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News & Views, 10/15/04


“The radical left, including organized labor, have actively promoted a confrontational culture among the protestors they organize that has clearly crossed the line into violence. Officials at the AFL-CIO and other national unions using these tactics should send a clear message that there is no place for campaign violence in America.”

- Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax Reform


Rep. Tom Feeney (R), when he served as speaker of the Florida House, used to carry around with him a Conservative Check Card which he used when weighing pending legislation. The Republican Study Committee in the U.S. House of Representatives has now adopted the card for congressional legislation. And it’s pretty darn good. If only more congressmen would use it. Maybe you should print out some copies to give to YOUR state legislators. Check it out at:


“While we might oppose such things as the Bush Medicare prescription drug program and believe the president could do more to cut government spending, few believe he’s abandoned us (conservatives). No president is perfect, but most conservatives believe this is one who deserves another term. This doesn’t mean that conservatives will approve of everything the president says or does in the future. We’ll agree with him when he’s right, urge him to change course when we believe he’s wrong, and work as hard as we have to make sure he’s there to listen to us for another four years.”

- David Keene, Chairman of the American Conservative Union, “Battleline” fall edition


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“I’m a liberal and proud of it.”

- Sen. John Kerry, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 7/21/91


“Many Americans will find Mr. Kerry’s comparison of terrorism with prostitution and gambling to be perverse. No prostitute has ever flown an airplane into a skyscraper, and no gambler has machine-gunned school children.”

- Columnist Jack Kelly


“...John Kerry is far ahead of President Bush in the most recent poll of 19-year-olds who don't know anything.”

- James Hirsen’s Left Coast Report, 10/14/04


“Actually, I thought [the third debate] was rather a yawner. Bush and Kerry both played it very safe. Each man came prepared with their memorized attack sound bites and poorly delivered jokes - and generally unfunny ones at that. . . . In retrospect, if I had known it was going to be this dull of an affair, I wish they had let Cobb, Badnarik, Peroutka, Nader, Brown...heck, even the two rival Prohibitionist tickets...into the debate to liven it up.”

- Ron Gunzburger, Politics1, 10/14/04


“At a post-debate rally in Pittsburgh, Lynne Cheney expressed irritation at Kerry's deliberate reference to her daughter Mary's sexual preference: ‘The only thing I can conclude is he is not a good man. I'm speaking as a mom,’ Mrs. Cheney said. ‘What a cheap and tawdry political trick.’ Mary Beth Cahill, John Kerry's campaign manager, called Mary Cheney's sexuality ‘fair game’ in a post-debate interview with Fox News Wednesday night.”

-, 10/14/04


“Call me a cranky libertarian conservative, but just once I would like to hear a candidate for president answer a question by saying, ‘Sorry, the Constitution limits the role of the federal government -- the issue you're asking about is one for the states or the private sector, not Washington.’

“But there was no talk of limited government last night. Instead there was talk of: firehouses not having enough firefighters, a shortage of flu vaccine, the rise in health insurance premiums, how laid-off workers should attend community college, the need for more grade-school math and science, the high price of gasoline and medicine, a minimum wage for unskilled workers, education for parents who don't speak English -- and those are just the ones I managed to scribble down. There was even a mention of ceiling fans from China. Where does the Constitution that whoever wins this election will take an oath to preserve, protect, and defend say that *any* of these are properly the concern of the federal government?”

- Boston Globe columnist Jeff Jacoby


Talk show host Neal Boortz tells us how he would have answered that debate question on what he’d say to a worker who lost his or her job to a worker overseas...

* * * QUOTE * * *

"First of all, Bob, I would tell them that it is not their job. The job belongs to the employer, not the employee. You have the job skills. The employer has the jobs. If the employer can make a profit by purchasing your job skills to perform his job then you get a paycheck. If your job skills cost the employer too much, or if your job skills don't meet the employer's needs, then you don't get a paycheck. If you fail to develop your job skills, you run the risk of not having a paycheck. If your job skills don't match the employer's needs, you don't get a paycheck. If you charge too much for your job skills, you won't get hired.

