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News & Views, 10/29/04


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“The best thing about the Red Sox winning the World Serious is that it took the nation’s mind off of the presidential campaign for a little while. In that regard it’s too bad the series didn’t go the full seven games.”

- Lyn Nofziger, Musings, 10/28/04


“While many people are urging us to vote - regardless of for whom, for what, or for what reason - there are very few urging us to do what is far more important: Stop and think.”

- Columnist Thomas Sowell


“Sadly, with the electorate as closely divided as it is, no administration of either party is going to enforce control of our borders. That is the brutal fact. Most of the public may want the borders better controlled and some teeth put into our immigration laws. But neither party dares risk alienating the Hispanic vote - especially now that there are more Hispanics than blacks and the Hispanic population is growing faster.”

- Columnist Thomas Sowell


“In less than a week, we will finally be spared the coma-inducing drone of John Kerry. His interminable lies will cease to dirty the airways, his false posturing will drop from the scene. No more fake hunting vignettes. No more windsurfing. No more staged shots of the elitist forcing down Chex Mix and a bottle of Miller Genuine Draft. His followers will no longer rob and trash the campaign headquarters of his opponents.

“His chance to commit voter fraud -- Democratic thugs and henchmen registering the dead and suing to overturn the choice of legal voters -- will have come and gone. He will return to his life as an ineffectual senator -- fetching Teddy Kennedy his hourly rum ration and toting his wife's massive ego.

“Speaking of which, in less than a week we will finally be spared the mushroom cloud of insanity that surrounds Teresa Heinz Kerry. It will be back to the Xanax cabinet and ketchup trust for Teresa. No more grimaces as she is forced to touch the hands of commoners. No more slams at the president's wife. No more spastic shouting matches with reporters who overstep their bounds by asking her a question which she has not pre-approved.”

- Columnist Ron Marr


“A Florida man has been charged with attempting to run over controversial Republican congresswoman Katherine Harris with his Cadillac. According to the Sarasota Police Department report, Barry Seltzer, 46, told cops that he was simply exercising his ‘political expression’ when he drove his car at Harris and several supporters, who were campaigning last night at a Sarasota intersection.

“Seltzer allegedly drove up on a sidewalk and headed directly for Harris before swerving ‘at the last minute.’ Harris told officers that ‘she was afraid for her life and could not move as the vehicle approached her,’ according to the report. For his part, Seltzer--who's a registered Democrat--told cops, ‘I intimidated them with the car. They were standing in the street.’ He added, ‘I did not run them down, I scared them a little!’ That explanation did not stop investigators from arresting Seltzer for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, a felony.”

- The Smoking Gun, 10/27/04


“In Maryland, State Senator E.J. Pipkin -- the GOP nominee for US Senate -- is having to deal with a political stalker. A former police officer who apparently has an axe to grind with Pipkin has placed a large ‘Vote Pipkin’ sign on top of his car...and then covered his car with hand-drawn swastikas.

“Pipkin's wife is Jewish and he is rather upset by the guy's actions. He's already obtained a restraining order from a local judge that bars the man from coming within a set distance of Pipkin, his family, and his campaign offices. So, for now, the man continues to drive his car around in the general vicinity of Pipkin events (but just far enough away to not get arrested) and parks the vehicle in visible spots along the highway.”

-, 10/28/04


“White liberals have been indulging their fantasies of violence against conservatives lately – physically attacking conservatives, ransacking Bush-Cheney headquarters (though not any NRA headquarters, I note). The white wife of vice presidential candidate John Edwards recently warned of riots unless Kerry is elected. In the midst of this rash of violence by white liberals, this week Al Gore admonished a group of BLACKS not to engage in violence over the election.”

- Columnist Ann Coulter


“The bottom line is that, if the explosives were ever there, the Iraqis moved them before our troops arrived. There is no other plausible scenario. Sen. Kerry knows this is a bogus issue. And he doesn't care. He's willing to accuse our troops of negligence and incompetence to further his political career. Of course, he did that once before"

- New York Post columnist Ralph Peters


“If a decorated combat veteran must be believed, then why are the many decorated combat veterans who served with Mr. Kerry in Vietnam - and served longer - not to be believed, or not even have their very different picture of him in Vietnam examined against the facts, instead of being dismissed? Even Benedict Arnold was an American war hero wounded in combat but that doesn't stop us for criticizing him for what he did later.”

- Columnist Thomas Sowell


“The conclusions are irrefutable: Mr. Kerry is a virtual clone of Mr. Kennedy; and a vote for Mr. Kerry is a vote for the radical liberal agenda both he and Mr. Kennedy so enthusiastically embrace.”

- Washington Times editorial, 10/28/04


“I remain totally unimpressed by John Kerry. Outside of his opposition to the death penalty, I've never seen him demonstrate any real political courage.

“...His Senate vote against the 1991 Gulf War demonstrates an instinctive aversion to the use of American force, even when it's clearly justified. Kerry's major policy proposals in this campaign range from implausible to ill-conceived. He has no real idea what to do differently in Iraq. His health-care plan costs too much to be practical and conflicts with his commitment to reducing the deficit.

“At a personal level, he strikes me as the kind of windbag that can only emerge when a naturally pompous and self-regarding person marinates for two decades inside the U.S. Senate. If elected, Kerry would probably be a mediocre, unloved president on the order of Jimmy Carter."

- Jacob Weisberg, ENDORSING John Kerry, Slate, 10/26/04


“I know few people enthused about John Kerry. His record is undistinguished, and where it stands out, mainly regrettable. He intuitively believes that if a problem exists, it is the government's job to fix it. He has far too much faith in international institutions, like the corrupt and feckless United Nations, in the tasks of global management. He got the Cold War wrong. He got the first Gulf War wrong. His campaign's constant and excruciating repositioning on the war against Saddam have been disconcerting, to say the least. I completely understand those who look at this man's record and deduce that he is simply unfit to fight a war for our survival.”

- Columnist Andrew Sullivan ENDORSING John Kerry


“…(W)hile President Bush may have inflicted his big government and so-called compassionate conservatism on the nation, he has not changed the views of most members of his party who remain small government Reagan Republicans. (I)f Bush is such a great party builder why is it that so many members of the Republican party are unhappy?

“Now don’t misunderstand. Nine-nine percent of the unhappy Republicans are going to vote for Bush because John Kerry is infinitely worse. But if Bush had truly built the party in the last four years this nip-and-tuck presidential election would be neither nip nor tuck, it would be going overwhelmingly for Bush. You will not find a consensus among Republicans, at least in this town, that Bush has built or rebuilt the party.”

- Lyn Nofziger, Musings, 10/28/04


“Since 1980 the Republicans have occupied the White House in all but eight years. In more than half of those years, the Senate has had a Republican majority; and since 1994, the Republicans have controlled the U.S. House of Representatives. But conservatives have been frustrated often in these same years by a failure to bring conservative legislation to final approval. Conservatives have learned that there is a big difference between a Republican majority and a conservative majority. Conservatives never had a true working ideological control of either house of Congress.”

- Steve Moore, Club for Growth, 10/28/04


“With virtually all the major issues where conservatives may feel disappointed with the Bush administration, the closeness of the electorate and the consequently thin Republican margin in Congress is at the root of the problem. . . . If conservatives want Republicans to fight for conservative principles, then the answer is to give them a real majority to fight with, not their current thin majority on paper that can easily collapse under pressure if a few liberal or timid Republicans lose their nerve. Voting is not about finding soul mates or venting your frustration when you don't. It's about choosing between alternatives for shaping the future direction of this country.”

- Columnist Thomas Sowell


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