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Brushfire Alert, 10/21/04


In response to the recommendations by the September 11 Commission, Congress has hurriedly put together a bill to overhaul the nation’s intelligence services in hopes of further protecting the country from terrorist well as give them a campaign issue to run for re-election on.

The House bill includes provisions tightening up our border security and cracking down on illegal immigration. Democrats, the Senate and the White House are opposing those provisions, which include beefed up border and interior enforcement, speedier deportations, a crackdown on the use of matricula consular ID cards and bans on illegal aliens obtaining driver’s licenses.

House and Senate negotiators are trying to craft a compromise bill in order to pass something - anything - before Election Day. That means either the Senate allows the immigration provisions...or the House caves and abandons them.

BRUSHFIRE ALERT: Rep. Pete Hoekstra, Michigan Republican, is in charge of the negotiations. Please sign this petition urging Rep. Hoekstra to hang tough and keep these common-sense anti-terror provisions in bill.

Also, please send this Brushfire Alert to folks in your email address book. The politically correct forces of open borders are leaning hard on Congress. We need to show exceptionally strong support for tougher immigration enforcement measures.

To sign this Brushfire Alert online petition, click here.


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