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Brushfire Alert, 10/15/04


Recall these words by Founding Father Samuel Adams: “It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush-fires in people's minds."

Here’s an e-match...

I can’t tell you how much I enjoy getting emails such as this one: “Your Brushfire Alerts are pretty powerful. I have sent more e-mails to officials, supervisors, and foolish folks since receiving your News and Views than in all of my life - a considerable number of years. Thank you. You are very much appreciated. - J.B.H.”

Happy to do it. After all, putting the public back in public policy is what we’re all about in the first place! And using the Internet to make that EASY for busy folks who have families and jobs...and therefore have a LOT at stake when it comes to what our government officials do to about to get even easier.

One of the minor drawbacks of our Brushfire Alerts has been that many busy people don’t have the time or inclination to sit down and compose an email message blasting the kinds of politically correct stupidity we find all across the country. And others just don’t have a “flair” for the written word and, therefore, choose not to compose such messages on their own.

Well, hold onto your hat. Because our web hosting company has now set us up to make our Brushfire Alerts even EASIER than before. We now have an online petition page where all you need to do is enter your name and email address and hit the “Send” button. You can either send our pre-written email message, or modify it...or completely re-write and send your own email message right from this page. It’s completely up to you.

There’s also an automatic forwarding feature built in so you can quickly and easily send the petition to others in your email address book just by clicking on a link. This should make it extremely easy to generate even MORE political action from like-minded conservatives.

This couldn’t have come at a better time...and I can’t think of a better person to launch this new political tool on than the Superintendent of the Pine Bush School District. Here’s the poop...

A high school student in this New York state school district was busted and suspended from school for having a REPLICA Civil War musket in his car. The district school superintendent, RoseMarie Stark, has thus far refused to comment on the matter. I called her office on Thursday morning and was told someone would get back to me. No one did. So please contact Ms. Stark and urge her to immediately re-instate the student involved and extend an official and public apology to him and his family for this ridiculous episode of anti-gun hysteria.

A full explanation of the circumstances surrounding this latest “zero tolerance” stupidity, as well as the link to use our new Brushfire Alert petition tool can be found at:

Fire at will.

Chuck Muth
Political Pyromaniac


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