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News & Views, 10/19/04


On September 11th, Ashley Faulkner lost her mom at the World Trade Center. Earlier this year, she was comforted by President Bush on the campaign trail. You may have read about this incident in some papers. Now the country is being reminded of this extremely touching moment in a 60-second television spot featuring Ashley and her dad being released today by the Progress for America Voter Fund.. Click here to see Ashley's story:

This is powerful. Bring a tissue. Tell a friend.


With two weeks to go, there are still a significant number of folks on the right who haven’t yet committed to voting for President Bush. Former Reagan press secretary and senior adviser Lyn Nofziger acknowledges the trouble many conservatives have with the president...and explains why he’s voting for him anyway. Very enlightening and an important read. Check it out on my News & Views EXTRA page at:


“I love that bit in every debate where John Kerry pledges to ‘hunt down and kill the terrorists.’ You can see him thinking, ‘Must remember to say 'kill' very loudly and in a deep voice. And sound as if I'm not gonna be some pantywaist president who uses special forces or unmanned drones. I'm gonna kill — sorry, KILL — 'em myself.’

“This is to dispel suspicions that in reality he would hunt down the terrorists and serve them with a subpoena, possibly from one of the less robust judicial systems, such as the Hague or Massachusetts, and possibly for mail fraud, if the whole mass murder thing looks like it won't stick.”

- Columnist Mark Steyn


“As election time nears, we are bombarded with political ads and speeches by candidates telling us their great plans for running the country. At the end of the recent presidential debate, for example, the Democratic nominee recited a litany of supposed cures for nearly everything that ails us, beginning each sentence with the phrase ‘I have a plan…’

“The problem is that government is not supposed to plan our lives or run the country; we are supposed to be free. That our public discourse strays so far from this principle is an unhappy sign of our times. Those who believe in limited constitutional government should worry every time a politician says, ‘I have a plan.’ ”

- Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas), Texas Straight Talk, 10/18/04


“Another note about ambulance chasing trial lawyers. I suffer from rheumatoid arthritis and am angry over the legal vultures circling over the Vioxx recall. There are ads all over attempting to recruit class action clients to use in reaping huge legal fees in their lawsuits against the makers of Vioxx. The drug was voluntarily recalled by its maker who has attempted to provide relief from the constant pain suffered by millions of arthritis suffers. The drug was approved by FDA, and no one set out to cheat the public.

“It's exactly this type of legal harassment that discourages drug companies from developing new drugs to improve the lives of millions. Not one attorney has ever provided one hour of pain relief or saved one life from the ravages of cancer. It's high time that the laws regarding class action lawsuits be changed so that sometime during my life a drug company will be able to use their resources to develop new drugs rather than pay ambulance chasing attorneys. These greedy attorneys are having a very negative impact on my health and I am angry!”

- News & Views reader Dick Horak of Spearfish, SD


“In 1981 Galveston County in Texas decided to remove county employees from the Social Security system. They replaced it with a county plan where every employee owned his own account. The tax structure was virtually the same as with Social Security. A percentage was taken from the employee's paycheck to fund the private plan, and the county matched that amount with a corresponding ‘contribution.’

“Like Social Security, the Galveston plan offered a retirement, death and disability benefit. Today when a county worker retires in Galveston County his retirement income exceeds what he was making when he was retired! After privatization of the Galveston retirement plan people see their income go UP, not down when they retire.

“So...why haven't more local governments done what Galveston County did? Because congress passed a law prohibiting it just two years later. Politicians need Social Security. John Kerry was illustrating that need in Florida over the weekend. He was telling wizened citizens that George Bush was going to take their Social Security away. He knows it's not true, but he also knows that these oldsters don't realize frighten them to get their votes. The only plan the Democrats offer is fear, dishonesty and fraud.”

- Talk show host Neal Boortz, 10/18/04


OK, I’m taking a point of personal privilege here to make an appeal of a decidedly non-political nature.

Over the summer, Gia and I found out that our sister-in-law Jennifer had been diagnosed with breast cancer. She’s now in the midst of the chemo treatments. The news had a profound effect on my better half, and she’s taking a very active interest in this fight, noting, “It never becomes important to you until someone you love is touched with the disease.”

So on Sunday, Gia’s participating in a 5-mile walk sponsored by the American Cancer Society to raise both awareness and funds to combat breast cancer. She hopes to raise $500...and considering all the sacrifices she’s made over the years while I’ve toiled over this newsletter, I thought it was appropriate to bring this to your attention and ask that any of you who may be so inclined kick in a few bucks to help her reach her goal.

$5, $10, $20 bucks...whatever. Any amount would be greatly appreciated. And you can make your secure online contribution by going to a dedicated web page Gia set up HERE:

Thanks, everybody. I really appreciate ANY support you might give.


Big, big BIG edition of DC Confidential yesterday. Here’s what you missed if you haven’t subscribed yet:

* A Democrat mayor in Ohio ridicules John Kerry, endorses George Bush
* A wheelchair-bound columnist rips John Edwards a royal new one over his claim that John Kerry will perform miracles for the handicapped if elected
* Disturbing figures on Gitmo’s revolving door for terrorists
* Why I hope there’s massive fraud in this year’s election
* The latest scheme to get Ralph Nader out of the race: Bribery
* Dark clouds hanging over the GOP majority in the Senate
* Judge rips up Clinton’s snowmobile ban
* More anti-gun hysteria
* The unions may have finally gotten a foot in Wal-Mart’s door, but there’s a good chance Wal-Mart will close the doors completely and put everyone out of work. Thanks, unions.
* Speaking of which, the postal union is going postal over the nomination of a person who (gasp!) thinks postal worker pay should be comparable to similar work in the private sector
* Blood-sucking class action lawyers clean up over an oil change lawsuit; “victims” get suckered...again.
* The Libertarian Party crows...but ends up looking like turkeys...again
* A two-thumbs-up movie review of “Team America, World Police”
* And much, much more...

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