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News & Views, 11/2/04


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Whew. It’s finally here. And thankfully, it’ll be over soon (we hope).

Just a reminder in case you missed it on all the news reports: Due to the anticipated high level of interest and expected turnout for this election...and in an effort to keep the lines and waiting times at the polls as short as possible, Republicans are to vote today and Democrats will vote tomorrow. All others don’t really matter and can vote on either day.

Vote early. Vote often.


“When it's over, it won't have been the debates or the ads or the rallies. It won't even be the dead goose that John Kerry may or may not have shot or the munitions in Iraq that may or may not have vanished on Bush's watch. It will be, instead, about which ground army does a better job today. For what it's worth, I am convinced that if the Bush ground army that the president's managers have labored so hard to put together works, they'll win. If it doesn't, George Soros will elect our next president.”

- ACU Chairman David Keene, 11/2/04


“Osama bin Laden warned in his October Surprise video that he will be closely monitoring the state-by-state election returns in tomorrow's presidential race - and will spare any state that votes against President Bush from being attacked, according to a new analysis of his statement.”

- New York Post, 11/1/04


“We agreed with the general commander Muhammad Ata, may Allah have mercy on him, that all operations should be carried out within 20 minutes, before Bush and his administration would become aware. We never imagined that the Commander in Chief of the American armed forces would abandon 50,000 of his citizens in the twin towers to face this great horror alone when they needed him most. It seemed to him that a girl's story about her goat and its butting was more important than dealing with planes and their ‘butting’ into skyscrapers. This allowed us three times the amount of time needed for the operations, Allah be praised.”

- Osama bin Laden in his pro-Kerry independent expenditure video last Friday


“I'm a little inclined to think that Karl Rove, the political manager at the White House, who is a very clever man, he probably set up bin Laden to this thing [videotape]."

- Walter Cronkite on Larry King Live this weekend


“It's obvious to me that bin Laden is trying to help George Bush, because George Bush is the best recruiter that al Qaeda has."

- Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell (D)


“The ‘honorable discharge’ on the Kerry Web site appears to be a Carter administration substitute for an original action expunged from Mr. Kerry's record, according to Mark Sullivan, who retired as a captain in the Navy's Judge Advocate General Corps Reserve in 2003 after 33 years of service as a judge advocate. Mr. Sullivan served in the office of the Secretary of the Navy between 1975 and 1977.

“On behalf of the Kerry campaign, Michael Meehan and others have repeatedly insisted that all of Mr. Kerry's military records are on his Web site at, except for his medical records. ‘If that is the case,’ Mr. Sullivan said, ‘the true story isn't what was on the Web site. It's what's missing. There should have been an honorable discharge certificate issued to Kerry in 1975,if not earlier, three years after his transfer to the Standby Reserve-Inactive. . . . Kerry has failed to sign a Standard Form 180 giving the electorate and the press access to his Navy files."

- New York Sun, 11/1/04


“Iowa Sen. Tom Harkin says John Kerry has been gaining in the polls every day since Oct. 21, and George Bush has been going down every day. ‘That's how God wants it to be,’ Harkin told a group of about 25 people at the Benton County Headquarters in Vinton on Thursday afternoon.”

- Cedar Valley (Iowa) Daily Times, 10/29/04


“Anyone who still thinks Kedwards' invocation of Mary Cheney in the debates was innocent should consider what Ben Johnson, deputy chairman of the Democratic National Committee, had to say about President Bush's daughters in a radio debate with conservative commentator Armstrong Williams this morning. The subject was the possibility of black Americans voting for Bush over moral issues like abortion and same-sex marriage: ‘No one has a monopoly on morality in this country. And if you want to talk about morality, I mean, look at George Bush's daughters. If he was such a heck of a father, why couldn't he keep those girls from drinking?’ “

- James Taranto, Best of the Web, 11/1/04


“After filing more than 40 lawsuits in 18 battleground states in recent weeks, and in keeping with their Election Day playbook, Democrats are prepared to execute an Election Day litigation strategy. As soon as the polls open in the morning, their touted 10,000-plus lawyers will systematically file litigation to change the rules in battleground states across the nation and create a sense of chaos. Before the day is out, Democrats will begin to argue that every provisional ballot should be counted, regardless of the circumstances or legality in which it was cast, thus allowing them to convert third party registration fraud into voter fraud on behalf of John Kerry.”

