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News & Views, 11/22/04


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Thanks to each of you who took the time to sign our last-minute online petition to Senate Majority Leader Frist urging him to block confirmation of postal union boss Dawn Tisdale to the Postal Rate Commission. But just like the brouhaha over Arlen Specter, Republican senators blew off the concerns and objections of us conservatives and approved this postal fox to guard the postal henhouse late Saturday night before going home to enjoy their Thanksgiving holiday.

The only good news here is that Tisdale is filling a vacancy with only two years to go. So we have two years to work against his re-appointment to a full six-year term.


A House/Senate conference committee approved an Intelligence reform bill which had stripped out provisions cracking down on ILLEGAL immigration. The Senate (the same Senate that approved Specter & Tisdale this week), of course, approved the watered-down bill. But a funny thing happened on the way to the House.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman James Sensenbrenner Jr. actively opposed passage of the compromise bill, saying that reforming U.S. intelligence without making it harder for illegal aliens to get legal ID cards was pointless. Sensenbrenner was subjected to a lot of arm-twisting over the weekend, urging him to go along to get along and cave in on the ILLEGAL immigration aspects of the bill...including a call from the president.

But Sensenbrenner stood his ground and didn’t budge. And the House rejected the compromise bill. That’s the good news. The bad news is there’s talk of bringing the House back for another special “lame duck” session in early December to try again to pass this bill.

Being critical of Republicans when they sell us out is understandable and darn near a full-time job…but we shouldn’t forget to say “thank you” and give someone a pat on the back when they stand tall and stand their ground under fire. So why not take a minute today to shoot off a note of gratitude to Rep. Sensenbrenner for not backing down and insisting on keeping the immigration provisions in the Intelligence bill? And since this fight still isn’t over, please urge Rep. Sensenbrenner to hang tough even if the House does come back for a second bite at the apple after the Thanksgiving holiday. His email address is:


“In just over a week, our guys killed more than 1,200 terrorists, captured 1,000 more and liberated a city in the grip of Islamists for the past eight months. And all the media can do is find their next Abu Ghraib. Memo to big media executives: The election is over and you lost. Now get back to reporting the news.”

- Washington Times editorial, 11/20/04


“It would border insanity to insinuate that ‘rules of war’ apply when the enemy you are fighting knows no such rules.”

- N&V reader R.H. Goetz, Sr.

“Have you ever noticed that news cameras have shown insurgents shooting at our soldiers and firing RPGs at them? And have you noticed that they never show our guys being hit? What would happen if the American people saw THAT--just once?? Would the outcry in defense of our guys be as great as it has been in defense of the terrorist? I frankly think it would, and so we will never see it.”

- N&V reader Donna Brosemer of Palm Beach Gardens, FL


“We are a Dutch democratic society. We have our own norms and values. If you chose radical Islam you can leave, and if you don't leave voluntarily then we will send you away. This is the only message possible...

“The Netherlands has been too tolerant to intolerant people for too long. We should not import a retarded political Islamic society to our country. . . . If in a mosque there is recruitment for jihad, it's not a house of prayer, it's a house of war. If it's not a house of prayer, it should be closed down.

"...If we don't do anything, we will lose the country that we have known for centuries. People don't want the Netherlands to be lost, and this is something that I get angry about and I am going to fight for, to keep the country Dutch.”

- Dutch lawmaker Geert Wilders responding to the murder of filmmaker Theo van Gogh by a suspected Muslim radical, Associated Press, 11/19/04


“Get over it.”

- Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia responding to a question from the audience about the 2000 presidential election at a forum at the University of Michigan on Tuesday


“We don’t expect the Clinton library to put an anti-Clinton spin on the President’s shameful behavior. But using the exhibit to attack at the President’s opponents is really classless. But then, it is the Clinton library.”

- Manchester Union-Leader


“…(L)ongtime White House Bureau Chief Helen Thomas...had some unkind words to describe (President) Bush and Condi (Rice). . . . Asked about the election result, the sharp-tongued reporter simply put her hand on her face and said, ‘My God, the man is a fascist -- a fascist, I tell you.’

