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News & Views, 11/24/04


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First, allow me to thank everyone for your continued support of News & Views, Citizen Outreach and your ongoing grassroots activism on behalf of limited government public policies. I wish you and your family a safe and bountiful Thanksgiving weekend.

Second, I want to take this opportunity to thank our opponents...who continue to do and say such stupid things that they help us elect our candidates, often despite ourselves. That would include the Maryland public school districts who, as reported yesterday in the Washington Times, are so hostile to religion that they are intentionally refusing to teach elementary school kids that the Pilgrims “thanked God” at the first Thanksgiving.

And they wonder why they lost the “values voters” on November 2nd?

Lastly, I’m thankful that I have such a wonderful family...who I will be spending the next four days with while taking a Thanksgiving break from News & Views. Will have a new “Muth’s Truths” on Sunday, though. Otherwise, I’ll be back on Monday. Happy Thanksgiving!

- Chuck Muth, Editor


“Sgt. Rafael Peralta built a reputation as a man who always put his Marines' interests ahead of his own. He showed that again, when he made the ultimate sacrifice of his life Tuesday, by shielding his fellow Marines from a grenade blast.

“...Peralta, 25, as platoon scout, wasn't even assigned to the assault team that entered the insurgent safe house in northern Fallujah, Marines said. Despite an assignment that would have allowed him to avoid such dangerous duty, he regularly asked squad leaders if he could join their assault teams, they said.

“One of the first Marines to enter the house, Peralta was wounded in the face by rifle fire from a room near the entry door, said Lance Cpl. Adam Morrison, 20, of Tacoma, who was in the house when Peralta was first wounded. Moments later, an insurgent rolled a fragmentation grenade into the area where a wounded Peralta and the other Marines were seeking cover.
As Morrison and another Marine scrambled to escape the blast, pounding against a locked door, Peralta grabbed the grenade and cradled it into his body, Morrison said.

“While one Marine was badly wounded by shrapnel from the blast, the Marines said they believe more lives would have been lost if not for Peralta's selfless act. ‘He saved half my fire team,’ said Cpl. Brannon Dyer, 27, of Blairsville, Ga.”

- Army Times, 11/20/04


“As soon as I saw the tape of a U.S. Marine shooting a wounded insurgent in Fallujah, I knew there would be trouble. . . . . But the tape of the incident actually helps the Marine… If that young Marine had homicide on his mind, he would have entered the mosque firing. But he did not. The Marine proceeded cautiously and reacted to perceived danger. . . . The war in Iraq as well as the war on terror is as ugly as it gets. Mistakes will be made. But this action is not one of them.”

- Columnist and talk-show host Bill O’Reilly


“Someone who has never been on a battlefield cannot know how lethal the killing field always is, or recognize the snares and risks, and feel the fear that is the lot of men sent to kill or die. There are no ACLU lawyers to call when an enemy playing dead is about to pull the pin on a grenade or the trigger of a rifle with the last of his dying strength.”

- Wesley Pruden’s “Pruden on Politics,” 11/23/04


“Michael Moore, the outspoken director of Fahrenheit 9/11, may have raised temperatures in the recent US election campaign with his anti-Bush polemic, but he appears to have left an online film magazine poll cold. Moore tops this year's Frigid 50, an annual list of Hollywood's least-inspiring, least-intriguing celebrities and the antidote to the usual power lists so beloved by the industry.

“Instead, the Frigid 50 focuses on the celebrities who have ‘left audiences cold with their overbearing personalities, poor career choices and chronic inability to stop making fools of themselves.’ Moore got the ‘honour’ because of what the editors saw as an oversized ego: ‘Remember, it's not always about you. Lose the chip on your shoulder,’ the poll advised. It continued: ‘No presidential candidate endorsed by Michael Moore has ever won an election. So, Michael, why not endorse a Republican in 2008, just to see what happens?’"

- The Guardian (UK), 11/23/04


“The U.S. Postal Service plans to start seeking approval for a double-digit percentage increase in postage rates early next year.”

- Wall Street Journal Online, 11/23/04


“The just concluded ‘lame duck’ session of Congress should have been labeled the "goose that laid the golden egg session" for the federal goodies it dispensed. Sen. Mitch McConnell, Kentucky Republican, told me he is pleased that Congress has reduced the ‘rate of the increase in spending.’ Is this why we have a Republican congressional majority so that they can increase spending less than Democrats?”

- Columnist Cal Thomas


“Just in time for Thanksgiving, Congress has passed another obscenely expensive budget bill crammed with pork -- and turkey, and potatoes, and soybeans, and bananas, and 11,768 other items that have no business being purchased with taxpayers' money,” the Libertarian Party rightly criticizes in a press release issued yesterday.

What the LP failed to mention, however, is that NOT A SINGLE Libertarian Party member of Congress voted against the larded-up bill. Once again, the LP is throwing stones from their glass house and casting raspberries from the peanut gallery.