- RNC Communications Director Jim Dyke, 11/1/04


“John Kerry is already gearing up to contest the outcome of the election even before voters go to the polls. . . . If Mr. Kerry goes down to defeat on Election Day, there almost certainly will be an avalanche of lawsuits claiming that the Democrat somehow was cheated out of the presidency. . . . The reality is that the rash of election-related litigation precipitated by Mr. Kerry and the Democrats is doing lasting, perhaps irreparable, damage to the democratic process in this country.”

- Columnist Joseph Perkins


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“Two years ago, a suspicious surge in votes from South Dakota's Shannon County, home of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, gave Democratic Senator Tim Johnson a second term by 524 votes over Republican John Thune. Now Mr. Thune is running again, this time against Tom Daschle, the Senate Minority Leader. And once again, allegations are surfacing about shenanigans in Shannon County. State's Attorney Lance Russell has launched an investigation into suspicions that some residents have already cast multiple ballots. ‘We do have a few people who have voted more than once,’ he told reporters.”

- John Fund, Political Diary, 11/1/04


“I've been warning you for months that politicians would step forward prior to the election and use the Campaign Finance Reform Act to try to shut down talk radio. Well, I was both right and wrong. Politicians have indeed stepped forward to use this hideous law to try to shut down talk radio, but they were Republicans, not Democrats as I had predicted.

“Believe it or not, the Republican Party has filed a complaint with the Federal Elections Commission against KFI radio in Los Angeles. The National Republican Campaign Committee is complaining that when John and Ken endorsed a Democratic congressional candidate named Cynthia Matthews they were in fact giving Matthews an unlawful campaign contribution valued at more than $25,000.

“The Democrats haven't been left out in this scenario. They used the same excuse to complain about Sinclair Broadcasting planning to air that ‘Stolen Honor’ documentary last week. OK .. you expect that of Democrats. I'm just sad that the Republican Party is playing the same game. If the Libertarian Party was only up to fighting terrorism…”

- Talk show host Neal Boortz, 11/1/04 (Note: Please sign our online petition to the NRCC chairman asking him to immediately withdraw this anti-First Amendment FEC complaint by going to )


By Jim Treacher
Monday, November 1, 2004 12:01 a.m. EST
Wall Street Journal

10. Do you really think it's a good idea to be Hitler, George? Hitler killed millions of people and his approval ratings are in the toilet. Why can't you be somebody people like? Regis, maybe, or the Prophet Mohammed. Anybody but Hitler! Being Hitler = BAD IDEA.

9. Two words: You. Are. Dumb.

8. When Karl Rove used the remote-control device implanted in your upper back to force you to murder Iraqi babies and American soldiers for oil and/or no reason because Saddam was mean to your dad, plus what about the WMDs you lost after you lied about them even being there in the first place, and then Rove tried to make everybody think your Thanksgiving turkey wasn't plastic by planting fake documents about your military service and forcing Dan Rather to say "Sorry, I guess" on national TV, did you really think we wouldn't figure it out?

7. People might make fun of me. Maybe you're used to it by now, but I'm not.

6. I mean, black hoods? Fa-shion dis-a-a-a-ster. Wasn't Abu Ghraib dreary enough already? (More like Abu Drab!) I would have started a riot--a laugh riot. While pointing at you!

5. How dare you taunt a dying Christopher Reeve with a big brown bottle of stem cells? The man was on his deathbed, you sick monster. Why did you have to hold the spoon right in front of his lips? "C'mon, Chrissy, it's right here. You can do it, bwah! Just another coupla inches. Oooh, yer close. Close!" Shame on you, Dubya.

4. I can't really think of anything for item No. 4, and for that I blame you. (Also the Jews.)

3. Where's Osama? C'mon, Shrub, we all know you've got him in some secret Ashcroft prison and he's running around loose in the world, plus also besides which everybody just saw him live on tape giving the dramatic reading of "Fahrenheit 9/11" that the Halliburton PR department wrote for him to swing the election your way. Well???

2. The Internet.

1. I can no longer afford the premiums on my falling-sky insurance. Adios, chimp!

Mr. Treacher writes at Editor's note: This is a satire of the Angry Left. Please do not take it seriously.


OK, because some Democrats truly are dumb as door-knobs, I better fess up. The rotating election day note in the first item was a JOKE. Everybody votes TODAY. Unfortunately, the part about Democrats voting “often” probably isn’t a joke. It’s fraud. And it will run rampant for the next several hours. Watch for it at a polling location near you.

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