“You have no right to a job. You do have a right to be left alone by government and your fellow citizens to develop your own God-given talents in such a way that employers will seek you out. You also have a right to ignore educational opportunities and to develop a slovenly work ethic so that employers will shun you. You make your choices, and you live with the consequences of your decisions. I would tell that person that any American with desirable job skills and a good worth ethic, properly priced, would have to hide under his bed to avoid getting a good job.

“If you believe in the year 2004 that you can build a sound career as a textile plant worker in South Carolina then you are living a lie, and that delusion will soon catch up to you. You need to understand that you are a free and sovereign individual. You don't belong to the government, and it's not the government's responsibility to provide you with a job. It's the government's job to clear the way for you to exercise your free choices, develop your skills, hone your work ethic, and contract with an employer eager to hire someone like you. Past that, you're on your own, and that's life in a free society."

* * * UNQUOTE * * *

Hoo-hah! Gotta love that entire answer...but I’d have been thrilled if President Bush had simply responded with just the first two sentences. Now try this Boortz answer to the question about the minimum wage…

* * * QUOTE * * *

“Look, Bob. Wages are something to be negotiated between the employer and the employee. It is not the job of government to set wages for private sector employees. Our Constitution specifically states that the government is not to alter the terms of a contract between individuals. The matter of wages paid for services rendered is something to be resolved in negotiations between the employer and employee and then expressed in the terms of a contract between the parties. The government has no role here.

And while I'm addressing this, let's talk about the people who are actually earning the minimum wage. Most of these people are teenagers working in entry-level jobs. They're developing job skills and will only spend a minimum amount of time at the minimum wage.

“But what about that small number of people who are trying to raise a family on minimum wage? My opponent won't say this. It's harsh, but it's the truth. If you have done such a pathetic job of developing job skills and a work ethic that you cannot earn more than the minimum wage, then you have no business having children. We have far too many people in this country who have children that they know full well they cannot afford to raise. The answer to this problem is not to force employers to pay them more than they are worth. The answer is to educate people as to the cost of properly raising a child, and to encourage them to make sure they can pay the bills before they make the decision to have a baby."

* * * UNQUOTE * * *

Good golly, Miss Molly! Damn shame there are no credible candidates running for president who talk that way, huh?

And NO, Michael Badnarik is NOT a credible candidate, so don’t even go there.


“Americans are angry about the sudden shortage of flu vaccine, and well they should be. But we hope they don't fall for the current story line that this is all the fault of a single company and its British factory. The real problem lies with a political class that has driven all but a handful of companies out of the vaccine business.

“...The closing of Chiron's plant removes some 48 million vaccine doses (or about half the U.S. market) and puts that many more seniors and children at risk from a disease that kills 36,000 Americans a year. . . . The main question for public health ought to be how did we arrive at a place where closing a single plant can endanger so many people?

“The answer is that any company brave, or foolish, enough to make vaccines has had to run an obstacle course of price controls, regulation and tort lawyers. Until Congress and federal officials come to grips with these fundamental problems, life-threatening vaccine shortages will continue to occur.”

- Review & Outlook, Wall Street Journal, 10/14/04

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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Blogger Mike McFarland said...

I would like to add another question for the candidates asking them how they would handle lowering unemployment, social services handouts and the response I would like to hear. Specifically, living off of ADC (Aid for Dependent Children),WIC (Women in Crisis)and subsidized housing. The response I would like to hear.

"Through the dumbing down of America and the liberal mores that have been forced on past generations, we have a class of people who deliberately have children out wedlock and live off of the American workers. Any person can make a mistake in their lives. We are supposed to learn from our mistakes. The second time a child is concieved out of wedlock, the children will be adopted out to families who DO want them and CAN afford to raise them and that person who concieved them, male or female, with be neutered.

October 15, 2004 at 8:41 AM  
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