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News & Views, 10/11/04


Anyone out there have any experience with self-publishing a paperback book? I’m thinking of compiling a year-end “best of” News & Views in time for the Christmas holidays (great gift for that liberal black sheep in your family!). I’ve been referred to two print-on-demand companies - and Was wondering if any of you have had any experience with either...or have any other recommendations? Send anything you’ve got to


Should openly gay teachers be banned from government schools, even if they don’t discuss the subject in the classroom?

* Yes
* No
* I’m a Kerry supporter: Yes AND No

Cast your vote by clicking the “Survey Says!” tab at


It seems my suggestion at the end of yesterday’s Muth’s Truth column (“Homo-Cleansing the Classroom”) for drafting a Declaration of Conservative Independence hit a nerve with a great many of you. Guess I’m not alone in my frustration with the Republican majority and the White House on issues of limited government. So although my suggestion was only half-serious yesterday, I’m dead serious about it today. And this 10th anniversary of the Contract With America seems a wholly appropriate time for such an effort.

I’ll work on setting up a way for those of you who have an interest in this project to help me draft such a document and try to launch the effort tomorrow. In the meantime, think of “grievances” against what the GOP - both presidential and congressional - has done (or not done) since the Republican takeover of the House in 1994.

To help get you in the spirit of things, if you haven’t read the Declaration in a while, here’s where you can brush up and help get yourself in the proper frame of mind:

Don’t worry: This won’t be so much a declaration of an immediate exodus of party support in 2004 (though many of you undoubtedly have already made such a choice) as a shot across the bow. Kerry is just too scary for many of us. But we WILL be putting the GOP on notice. This is a warning: Return to your limited government roots...or else. Our vote will no longer be taken for granted. This will be our line in the sand. (Did I miss any metaphors?)

Stay tuned, Batfans.


“The issue of the Supreme Court ought to drive everyone who believes this nation ought to be governed by the Constitution as written and ratified to go to the polls Nov. 2 - to defeat John Kerry.”

- Columnist Terence Jeffrey


If you enjoyed the hilarious “This Land Is Your Land” web animation by the folks at Jib-Jab, you might wanna check out their latest offering titled, “Good to Be in DC.”


“When pro-Kerry commentators solemnly pronounce Debate Round 2...‘a draw’ - you know George Bush won.”

- Columnist William Safire


“Democratic presidential nominee Sen. John Kerry yesterday blamed President Bush for failing to head off a flu vaccine shortage,” reported the Washington Times yesterday.

Today Kerry is expected to blame the president for jock itch and halitosis, as well.


“In 1997, advocating an expansion of NATO’s ‘no-fly’ zones to cripple Iraq’s air defenses, [Kerry] said the Iraqi army was so weakened that ‘even the Italians could kick their butts.’”

- Columnist Wayne Woodlief, The Boston Herald, 4/6/03


“Mr. Kerry is as bereft of ideas on Iraq as he is of consistency and principle.”

- Columnist Jack Kelly


“A reincarnation of John Kennedy? Give me a break. (John) Edwards sounds like Gomer Pyle and looks like the Breck Shampoo girl.”

- Frank Duggan, chairman of the Irish American Republicans, “Inside the Beltway,” 10/8/04


“Have John/John (Kerry & Edwards) been hit with the apparent fact that neither have any real experience in running any type of company, organization, state or local government? Kerry appears to have made his living off family, rich women and government. A senator has no responsibility for running anything except his/her mouth. Edwards made his fortune attacking people and taking their money...hardly credentials for running any kind of organization.”

- News & Views reader Rod in Escondido


“Whenever it is suggested that, in a nation where some 32 million residents are foreign-born - where as many as one-quarter of the foreign-born are here illegally - people ought to provide proof of citizenship when they register to vote, Democrats cry ‘intimidation.’ Whenever it is proposed that people who show up at polls to vote present some form of photo identification, the Democrats shout ‘racism.’

