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News & Views, 10/1/04


“(G)et it done. It should be over in 96 hours if we go in with decisive force. . . . Blood is all these thugs understand. In places like Fallujah, the time for softness and compassion is over.”

- Retired Army Col. Douglas Macgregor on the failure of diplomacy to put down the insurgents in Fallujah and the need to wipe ’em out with military force


* Watching a presidential debate for a lot of folks is like watching auto racing. The participants simply go round and round and round while the audience gets dizzy. Few people watch racing for the driving in circles part. They watch it hoping for a crash. In debating’s case, they watch hoping to witness a major gaffe. Maybe the candidates’ podiums should be decorated with sponsors’ logos.

* I’ve been predicting a landslide victory for President Bush for over two months now...IF...the president doesn’t blow it. He didn’t blow it last night.

* Nevertheless, it is NOT in the media’s best interest for this election to be a blowout. So it shouldn’t surprise anyone that even though last night’s debate was a yawner from both sides and probably a “draw,” the consensus by the pundits and the talking heads was that Kerry “murderized” the prez (tip of the hat to the Three Stooges). They *need* for that perception to take hold in order to bring Kerry’s campaign back from the dead.

* While the president didn’t “blow it,” he also made it painfully obvious that “debating” - if that’s what you want to call last night’s glorified press conference - sure as heck isn’t his strong suit. On the other hand, command of minutiae and blowing hot air...using well-crafted words and sentences to say, well, what United States senators DO. And Kerry has 20 years experience in that regard. Of course Kerry “won” the “debate.”

* My friend Lyn Nofziger appears to have been proved correct in saying it was a MAJOR mistake for the Bush camp to agree to three rather than two debates. No blood was drawn in this one...but you get the definite impression that it COULD happen in either of the next two. Remember, THIS debate on foreign policy was supposed to be the one the president had a BIG advantage in. Mr. Bush is WAY vulnerable on the domestic side. Buckle up Republicans.

* OK, “spin” isn’t exactly “lying,” but it also isn’t leveling with you. The president didn’t do “great” last night, as I heard so many of his campaign team and surrogates proclaim in “Spin Alley” afterwards. The people know what they saw with their own two eyes. Don’t try to pull the wool over ‘em. Admit the obvious: The president isn’t as good a debater as John Kerry. In fact, the Bushies should have simply conceded that Kerry is a “master debater.” But endless debate isn’t what the country needs or wants in a president. It’s a person who listens to the debate of others...and then makes a DECISION...and then implements that decision without hesitancy. THAT’S what a leader, not a debater, does. If you want to be a debater, join the United Nations.

* We heard again and again last night exactly what John Kerry would do differently in handling Iraq and other hot spots around the world: Hold a summit. That was his answer to everything. What do they do at summits? Talk. Talk is what John Kerry does best. We saw that last night. But talk is also cheap. Clinton was full of more ways than one. At some point, however, you have to put up or shut up. President Bush “put up” following September 11. If only John Kerry would now shut up.

* “No president, through all of American history, has ever ceded, and nor would I, the right to preempt in any way necessary to protect the United States of America,” John Kerry proclaimed. But then he immediately contradicted himself (I’m shocked!) by qualifying that right, saying “you've got to do it in a way that...passes the global test.” Huh? What “global test”? On the other hand, President Bush consistently says he will not seek a permission slip from anyone to defend this nation. Which candidate’s position do you think Americans agree with on this one?

* What a cute little line Kerry used, repeated more than once, that President Bush “outsourced” the hunt for bin Laden to Afghan warlords. Coming from a man who would “outsource” U.S. security to the United Nations and France.

* Here’s one I’m really sorry the president let slip by. John Kerry compared 2002 Iraq to 1942 Mexico. He said attacking Iraq after September 11th made as much sense as attacking Mexico after Pearl Harbor. No, the president should have replied, attacking Iraq after September 11 was like attacking GERMANY after Pearl Harbor. Germany was PART of the world war sparked by Japan’s attack, just as Iraq was part of the world war against terrorism. If you don’t agree with that assessment, then vote for Kerry. Osama bin Laden was indeed the guy who perpetrated 9/11, but he’s FAR from the only threat to this nation. Fortunately, thanks to President Bush, Saddam is no longer one of them...just as Germany, which didn’t attack us at Pearl Harbor, was brought down before bringing down Japan, which did.

* Oh, here was a good one. When talking about what he’d do to stop worldwide terror, one of the few specifics John Kerry gave was: Sign the Global Warming Treaty. Yeah, that’ll teach al Qaeda! What a boob.

* Kerry also called for another nuclear freeze. Despite that fact that terrorists and despots are building impenetrable fortresses under ground where we can’t get them with conventional weapons, Kerry says he’d immediately stop development of bunker-busting bombs. That’s gotta make you feel safer, huh? I wonder how our soldiers in the field feel about this?

* I don’t know if you picked up on it, but I’d swear Mr. Kerry’s nose extended a full three inches immediately after proclaiming, “I’ve never wavered in my life.”

* It’s a shame the president let Kerry get away with this “rush to war” crud on multiple occasions. Rush to war? This dance with Saddam had been going on for over a DECADE. If anything, the president waited TOO LONG. He wasted MONTHS screwing around with the useless United Nations leading up to the final invasion decision. Surely this gave Saddam ample time to hide or destroy any weapons of mass destruction he may have had. Rush? I don’t think so. Neither does any other clear-thinking American...which certainly leaves out Michael Moore.

