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News & Views, 11/15/04


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“It is considered bad form to speak ill of the dead, but I will make an exception for Yasser Arafat… There has been no more successful terrorist in the modern age. Yet his biggest victims were not Israelis. His own people suffered the most. . . . The current intifada, launched in September 2000 after Mr. Arafat turned down a generous peace offer from the Israelis at Camp David, has claimed 3 times as many Palestinian as Israeli victims. It also led to a precipitous plunge in living standards in the West Bank and Gaza Strip - not that Mr. Arafat's wife and daughter would notice from their cozy Paris residence.”

- Columnist Max Boot


“(Sen.-elect Barack) Obama’s record in the Illinois senate marks him as more liberal than John Kerry. That’s quite a problem for a party that needs to shed its Michael Moore wing.”

- Washington Times editorial, 11/14/04


“In the 1960s and 1970s, the United States had 26 vaccine manufacturers. Now we are down to just four. . . . The explanation is politicians and trial lawyers. Drug companies can't make profits from producing vaccines any longer because of product liability lawsuits. . . . (T)he trial bar has destroyed a critical medical industry.

“Congress has the power to fix this crisis. Why hasn't it? The reason is the trial lawyers' massive political clout. . . . The trial lawyers are the No. 1 special interest contributor to the Democratic Party, and to many Republican candidates too. This year lawyers have donated some $100 million to federal candidates.”

- Steve Moore, president, Club for Growth


Does President Bush’s re-election victory give him a mandate to push through his immigration “guest worker” program?

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Cast your vote by clicking the “Survey Says!” tab at


“How morally compelling is an institution collectively known as the church when it preaches ‘traditional’ marriage but practices something else in too many cases? . . . In a survey published Sept. 8, 2004, (pollster George) Barna discovered born-again Christians divorce at the same rate as those who are not born again. . . . Worse, though Jesus regarded divorce as a sin (if adultery were not involved), a majority of the born-again (52 percent) disagree that divorce without adultery is a sin. Among Catholic respondents, 69 percent do not agree that divorce absent adultery is a sin.

“It becomes more difficult to expect secular government to impose a marital standard on culture when those who preach that standard too often do not practice it themselves. Furthermore, why is the church spending so much time and money trying to prop up culture when it has done a poor job propping up its own families? Shouldn't repairs be made first in God's ‘house’ before attention is paid to other people's houses? More people might listen.

“...The born again shouldn't absent themselves from politics and government. But these temporal institutions cannot solve the nation's problems or the problems in too many of their own homes. As the president's mother has said, ‘Your success as a family, our success as a society, depends not on what happens in the White House, but on what happens inside your house.’"

- Columnist Cal Thomas


“New Mexico has a purported 800-pound Democrat gorilla as governor, a Democrat secretary of state and Democrat attorney general who are shameless partisans, a Legislature that has been controlled almost continuously for more than 70 years by Democrats, and a judiciary that has similarly been dominated by Democrats for something like 70 years; 50% of the registered voters are Democrats compared to 33% Republican; and some 80 percent of its voters live in counties with Democrat county clerks.

“Yet New Mexicans sent their electoral college votes to re-elect George W. Bush. Every Democrat leader in the country was depending on Bill deliver the state to Kerry. He didn't get it done. It looks to me like Richardson is political toast - the state he has been using for 25 years as his stepping stone to national office just turned into a lily pad, and it won't support a frog anywhere near his size.”

- Former New Mexico GOP Chairman John Dendahl


When Dale Earnhardt Jr. won his fifth Talledega 500, someone asked him on live, broadcast television what it meant to him. “It don’t mean spit right now. Daddy won here ten times.”

Only...he didn’t say “spit.” He used another four-letter word that rhymes with spit. For his “foul mouth,” the superstar driver was fined $10,000 and docked crucial points in the NASCAR championship.

On Saturday, Pitt quarterback Tyler Palko led his Panthers to a major 41-38 upset win against the 24th ranked Fighting Irish. After the game - won on a field goal with just one second left on the clock - the ecstatic sophomore - who threw for 334 yards and five touchdowns - inadvertently dropped the F-bomb on NBC in a post-game interview.

The speech police descended on the poor guy like a ton of bricks. Palko was forced to apologize all over the place. ''Although I was caught in the heat of the moment after our victory, there is no excuse for such language,” the athlete was forced to say afterwards. ''I apologize to the viewing audience, my teammates, coaches, family, the University of Pittsburgh and Notre Dame.''

What about Sparky the Wonder Dog? Doesn’t he deserve an apology, too? This is ridiculous.

Palko used on network television the exact same word that was used over and over again, with nary a peep of complaint, on network television last week with the unedited airing of “Saving Private Ryan.” Either certain four-letter words are bad for network broadcast or they’re not. And I dare say that uttering such a four-letter word in post-game or post-race exuberance is a far more understandable “context” than its intentional airing in a recorded broadcast.

Frankly, I’m OK with both. The problem I have is with the hypocrisy of some folks who are painfully trying to have their cake and eat it too on this one. You lose credibility when you lose consistency. The speech police who gave Private Ryan a pass while taking Junior and Palko to the woodshed have lost their credibility.


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Published by:
Chuck Muth
1315 Wilson Point Road
Middle River, MD 21220


Blogger Mary S. from SMS said...

Sorry Chuck -- I strongly disagree with your view about the Sh-word and the F-word. I am NOT ok with "both" contexts, sports & TV. Let me ask you this: Would you be "OK" with visitors in your home using the Sh-word or the F-word every-other-sentence in front of your children? Is that the way you typically communicate in your home? I doubt it... People who feel a need to frequently use those terms to express themselves show themselves to be ignorant and inarticulate.
The Sh-word and the F-word have no place on television, where children may be easily exposed. Many, many American families do NOT use those terms in our homes, and we are "consistently" offended to have those terms sneak into our homes via TV -- whether on a sports program or on a TV-movie. I fully agree with Tyler Palko -- "there is no excuse for such language." He was right to apologize.
When "Saving Private Ryan" was shown on TV, there was absolutely no reason those words couldn't have been bleeped or replaced by different words -- which has been the usual practice on television, until now. Obviously, the network decided it was time to push the vulgarity envelop again. No, Chuck, you are clearly off-base and anti-conservative on this one, my friend. You need to go back to the think-board.

November 15, 2004 at 11:03 PM  
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