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News & Views, 10/8/04


Should “Junior” Earnhardt be stripped of points and fined for errantly using the “S-word” in a nationally televised interview?

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“The vigor (Secretary of Defense Donald) Rumsfeld put behind the drive on Baghdad has been lacking in fighting the insurgency. The pull back from Fallujah last April was an unimaginable strategic blunder. Marines, backed by Army tanks and precision air strikes, had proven their superiority over the ragtag militia of Ba'ath loyalists, Islamic extremists and al Qaeda terrorists. The U.S. retreat gave the insurgents what they needed most, confidence America was a paper tiger.

“The same mistake has been made repeatedly with Muqtada al-Sadr and his Mahdi Army. American casualties have been heaviest when on the defensive, as convoys are ambushed and facilities bombed by enemies operating from sanctuaries U.S. inaction has tolerated.”

- William Hawkins of the U.S. Business & Industry Council


“The AFL-CIO engaged in 20 coordinated demonstrations at local Bush-Cheney headquarters around the country on Tuesday. In Orlando, things grew ugly when union protestors forced their way inside the Bush-Cheney campaign office there, poured piles of letters onto the floor and injured a Republican volunteer. A local TV station says several protestors face possible assault charges.

“Meanwhile, in nearby Gainesville, a Democratic college instructor who teaches behavioral science punched the chairman of the local Republican Party in the face. Philip McCally faces misdemeanor battery and criminal mischief charges after he was accused of hitting Travis Horn after arguing with him and also punching out a life-sized, cardboard cutout of President George Bush.”

- John Fund, Political Diary, 10/7/04


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“An analogy would be a water pistol against a machine gun. I mean every once in a while he'd (John Edwards) take a squirt at the Vice President and then he'd (Dick Cheney) just and then the Vice President would just turn the, the Howitzer on the guy."

- MSNBC’s Chris Matthews declaring Dick Cheney the clear winner by TKO in the vice presidential debate


“Dick Cheney won this debate not because he made John Edwards look like a playful puppy, though he did. He won because he drove a sword into the man who wasn't there -- John Kerry. The Democrats are going to lose this election because Americans don't trust them to manage national defense. Cheney ruthlessly reinforced that historic predilection"

- Columnist Phil Boas of the Arizona Republic


“Should Mr. Kerry actually win the presidency now, he'll be stuck with a smiley-faced conniver for vice president, albeit one who would give every American an extra reason to pray for Mr. Kerry's health each night.”

- Holman Jenkins, Political Diary, 10/6/04


“Al Gore's sighing in his first debate with Mr. Bush four years ago was worth noting because it was so unmistakably an affectation, done with calculated aforethought to demonstrate disdain, and because the sighs at first made you wonder if he had appendicitis and needed to be rushed to a hospital. But a hospital wasn't needed so much as a lecture on how to act like a polite and humble adult.”

- Columnist Jay Ambrose


“(T)he military today isn't a repository for poor kids with little education and few opportunities in life. The U.S. military didn't get to be the most technically advanced fighting force in the world by relying on a collection of high school dropouts.”

- Brendan Miniter on Democrat charges that only poor, minority kids are being sucked into military service these days, Political Diary, 10/5/04


“You're sitting in seat 22A of a Boeing 737 traveling 530 mph at 30,000 feet. The flight attendants complete their beverage service and the in-flight movie begins. At that moment, six terrorists leave their seats in unison. God forbid this happens to you or your loved ones. But if it does, would you want the flight crew to have firearms to stop the terrorists or wait for an F-16 carrying six AIM-9 Sidewinder air-to-air missiles to be ordered to shoot that commercial airliner out of the sky? Forget about an air marshal being on board -- latest reports show that only around 5% of the 28,000 daily commercial flights in the U.S. have an air marshal.

“...You might know Congress has already passed legislation authorizing armed pilots. Unfortunately for the flying public, the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) has deliberately dragged its feet on implementing the program. . . . Congress already voted to arm commercial pilots to provide a last line of defense against onboard terrorists. But the Transportation Safety Administration would rather use an F-16 armed with Sidewinder missiles to shoot down a hijacked airliner!”

- The Liberty Committee, 10/5/04


“Today I visited a relatively new USPS (United States Postal Service) outlet in Sandy, Utah. All I wanted to do was throw some letters in a box and drive-off. After ten minutes of circling the building where it is housed, I realized that this was too much of a ‘service’ for the Postal people. So I had to find parking (not easy because every other would-be postal patron had to as well), get out of my car and walk inside because letter carriers are now too lazy to carry letters from boxes. “Drive-up drop-off letterboxes in Utah are usually only found at Post Offices. It appears they are trying to get rid of even this niggling customer convenience. I have a feeling that FedEx and UPS would battle for corners to put up drop-off boxes if Congress had the sense to open postal services to competition.”

- News & Views reader Jim Dexter


“U.S. Senate Republican candidate Jim DeMint, in a leadoff televised debate with Democratic rival Inez Tenenbaum, said homosexuals should not be allowed to teach in South Carolina public schools. . . . DeMint's comment on gays came in response to a moderator's question about a state Republican Party platform plank that opposes hiring gay teachers. . . . ‘If a person wants to be publicly gay, they should not be teaching in the public schools,’ DeMint, a three-term congressman from Greenville, repeated for reporters after the debate ended.”

- The Charleston Post & Courier, 10/4/04 (EDITOR’S NOTE: As you might suspect, I have something to say on this little item. Stay tuned for this weekend’s Muth’s Truths)


“After saying in a debate a few days ago that he would not favor allowing any openly gay educators to teach in the public schools, (Jim) DeMint added on Tuesday that he also would not want to see ‘a single woman who was pregnant and living with her boyfriend’ teaching in the public schools.

“On Wednesday, DeMint apologized for the comment about unwed pregnant teachers: ‘Sometimes my heart disengages from my head and I say something I shouldn't and that's what happened yesterday ... and I apologize.’ ”

- Politics1, 10/7/04


“No gay school teachers? Then who's going to teach band?

“You know, it was about time for someone in South Carolina politics to step forward and say something stupid. No, not just goofy, like, ‘I actually voted for the $87 billion, before I voted against it.’ I mean really, really dumb. And who enters stage (far) right, but Congressman Jim DeMint, with his announcement that Carson Kressley shouldn't be allowed to teach home ec. . . . (I)n a single statement, DeMint may have transformed himself from ‘innovative conservative’ into ‘homophobic kook.’ He announced that he supports banning every openly gay teacher from South Carolina public schools.

“...And by the way, how do my fellow Republicans define ‘openly’ gay? If Harvey Fierstein shows up to teach high school drama, does he really have to burst into a chorus of ‘It's Raining Men’ for the kids to figure out his sexual orientation? If a lesbian teacher is spotted with her life partner in the power tools section of the local Home Depot, has she been formally outed? Would Ron Reagan Jr. be allowed to teach civics in South Carolina, given that he apparently falls into that strange category ‘everyone knows he's gay except him’?”

- Columnist Michael Graham, Columbia Free Times, 10/6-12/04


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