* I don’t know if any of you remember a show called “Sledgehammer.” It was about a bumbling cop who’s signature line was, “Trust me, I know what I’m doing.” He always uttered that line just before screwing up something royally. And when you boil it all down, that’s exactly what John Kerry was telling America last night: “Trust me, I know what I’m doing.” Well, I DON’T trust him. I think he WILL screw up everything royally. I just hope a majority of Americans come to the same conclusion.

* I thought the best line of the evening came in President Bush’s closing statement: “If America shows uncertainty or weakness in this decade, the world will drift toward tragedy. That's not going to happen so long as I'm your president.” He should have just stopped right there. Game. Set. Match. That says it all. Back to you, John.


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The Swiftboat Veterans for Truth have now teamed up with a group of former POWs and continue to hammer away at the man who accused them in a 1971 Senate hearing of committing war crimes. They’ve created an online petition calling for Kerry to come clean and back up his accusations. I hope you’ll join me in signing on. Just go to:


“(John Kerry’s) recent broad-side attacks on President Bush's war against terrorism are right out of the Vietnam-era: Blame America. Blame the commander in chief. Blame the military. Assume we will lose.

“...Mr. Bush's vision is to use American power to promote democracy and freedom in a vital part of the world that has become unimaginably dangerous. Mr. Bush's vision is also one of optimism, of America's ability to succeed in a humanitarian operation that will make the world a better place and leave America safer and more secure.

“Mr. Kerry has no such vision. He is a pessimist and a defeatist whose campaign is doomed to fail.”

- Columnist Lawrence Kudlow


“I was raised as a liberal in the era of a patriotic Democratic Party. But the present party and its presidential candidate John Kerry are a source of great disappointment to me and to millions of other former Democrats. That once-honored party has now turned dangerously leftward, establishing itself as the anti-American party, creating an unprecedented defeatist, disloyal opposition. Even during the Vietnam War, there were individual protests, but both parties refused to play partisan politics as long as America faced a difficult struggle.”

- Columnist and former Democrat Party official Martin Gross


“I am struck, through all of this, by the fact that, no matter how (President Bush) says things, everyone on earth knows exactly what he said and that he means every word of it. On the other hand, despite Senator Kerry's eloquence, his defenders spend their time explaining what he said, when he said it, why he said it and often, what he actually meant."

- Columnist Bob Emmrich


“...Teresa (Heinz Kerry) talks more about herself than about the man she's married to now. She's graceless as a ‘wife of,’ afflicted with a tin ear. Her coarse vulgarity in calling her husband's critics ‘scumbags’ might work around a kitchen table of partisan feminists having a cup of coffee together, but in a presidential campaign it's a little (or a lot) over the top.”

- Columnist Suzanne Fields


“We see no need to shoot a man (or a network news division) already committing suicide. So why does GOP Representative Joe Barton, invoking Dan Rather, want to convene a hearing on TV news operations? Variety reports that Mr. Barton...told a trade group this week that newscasts ‘need to have safeguards to prevent reporters from infusing their opinions into news reports.’ . . . Be it Mr. Rather or (Rush) Limbaugh, Big Brother has no business telling press organs how to do their job. In a democracy, that's a function of the people, who in CBS's case can vote with their remote.”

- Review & Outlook, Wall Street Journal, 9/30/04


“It is blindingly clear that judges have no better capacity than the rest of us to determine what is moral. . . . I will stipulate that by going beyond what it should be doing, the court can do some good stuff -- so can a king. But that doesn't prove it's good for a democratic system as a whole. A stopped clock is right twice a day.”

- Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia on the subject of judicial activism


“Americans are living longer, healthier lives. . . . The main reason is development of new drugs. . . . The shame, however, is that the industry and the public-private partnership responsible for all this progress are under vicious attack. It has become fashionable to malign and ridicule the research pharmaceutical companies…

“Drug companies spend $33 billion a year on research and development, the highest proportion of sales of any sector. More than 1,000 promising new medicines are in the pipeline—though it costs an average of $800 million to bring a drug to market…”

- host James Glassman


“Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi's cabinet reshuffle achieved three goals: It solidified his command structure, clarified his priorities, and outlined his next set of reforms. If Mr. Koizumi can deliver on these reforms, he will go down as one of Japan's greatest postwar leaders.

“...In short, Mr. Koizumi has fashioned a cabinet that will follow his orders. And he showed his readiness to give such orders only a few weeks ago, when he overrode objections to parts of his postal reform plan from both the head of Japan's Postal Services Agency and the minister with jurisdiction over it. Not only did Mr. Koizumi get his way, but his popularity rating rose as a result.”

- Robert Alan Feldman, Wall Street Journal, 9/30/04


The Minot Daily News (ND) is conducting an on-line poll about the race between Duane Sand (R) and Rep. Earl Pomeroy (D) for Congress in North Dakota. This is one of the FEW truly competitive seats where the conservative challenger actually has a good chance to knock off an incumbent liberal. Pomeroy has a dismal lifetime American Conservative Union rating of 23. If you want to help give the conservative Sand a PR boost, you can cast your vote at:

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