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News & Views, 9/3/04


“In the last four years, you and I have come to know each other. Even when we don't agree, at least you know what I believe and where I stand. You may have noticed I have a few flaws, too. People sometimes have to correct my English. I knew I had a problem when Arnold Schwarzenegger started doing it.”

- President Bush in his acceptance speech at the GOP convention Thursday night


From what I could tell, the consensus on President Bush’s acceptance speech last night was that he hit a home run. Too much big-government “compassionate” in his “conservatism” for my taste on the domestic side, but if this election is determined on who will make the best commander-in-chief rather than who will make the best federal nanny, Bush takes the gold going away.

The real story from last night, though, wasn’t so much the President’s speech at the convention, but The Two John’s response in Ohio minutes afterward attempting to put the wheels back on their applecart. You could smell the fear coming from your TV set. You can sense the desperation. These guys are getting the snot kicked out of them...and they know it. They just don’t know what to DO about it.

Kerry whined that his patriotism had been challenged even though it never was. It’s not a question of his patriotism, as so many said during the GOP convention, it’s his judgment. Then Kerry called the President a liar and a failure, before launching personal attacks against Dick Cheney’s service to the nation and trotting out Haliburton...again and again and again.

Yawn. Is that the best they’ve got?

Kerry said to “bring it on”? The Republicans did. And now The Two Johns are squealing like...well, girlie men. Apparently they can dish it out, but they sure can’t take it. Might want to consider getting out of the kitchen. (These metaphors were brought to you by Zell Miller for Chris Mathews.)

This is now firmly Bush’s race to lose. The only hope for The Two Johns is if they can change the subject. If this campaign is about who can best protect and defend the’s over. And in landslide proportions.

Kerry/Edwards needs to convince the country that the terror threat isn’t so bad and that the only thing the country needs to worry about is a higher minimum wage, national health care and a good five-cent cigar. If the American people are that stupid, then we deserve a President Kerry.

But I’m betting the American people are a lot smarter than The Two Johns give them credit for. Which means it won’t likely be a long night for them on November 2.


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“To hear John Kerry tell it, America is mired today in the worst economy since the Great Depression. How dumb does he think voters are?”

- Columnist James Glassman


“What Democrats are having trouble understanding is that the Swift Boat Veterans are not campaigning for George Bush; instead they’re getting even with John Kerry. They’ve waited 35 years for this opportunity and nobody, not Bush, not John McCain, is going to make them go away. For which Bush should thank his lucky stars.

“Every political campaign has its defining moment, usually it comes late in the campaign. This time it came early in the form of the Swifties. If Kerry loses, which now seems likely, it will not be cause of love for or admiration of Bush, it will be because of the hatred, contempt and distrust the Swifties have aroused in legions of combat veterans.”

- Lyn Nofziger, “Musings,” 9/2/04


“Well, what can we say of Senator Kerry? He was for the war and then he was against the war. He was for it, but he wouldn't fund it. Then he'd fund it, but he wasn't for it. He was for the Patriot Act until he was against the Patriot Act. Or was he against it until he was for it? I forget. He probably does, too. This is a candidate who has to Google his own name to find out where he stands.”

- New York Gov. George Pataki at the GOP convention Thursday night


“John Kerry's improbable presidential candidacy was already losing ground before the Republican National Convention began this week. The liberal Massachusetts senator — faithfully following the footsteps of his ideological soul mates George McGovern, Walter Mondale, Michael Dukakis and Al Gore — was losing public support on who can best protect the United States in the war on terrorism. No Democrat can ever hope to win the presidency without crossing this national security threshold, and Mr. Kerry, at least according to recent polls, has not been able to pass this pivotal test.”

Columnist Donald Lambro


“Four decades after a Republican convention in San Francisco nominated Sen. Goldwater, sealing the ascendancy of conservatism within the party, his kind of conservatism made a comeback at the convention here. That conservatism -- muscular foreign policy backing unapologetic nationalism; economic policies of low taxation and light regulation; a libertarian inclination regarding cultural questions -- is not fully ascendant in the party. But the prominent display and rapturous reception of Rudy Giuliani and Arnold Schwarzenegger demonstrated that such conservatism is not an insurmountable impediment to a person reaching the party's highest echelons.”

- Columnist George Will


“Now the broadcast media has to really be scratching their heads. The ratings are out for Tuesday night's coverage of the Republican National Convention, and for the first time in cable history, the Fox News Channel has not only beaten its cable competition, but has actually surpassed all three broadcast networks. That's right...more people were watching Fox News on cable and satellite than watched ABC, CBS or NBC. Now keep in mind those channels are available for free with rabbit ears, yet more people choose Fox. It sure is sounding more and more like the general public is making their choice when it comes to the mainstream media, and they're turning it off.”

- Talk show host Neal Boortz


“Unless politicians in Washington start cutting government today, Social Security and Medicare will eventually drive the United States into fiscal civil war. It will not be a shooting war, pitting brother against brother. It will be a taxing-and-spending war, pitting grandparents against grandchildren.

“...The Congressional Budget Office estimates the government will take in about $2.4 trillion in surplus Social Security taxes between 2005 and 2014, while indulging in another $4.4 trillion in deficit spending. Our leaders plan, in other words, to put $2 trillion more on the credit card. Anybody for shutting down the unconstitutional federal Department of Education? Without cuts like that now, our kids may be taxed out of sending their own kids to college.”

- Columnist Terence Jeffrey


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