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News & Views, 11/18/04


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“So coalition forces strike the city of Fallujah, and Iraqi insurgents respond by attacking in Mosul, Baquba, Kirkuk and Suweira. This, we now hear, proves that the more insurgents the U.S. kills, the stronger the insurgency grows. Call it the Obi-Wan Kenobi school of international relations: Strike him down, and he'll only become more powerful.

“In real warfare, of course, killing the enemy means there are fewer enemies to kill. And in one week in Fallujah, and at the cost of some 40 American soldiers' lives and several Iraqi ones, about 1,200 insurgents were killed and another 1,000 taken prisoner.”

- Wall Street Journal, 11/17/04


“Kevin Sites, the NBC cameraman who shot video of the controversial shooting of a Fallujah insurgent by a U.S. Marine, is an anti-war activist whose photographs of Iraqi prisoners are featured on at least one anti-war website.”

-, 11/17/04


“Some 40 Marines have just lost their lives cleaning out one of the world's worst terror dens, in Fallujah, yet all the world wants to talk about is the NBC videotape of a Marine shooting a prostrate Iraqi inside a mosque. Have we lost all sense of moral proportion?

“The al-Zarqawi TV network, also known as Al-Jazeera, has broadcast the tape to the Arab world, and U.S. media have also played it up. The point seems to be to conjure up images again of Abu Ghraib, further maligning the American purpose in Iraq. Never mind that the pictures don't come close to telling us about the context of the incident, much less what was on the mind of the soldier after days of combat.

“Put yourself in that Marine's boots. He and his mates have had to endure some of the toughest infantry duty imaginable, house-to-house urban fighting against an enemy that neither wears a uniform nor obeys any normal rules of war. Here is how that enemy fights, according to an account in the Times of London:

“‘In the south of Fallujah yesterday, U.S. Marines found the armless, legless body of a blonde woman, her throat slashed and her entrails cut out. Benjamin Finnell, a hospital apprentice with the U.S. Navy Corps, said that she had been dead for a while, but at that location for only a day or two. The woman was wearing a blue dress; her face had been disfigured. It was unclear if the remains were the body of the Irish-born aid worker Margaret Hassan, 59, or of Teresa Borcz, 54, a Pole abducted two weeks ago. Both were married to Iraqis and held Iraqi citizenship; both were kidnapped in Baghdad last month.’

“When not disemboweling Iraqi women, these killers hide in mosques and hospitals, booby-trap dead bodies, and open fire as they pretend to surrender. Their snipers kill U.S. soldiers out of nowhere. According to one account, the Marine in the videotape had seen a member of his unit killed by another insurgent pretending to be dead. Who from the safety of his Manhattan sofa has standing to judge what that Marine did in that mosque?”

- Wall Street Journal, 11/18/04


“The Pentagon says that it's concerned how this (Marine shooting) video is going to play in the Arab world. At this point, who gives a damn? The Arab world is quite proud of the videos it shows of Arabs cutting heads off Americans. They seem to handle that quite well. They even celebrate it. Let them be angered. We're angered too. When they start to adopt some semblance of civilized behavior maybe we'll start being more concerned about their feelings.”

- Talk show host Neal Boortz, 11/18/04


If you still haven’t seen the Condi Rice cartoon that has everyone outraged, check it out here:


“US Senator John Kerry got the Democratic National Committee to spend lots of money on his behalf in the recent White House race and also gave big bucks to his campaign. So, what does this mean? It means Kerry is holding over $15 million in DNC funds given to his campaign ... PLUS $45 million more leftover in his primary campaign account - which he was able to hold onto, thanks to lavish Dem spending on his behalf. This will allow Kerry to start the 2008 race as the anointed one again, thanks to all of this DNC money he was supposed to have spent.”

- Ron Gunzburger, Politics1, 11/18/04


“The conservative groups opposing (Sen. Arlen) Specter's ascension to the chairmanship (of the Judiciary Committee) are picking a fight they cannot win and in the process causing a split in Republican circles.”

- Conservative columnist Alex Ray


“Arlen Specter was just re-elected by the people of Pennsylvania, a major industrial state; the Judiciary Committee chairmanship is his by tradition and seniority. Conservatives have been angry with him for a long time and for good reason. They have expressed their unhappiness. They have made their point. Mr. Specter has been chastened and warned; the leadership of his party told him to fight for himself. He knows the Republican Party will expect him to support the nomination of judges free of a Roe v. Wade litmus test, or any litmus test, including a religious test…

“The on-the-ground conservatives who won this election for the Republican Party want to show their force. Understandable. They won. But there's a lot of force being shown lately, and sometimes it's conservative to step back, to hold your fire, to wait.
Give him the slot. If it doesn't work, revisit it later. There are enough battles going on.”