“The party of Messrs. Kerry, Edwards and McAuliffe hasn’t had nearly as much to say about voting wrongs as it has about voting rights. Maybe that’s because the Democrats know they stand to benefit most from vote-swapping, double-voting, registration of dementia patients and non-citizen voting.”

- Columnist Joseph Perkins


“What concerns me more than anything else is (President Bush’s) demonstrated weakness at our borders. Immigration enforcement is the 6-ton elephant in the room. . . . Mr. Bush has shown he can stand up to the international Axis of Weasels. He must show the same resolve against La Raza, the immigration lawyers and Teddy Kennedy.”

- Columnist Michelle Malkin


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“For more than a hundred years now, the Japanese postal system, with its banking and insurance arms, has been an economic and financial pillar in a risk-averse society. Now Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi, the country's self-styled crusader for reform, wants to change that. Three years into his term, Koizumi has just shaken up his cabinet with an eye to achieving his most formidable campaign promise—privatizing Japan Post.

“...For Koizumi, this is no ordinary challenge. The Japanese postal service just happens to be the world's largest financial institution—a $3.2 trillion behemoth whose sheer government-protected weight puts private-sector rivals at a crippling disadvantage. . . . If Japanese consumers can be persuaded to invest those funds in the private retail banks, the country's economy might never be the same. In the best-case scenario, huge amounts of pent-up household capital would be moved into private financial markets and help bolster Japan's incipient economic recovery.

“...In purely economic terms, postal reform would seem a winner. But the postal system has been a feeding trough for a variety of formidable interest groups for decades, and they aren't going to go hungry without a fight. To start with, Koizumi has said that he'd like to see the postal service's 280,000 full-time employees (and an additional 120,000 part-time workers) shed from government payrolls. (A whopping third of all the country's civil servants work for Japan Post.) Needless to say, their well-organized postal union hates that idea.”

- Newsweek, 10/10/04


“One reason many people find health care inaccessible or too expensive is we insist on providing so much of it through highly trained physicians. The idea of finding ways to reduce the years of training doesn't seem to have occurred to anyone. Apart from that, nurse practitioners, nurses and physician assistants could do a lot of what we now rely on doctors to do — and at lower cost. They could also expand access to medical care in poor and rural areas shunned by physicians.

“It's easy to say everyone should get care from doctors. But that's like saying everyone should drive a Volvo. If we limited consumer choices to one ultrasafe nameplate, many people would not be able to afford a car at all. We let individuals make most of their own choices about safety and cost when it comes to their wheels. Why not with medical care? For the last 40 years, every solution to our health-care problems has been a variation on the same theme: more government. Maybe the real answer is more freedom.”

- Columnist Steve Chapman


“Judicial activism, the practice of judges ignoring the law and deciding cases based on their personal political views, has intensified in the decades since Roe v. Wade. This practice is now standard for many federal judges. . . . With the federal judiciary focused more on promoting a social agenda than upholding the rule of law, Americans find themselves increasingly governed by men they did not elect and cannot remove from office.

“But what is to be done? Since many citizens lack basic knowledge of our Constitution and federalist system, they are easily manipulated by media and academic elites who tell them that judges are the absolute and final arbiters of US law. But the Supreme Court is not supreme over the other branches of government; it is supreme only over lower federal courts.

“...Congressional cowardice enables judicial activism. Just as Congress ceded far too much legislative authority to presidents throughout the 20th century, it similarly has allowed federal judges to operate wildly beyond their constitutional role. In fact, many current members of Congress apparently accept the false notion that federal court judgments are superior to congressional statutes. Unless and until Congress asserts itself by limiting federal court jurisdiction, judges will continue to act as de facto lawmakers.”

- Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas), “Texas Straight Talk,” 10/4/04


My friend and talk-show host Brian Wilson has penned an extremely insightful column in response to the harsh sanctions imposed on Dale Earnhardt Jr. for uttering a common four-letter word in a TV interview. Catch it on today’s News & Views EXTRA page at:


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