CRIMSON reports.”

- The Drudge Report, 9/28/04 [You can see a glowing photo of ol’ pumpkin-head at]


“CBS’ sole source authenticating the forged National Guard documents is Bill Burkett, who’s about as sane as Margot Kidder was when they dragged her filthy, toothless butt out of somebody’s shrubs a few years back.”

- Columnist Ann Coulter


“This '60 Minutes' story never would have happened if the memos had come from Swift Boat Veterans for Truth against John Kerry. Now [Rather] is a joke, and everyone can see it."

- Columnist Jonah Goldberg


“Joe Lockhart was supposed to be the Clintonite pro who came in and saved the Kerry campaign. So far he's a) embroiled the campaign in the Dan Rather/Bill Burkett CBS memo fiasco and b) ham-handedly called Iraqi interim P.M. [Iyad] Allawi a 'puppet.' ... But I hear he's a good closer!"

- columnist Mickey Kaus


“Mr. Kerry finds himself a month before the election with no platform to run on other than American defeat. He has decided to co-opt the jihadist death-cult, the Ba'athist dead-enders, the suicide bombers and other misfits and run as the candidate of American failure. This would be shameful if he weren't so laughably inept at it.”

- Columnist Mark Steyn


“...John Kerry, like Al Gore, changes personae as he does his expertly tailored clothes.”

- Columnist Nat Hentoff


“Ironically, the greatest beneficiary of John Kerry's reputation for flip-flopping is Mr. Kerry himself, because he's not so much a flip-flopper as a fundamentally dishonest person, which his reputation for flip-flopping tends to conceal.”

- Columnist David Limbaugh


“Because of lawsuit abuse by trial lawyers like John Edwards, who built a fortune suing OBGYNs while the number of Cesarean section procedures skyrocketed, the cost of malpractice insurance has also skyrocketed. And states are losing doctors who can no longer afford to pay the premiums.”

-, 9/27/04


“The real cause of the problems with the Florida vote last time was stupid voters! If you can't figure out a butterfly ballot, or if you can read the simple instructions on how to use a punch-card ballot, then you probably shouldn't be voting anyway. If this is what cost Gore the election, so be it. That would mean that stupid voters are more likely to vote Democrat. Imagine my surprise.”

- Talk show host Neal Boortz, 9/28/04


“Just think what's happening across the country today. Instead of talking about limiting voting to people who actually have a clue what's going on in our country, we're talking about allowing non-citizens, even illegal aliens, to vote! There's also quite a bit of discussion about getting convicted felons back to the voting booths. Are we nuts? Do we really think that we are inviting anything other than disaster when we open our voting booths to convicted felons, non-citizens, illegal aliens and people who can't even name their own elected officials?”

- Talk show host Neal Boortz, 9/27/04


“In 1998, the U.S. Justice Department filed an antitrust lawsuit against Microsoft, maintaining that the world's largest software maker held an illegal monopoly and stifled competition. The result was that Microsoft was found to hold monopoly power, and used it to harm competitors. This begs the ensuing question, ‘Couldn't then the Justice Department file a lawsuit against the Unites States Federal Government for its blatant monopoly status in postal delivery?’ . . .This taxpayer-funded, legally protected enterprise exemplifies the very definition of a monopoly, and yet it has somehow survived numerous attempts to dismantle it.

“...The rise of technology, from faxes to email to e-commerce, and the success of competitors like UPS and FedEx, have relegated the Constitutional provision of post offices by the Federal government to antiquity. To allow the existence of the United States Postal Service in its current form is inimical to the principles upon which this nation was founded. The time for eliminating this monopoly is long overdue. The laws that protect the USPS must be repealed, letting free market forces (i.e., the will of the people) determine its fate.”

- Columnist Sean Turner


“Is it me, or does it really feel like it's a weekly occurrence that a televangelist must apologize for offensive remarks? The latest offender is Jimmy Swaggart, who some may remember as being disgraced in the late 1980s for being caught with a prostitute. He was obliged to apologize again last week for remarks on his televised worship service on Sept. 12. Discussing gay marriage, he said: ‘I've never seen a man in my life I wanted to marry. And I'm going to be blunt and plain: If one ever looks at me like that, I'm going to kill him and tell God he died,’ which caused the studio audience to laugh and applaud, setting off the expected PR fire storm. Rightly or wrongly, President Bush is associated with the Swaggarts, the Falwells, the Robertsons. And comments like those of Mr. Swaggart are no help.”

- Michael Philips, Political Diary, 9/28/04


“Saratha Goggins became mayor of East Cleveland, Ohio, earlier this month when her predecessor, who is in prison for bribery, quit. Now, the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports, it turns out that Goggins stabbed a boyfriend to death 22 years ago. ‘In interviews, Goggins said she petitioned a judge to seal the records in September 1991,’ the paper reports. ‘She recalled being convicted but said she could not remember the charge.’

“Well, we suppose that's understandable. After all, do you remember all the details of every homicide you committed more than 20 years ago? Goggins tells the paper: ‘It was an unfortunate incident that occurred in a time of my life. There is nothing I can do to change it. I have moved on. I am going to survive it.’ Of course, usually it's the person on the receiving end of a fatal stab wound whose survival is in doubt.”

- James Taranto, Best of the Web, 9/27/04


“Outside the merits of the immigration issue, the partisan dynamic is clear: Higher Latin American immigration benefits the Democrats, while digging an ever-deeper demographic hole for Republicans. Pro-immigration conservatives fool themselves into believing being pro-immigration will make it possible for the GOP to convert large numbers of Hispanic voters to their side. This is a party strategy that could have been crafted in Oregon, since it amounts to a kind of partisan assisted suicide.”

- Columnist Rich Lowry


“Americans are heavier than in the past. The most fundamental issue, though, is individual responsibility. Burger King does not corral lunchgoers at gunpoint. Big Macs do not leap into the mouths of unwilling consumers. Mars does not force feed anyone M&Ms.”

- Doug Bandow of the Cato Institute


A little league debate between the Green Party candidate for president, David Cobb, and the Libertarian Party candidate for president, Michael Badnarik, will be held at the Holiday Inn in Miami at 5 p.m. tomorrow...just hours before the Major League dust-up between the two candidates who actually have a chance to win on November 2.

We hope Badnarik takes some time to further expand on his contention, made just a few days ago, that former President Jimmy Carter was an International Man of Genius and that the United States should cut-and-run in Iraq the way we did in Vietnam. And maybe he’ll tell us exactly what he did to earn the Al-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz Malcolm X Award for which he is so proud.

Anyway, if you’re not too busy washing your hair or something at 5 o’clock Eastern tomorrow, you can catch the Badnarik/Cobb debate at:


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* And much, much more...

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