- Conservative Peggy Noonan


“Although he still has considerable penance to perform, Sen. Arlen Specter, R-Pa., appears to have withstood a massive campaign by social conservatives who want to block him from the chairmanship of the Judiciary Committee. Specter met for more than an hour Tuesday with Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, R-Tenn., and other top Republicans. He was to meet with his fellow Judiciary Committee Republicans later in the day.

“...After the meeting, Frist declined to say whether he would support Specter. But several other GOP lawmakers did not hesitate to rally behind him, adding to a list that has grown almost daily. Robert F. Bennett, R-Utah, the chief deputy majority whip, said before the meeting that he ‘absolutely’ backed Specter’s bid for the chairmanship. Bennett called the current controversy ‘a tempest in a teapot.’ After the meeting, Bennett said that once Specter takes the Judiciary gavel, social conservatives’ ‘blood pressure will begin to come down.’

“...Trent Lott, R-Miss., who knows a thing or two about political quicksand, is also backing Specter. ‘He has earned it, and he’s going to be a good chairman,’ Lott said. Gordon H. Smith, R-Ore., who also backs Specter, said he had ‘promised Oregonians in 1996 that while I am pro-life, I wouldn’t have a single-issue litmus test, and I’m not going to have one with Arlen Specter.’

“...Specter’s fellow Pennsylvania Republican, Rick Santorum, has largely been silent in public on the matter. But Specter said that Santorum, who is the lead spokesman for social conservatives in the Senate, has been ‘enormously helpful’ and has gone ‘above and beyond the call of duty’ in helping Specter fend off the onslaught of outside criticism. Santorum is up for re-election in 2006 in a state that Democrat John Kerry carried this year, and one in which the moderate Specter remains highly popular. ‘My No. 1 priority in the next two years is to re-elect Sen. Santorum,’ Specter said.”

- Congressional Quarterly, 11/16/04


“Republican members of the club that is the United States senate are quickly falling in line behind Arlen Specter and it is almost a sure bet that the moderate maverick from Pennsylvania will win his fight for the chairmanship of the senate judiciary committee.

“The short term victory for Specter, however, could be a long term loss for the Republican Party in general and some so-called senate conservatives in particular.

“…(Specter) has won the support of outgoing chairman Orrin Hatch, along with that of (Sen. Rick) Santorum, Sen. Larry Craig of Wyoming and several other conservatives. Santorum is up for re-election in two years and Specter has said his priority in the next two years is to help re-elect him. Hitching his political wagon to Specter’s liberal horse, however, might not be that big a plus for Santorum in that it could lose him many of the conservative votes he ordinarily counts on.”

- Lyn Nofziger’s Musings, 11/17/04


“I all the attention being paid to the religious right making you nervous about having voted for President Bush? Here's some advice for moderate and libertarian-leaning Republicans: Don't jump ship quite yet...but keep your life vest ready. . . . (H)ere are some important markers to watch as the first year of Bush's second term unfolds:

“...Bush's pick of Alberto Gonzales...shows the president retrenching once again, promoting old cronies from his days in Texas. The same would be true if Bush, as expected, taps Margaret Spellings to replace Education Secretary Rod Paige. Spellings, an adviser to Bush when he was governor of Texas, was instrumental in shaping the No Child Left Behind Act. But she's no champion of school vouchers - one of the few issues on which libertarian and religious conservatives see eye-to-eye.”

- New York Post columnist Ryan Sager, 11/16/04 (NOTE: It was announced yesterday that President Bush has nominated Margaret Spellings to replace Rod Paige)


“In his farewell speech to the Senate yesterday, Fritz Hollings, who has served there since 1966, noted two big changes over the decades: fewer boozers and more yakking women. ‘We had five drunks or six drunks when I got here,’ the South Carolina Democrat told his colleagues. ‘There are no drunks in the United States Senate now. We don't have the time.’

“He also noted that upon his arrival there was only one female senator, Margaret Chase Smith (R-Maine), and she didn't say much. ‘We got 16 or 17 now and you can't shut 'em up. . . . You get in a debate with Barbara Mikulski or Barbara Boxer and they'll take your head off.’"

- Washington Post, 11/17/04


“The race for Washington State Governor is guaranteed to go to a recount, so we won't know the ultimate winner for a few more weeks. As of Wednesday's state certification deadline, the official winner -- well, interim winner -- is State Senator Dino Rossi (R). With over 2.6 million votes cast, it appears as if Rossi defeated Attorney General Christine Gregoire (D) by a margin of 261 votes. An initial posting on the Secretary of State's website indicated Gregoire won by 13 votes. An hour later -- at 6:30 pm Pacific -- the numbers were adjusted to show Rossi the winner. Secretary of State Sam Reed (R) said he will call for an automatic recount.”

- Ron Gunzburger, 11/18/04


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