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News & Views, 11/23/04


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The trial lawyers are sniffing around for another huge payday, and their next windfall could well break an entire pharmaceutical company in the process. The lawyers are victim-fishing in the Vioxx pond these days, hoping to land, make that fees. A significant amount of which will be used to buy votes in Congress and state legislatures to assure that no significant tort reform laws are passed which might kill the lawsuit goose that lays the golden eggs.

On this subject - if you are interested in a detailed explanation of what the Vioxx fuss is all about, some history on the drug and the true motivation behind the present lawsuits being developed - read an excellent column by Dr. Michael Clifford, a man who isn’t afraid to call a greedy ambulance-chasing spade a greedy ambulance-chasing spade. Dr. Clifford’s column is posted on our News & Views EXTRA page at:


“We’re more likely to see entitlements and domestic spending continue to increase. There are zero plans for reigning in the Department of Education, government medical care, farm subsidies, or federal housing programs. Don’t expect the National Endowment for the Arts to be challenged.”

- Rep. Ron Paul, Texas Republican, 11/20/04


“When two armed men barged into a couple's northwest Atlanta home Saturday, they probably didn't expect to find a guest inside who would shoot back. In the ensuing shootout, one of the intruders was shot, and he later died.”

- Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 11/22/04


“There was an interesting little episode down in Chile over the weekend. President Bush was entering a building where a dinner was held, when his secret service agent was detained by over-zealous Chilean security officials. When Bush realized what was happening, what did he do? Did he just smile, wave and let the agent twist in the wind? Nope...the most powerful man on Earth and the leader of the free world turned around, and plunged right into the crowd. He grabbed Secret Service Agent Nick Trotta, the #2 agent on his security detail, and pulled him out of the fracas and into the dinner with him. The Chileans were miffed...too bad.“Now take just a second and compare these actions with those of (John Kerry) on the campaign trail some months ago. Remember when one of his Secret Service agents bumped into him while he was snowboarding and John Kerry called him an S.O.B? Compare that little episode with Bush's actions here. It's obvious that the president appreciates those that risk their lives to protect him.”

- Talk show host Neal Boortz


“John Kerry's popular vote was also 12 percent above Al Gore's. But the popular vote for Bush was up a stunning 20 percent. Before the election, some liberal commentators were claiming that Bush would win no votes he hadn't won in 2000. Not quite: He won 10 million more.”

- Columnist Michael Barone


“I don't jump pews, speak in tongues or kiss rattlesnakes on the mouth. I don't chain myself to the doors of abortion clinics or write long, scripture-laced letters to the editor categorizing the Satanic nature of demon rum, demon lottery, demon Victoria's Secret or even demon new-car smell. I think a tent revival is what you do to your tent when a blizzard blows it over at 7,000 feet. I think a collection plate is the strip of metal where the dust settles in my ‘Sharper Image’ air purifier. “So imagine my surprise to learn -- according to the mainstream media, Hollywood elitists, Manhattan literary darlings and the entire liberal left -- that I am an ‘Evangelical.’ Indeed, since I voted for George Bush, I am regarded by the lefties and their unthinking supplicants as a cross between Cotton Mather, Jerry Falwell and Tammy Faye Bakker.

“...(I)f the liberal dogma is correct, I am a card-carrying, fire-breathing religious fanatic who attends services a minimum of 12 times per week, remains partially-clothed in the shower and refuses to watch Harry Potter movies least I be infused with the teaching of Lucifer his own bad self. “Yup. I'm an ‘Evangelical.’ At least that's what the liberals and the media would tell you. This, of course, is total nonsense. In an attempt to put a spin on their crushing political losses, the Libs are doing what they always do. . . . Rather than face the fact that most Americans think they are utterly off-base, the Libs attribute their shellacking to a rampaging horde of religious zealots.

“Rather than admit that the Democratic party is controlled by a lunatic fringe of actors, Marxists, traitors, environmental nut-jobs and all shape, size and color of deviants, bigots and vegetarian bi-polar power freaks in hemp underwear, the lib leaders curse Middle America for their own failure. . . . These vast numbers of rigid, Bible-wielding, totalitarian Christian fundamentalists are non-existent save in the minds of the liberal left, the network anchors and a goodly portion of newspaper editors.”