- Editor


Which do you think should be the #1 priority for any tax reform efforts next year?

· Lowering tax rates
· Establishing a single flat-tax rate
· Simplifying the tax code
· Moving toward a national retail sales tax

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“The Founders designed the House of Representatives to be the arm of the federal government closest and most responsive to the people. This weekend, the brilliance of this design was clear when the House all but killed plans to revamp the nation's 15 intelligence agencies and create a national intelligence director. By shelving the legislation, the House broke away from the political stampede in Washington and made real reform possible in the future.

“That hasn't stopped the political blame game. The Washington Post identified the ‘conservatives’ in the House as the bad guys. Meanwhile others claim certain House members were simply doing the Pentagon's bidding. Give it a few days, and we'll likely hear that it was actually Halliburton that was behind the curtain all along.”

- Brendan Miniter, Wall Street Journal


“More than any other leader of either political party, U.S. Sen. Hillary Clinton has been focusing on immigration reform and border security - taking hard-line positions that appeal to frustrated Republicans in a move that could guarantee her enough support in red states to win the White House in 2008.

"...Unnoticed by the big media, Sen. Clinton has been cultivating the immigration issue since last year. In a February 2003 interview that went unreported elsewhere except by NewsMax, Clinton told WABC Radio's John Gambling, ‘I am, you know, adamantly against illegal immigrants.’"

-, 11/21/04


“On the first day real people not titled president or named Bono were allowed inside, I traveled to this land of delusion for an up-close peek at the William Jefferson Clinton Presidential Library - the ex-prez's glass-and-concrete personal acid trip. Now I get it.

“This jumbled tribute to history, Clinton-style, is not a museum in the classic sense. It tells deliberate lies. It tries too hard to be noticed. To be loved. Above all, to get in the last word. Which means Bill Clinton spent $165 million of other people's money for a glitzy homage to Madame Tussaud's - where he can smooth out the wrinkles, Wite-out the warts, and paint moustaches on those who defied him."

- New York Post columnist Andrea Peyser


“Pro-life groups won a key victory this weekend when Congress passed legislation stipulating that state and local governments can’t coerce hospitals, insurers and other health care groups into performing or supporting abortions.”

- Washington Times 11/23/04


“...I wish to announce that I despise the ACLU for its relentless attacks on Christianity and Judaism. It's bad enough that they will wage battle on behalf of any busybody looking to banish Christmas and Hanukkah symbols from public places, including one's own front yard. However, these very same lawyers will eagerly go to the mat to safeguard a Muslim's right to wear a disguise on her driver's license, a Navajo's right to smoke peyote, and a cultist's right to ritualistically slaughter small animals.”

- TV writer Burt Prelutsky


OK, you can now order your copy of “Ketchup With Your Crow, Mr. Moore?” - a compilation of blurbs and nuggets from the Campaign 2004 trail, sort of a “best of” News & Views book. The full flavor of the 2004 election season is captured in these 150+ pages of quotes and one-liners from the likes of Ann Coulter, Jay Leno, Neal Boortz, Lyn Nofziger, Cal Thomas, John Fund and James Taranto.

Ah, the memories…

· Dean’s scream
· Janet’s boob
· Whoopi’s butt
· John-Boy’s hair
· Gen. Clark bombs
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· Lawrence O’Donnell unglued
· Dems unchained
· Abu Ghraib and the Beheadings
· The president’s amnesty proposal
· Spending like drunken Democrats
· Era of big government returns
· Mutiny on the Conservative Bounty
· Marriage on the rocks
· Spitting on Reagan’s grave
· Girlie Men
· Stupidity epidemic in public schools
· The Wizard of Coz
· Hollywood to the rescue
· Fahren-hate 911
· What’s in Sandy Berger’s pants?
· 86’ing the 527s
· Voting for it before voting against it
· Swifties vs. Kerry
· Kerry vs. Kerry
· Zell gives ‘em hell
· The Terminator’s All-American speech
· CBS & Rathergate
· Kerry’s tan
· Kerry’s “October disguise”
· Kerry’s “global test”
· Kerry’s army (of lawyers)
· The vice president’s daughter
· Bin Laden’s independent expenditure
· The “dumb-decided” vote
· Coastopia vs. Jesusland
· Donkeys sing the “blues”
· And much, much more.

If you like reading News & Views, you’re gonna LOVE reading “Ketchup With Your Crow, Mr. Moore?” And as I think I noted the other day, the last chapter is dedicated to post-election blues...including a host of quotes, commentaries and blurbs which were never published in News & Views. Great new stuff. You won’t feel the left’s pain...but you’ll love it!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ron Paul is a LIFE member of the Libertarian Party.
And, yeah, he did vote AGAINST the spending bill.

Get your facts straight!

November 24, 2004 at 12:43 PM  
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