“...But surely Thomas, a female reporter who succeeded decades ago in a ‘man's world,’ had some empathy about Condi's appointment (to secretary of state). As we suggested the notion, a look of horror came over Thomas' face. ‘I tell you, the women is a monster, a monster, a monster,’ she kept saying. . . . When NewsMax referred to some of Condi's positive achievements, Thomas kept interjecting ‘monster’ to describe her. ‘The lady is a goddamn liar.’

“...Michael Moore, please call Helen Thomas. She is ready to help with your next movie!”

- Inside Report,, 11/22/04


“At a Kerry rally in Manchester, N.H., (Boston Red Sox owner John) Henry said, ‘In October, New England won the World Series. And in November, New England's favorite son is going to win the presidency of the United States.’ Sure enough, on Nov. 2, Bush, a native of New Haven, Conn., beat Colorado-born Kerry.”

- James Taranto’s Best of the Web, 11/19/04


“While setting up for a school dance this fall, two students in Gilbert (AZ) thought they'd get in a few squeaky giggles after inhaling balloons filled with helium. . . . Their principal saw the gag as a violation of district policy on the non-medical use of inhalants. For that, she issued five-day suspensions, which she later reduced to one day. Gilbert Public Schools spokeswoman Dianne Bowers said administrators must err on the side of caution when it comes to student safety.”

- Arizona Republic, 11/18/04


Yes, yes, yes. Got it right here. The name of the Superintendent for Gilbert Public Schools is Dr. Bradley K. Barrett. He can be reached at (480) 497-3397...or you can email him at:


“There's something rotten in Denmark. . . . It seems Danish parents can't name their children anything they want. The government, there, is out to protect the children. Children can easily be teased about their names, so parents are forced to request special permission from the government for anything out of the ordinary - by Danish standards.

“Now, I feel sorry for some kids, stuck with goofy names. But I've noticed that what I think goofy may not be what you think goofy. And kids and adults often adopt the goofiest names for themselves. And other kids make fun of the most normal of names.

“...What stinks is...this idea that everything good must be somehow promoted by government, and everything bad fought by it. Names should be a matter left to common sense, not government boards. If we can't keep government out of this area, where won't it go?”

- Paul Jacob’s “Common Sense,” 11/19/04


OK, you can now order your copy of “Ketchup With Your Crow, Mr. Moore?” - a compilation of blurbs and nuggets from the Campaign 2004 trail, sort of a “best of” News & Views book. The full flavor of the 2004 election season is captured in these 150+ pages of quotes and one-liners from the likes of Ann Coulter, Jay Leno, Neal Boortz, Lyn Nofziger, Cal Thomas, John Fund and James Taranto.

Ah, the memories…

· Dean’s scream
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· Kerry’s “global test”
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· And much, much more.

If you like reading News & Views, you’re gonna LOVE reading “Ketchup With Your Crow, Mr. Moore?” And as I think I noted the other day, the last chapter is dedicated to post-election blues...including a host of quotes, commentaries and blurbs which were never published in News & Views. Great new stuff. You won’t feel the left’s pain...but you’ll love it!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

If for some irrational reason illegal aliens get amnesty
and go to the front of the line, my English son-in-law who
has just now become a citizen the hard way, legally, will
petition his representative in Washington for a reimbursal
of every penny of the 3000 some dollars he has had to shell
out to the INS for the many program fee requirements he had
to muster to qualify for citizenship.

All LEGAL aliens and new citizens will have to band together
and file a class-action suite againt Big Mommy in Washington
to get back all that cash.

Fair is fair, R. A. Morgan, Edgewater, Florida

November 22, 2004 at 1:53 PM  
Blogger NORMA PATE said...

Chuck, My dictionary defines insurgent as - revolting against established government: engaged in insurrection: one who revolts.
It defines terrorist as - one who employs terrorism politically.
Therefore, these damn "insurgents" don't exist as they are nothing but terrorists.
Am thoroughly SICK of hearing about insurgents !!!
Call them what they are !!!

November 22, 2004 at 8:35 PM  

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