- Columnist Ron Marr


“I see by the papers that John McCain says it will be a couple of years before he finally decides whether to run for president again. In a pig’s eye. That boy has made up his mind and he be running. You can bet on it, barring the unforeseen such as a heart attack or a serious recurrence of his melanoma.

“...As McCain begins to make noises about running he will have one advantage over other Republicans in the race--he is the darling of the political news media, a fact that served him in good, but not quite good enough, stead when he ran in 2000. And it probably will not be enough in 2008 either, because McCain, who is not so much a moderate as he is an unpredictable maverick, will have trouble fitting into a party that continues trending rightward.

“He is well-despised in his party’s right wing because of his sponsorship of the hated McCain-Feingold campaign finance law that not only infringes on freedom of speech but also gave the last election the so-called 527 organizations that allowed rich radicals on the left to pour untold millions into the effort to defeat Bush. He now wants to follow up by restricting even farther campaign spending and by placing greater limits on political speech. No First Amendment defender he.

“McCain also supports the Kyoto Accords which would attempt to control ‘global warming’ at the expense of the American economy and American jobs while giving such ‘third world’ nations as China and India permission to continue polluting the atmosphere.”

- Lyn Nofziger’s Musings, 11/22/04


“Take a look around you, America. Our nation is becoming less efficient, less productive, less secure and less educated than any time in our history. What is the common denominator in this equation? Government has gotten involved in more and more of our everyday routines.

“Government cannot protect you from every danger. It cannot efficiently run airlines. It cannot create meaningful, productive jobs in the private sector. It cannot run efficient, affordable healthcare. It cannot effectively protect the environment. It cannot provide a quality food supply. It cannot adequately provide for you in your old age. It cannot create energy. It cannot provide a quality lifestyle. And it cannot stop the threat of terrorism by putting you in a government data bank and tracking your every move.

“It can and will smother you with rules and regulations designed to perpetuate the growing power of government. That is what government does. Americans must learn that lesson or suffocate. Your papers, please.”

- Tom DeWeese of the American Policy Center


“If all that Americans want is security, they can go to prison. They’ll have enough to eat, a bed and a roof over their heads.”

- President Dwight D. Eisenhower


OK, you can now order your copy of “Ketchup With Your Crow, Mr. Moore?” - a compilation of blurbs and nuggets from the Campaign 2004 trail, sort of a “best of” News & Views book. The full flavor of the 2004 election season is captured in these 150+ pages of quotes and one-liners from the likes of Ann Coulter, Jay Leno, Neal Boortz, Lyn Nofziger, Cal Thomas, John Fund and James Taranto.

Ah, the memories…

· Dean’s scream
· Janet’s boob
· Whoopi’s butt
· John-Boy’s hair
· Gen. Clark bombs
· Al Gore unhinged
· Teresa Heinz unplugged
· Lawrence O’Donnell unglued
· Dems unchained
· Abu Ghraib and the Beheadings
· The president’s amnesty proposal
· Spending like drunken Democrats
· Era of big government returns
· Mutiny on the Conservative Bounty
· Marriage on the rocks
· Spitting on Reagan’s grave
· Girlie Men
· Stupidity epidemic in public schools
· The Wizard of Coz
· Hollywood to the rescue
· Fahren-hate 911
· What’s in Sandy Berger’s pants?
· 86’ing the 527s
· Voting for it before voting against it
· Swifties vs. Kerry
· Kerry vs. Kerry
· Zell gives ‘em hell
· The Terminator’s All-American speech
· CBS & Rathergate
· Kerry’s tan
· Kerry’s “October disguise”
· Kerry’s “global test”
· Kerry’s army (of lawyers)
· The vice president’s daughter
· Bin Laden’s independent expenditure
· The “dumb-decided” vote
· Coastopia vs. Jesusland
· Donkeys sing the “blues”
· And much, much more.

If you like reading News & Views, you’re gonna LOVE reading “Ketchup With Your Crow, Mr. Moore?” And as I think I noted the other day, the last chapter is dedicated to post-election blues...including a host of quotes, commentaries and blurbs which were never published in News & Views. Great new stuff. You won’t feel the left’s pain...but you’ll love it!

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