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News & Views, 11/29/04


I was being facetious (“playfully jocular; humorous”) when I noted last week that no Libertarian Party member of Congress voted against the omnibus spending bill. That’s because there ARE no Libertarian Party members in Congress. And for those of you who wrote reminding me about Rep. Ron Paul of Texas, the fact is Dr. Paul is a registered REPUBLICAN member of Congress. He may be a small “l” libertarian by philosophy and a dues-paying member of the LP, but he’s a Republican by party registration.

There might just be a lesson in that fact, for those LP’ers willing to consider it...


OK, if you are even MILDLY a boxing fan...and you missed Saturday night’s Berrera-Morales pay-per-view slugfest...hoo-hah!, you missed a doozy. It wasn’t just that it was a great was that it was the THIRD straight great fight between these two guys. The previous two were barn-burners, as well. Considering those two fights and all the pre-fight hype for this one, Berrera-Morales III had all the makings of a let-down. It was no such thing. Hope HBO re-runs this one. And I’m not going to tell you who won...just in case they do re-run it and you missed it.

Now...if you get bored with tonight’s Monday Night Football game, channel-surf over to WWE’s RAW and look for my nephew and me on national TV. We’ll be in Section 228 keeping our eyes peeled for a be-toweled Trish Stratus! Are ya ready for some wresting?


“Somebody get Nicolas Cage's new wife, Alice, an American history book--and quick! Spies at the L.A. premiere of ‘National Treasure’ last week said Alice, 20, seemed befuddled when someone talked to her about the Declaration of Independence. ‘She looked at them and said, 'What is the Declaration of Independence?' ’ our witness relates--an account confirmed by another attendee.”

- New York Post


“Millions of holiday travelers nationwide are experiencing an all-too-intimate form of security screening that some say amounts to sexual groping - a ‘pat-down’ by government officials. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) initiated the approach to airline security Sept. 22 in response to the August terrorist bombing of two passenger planes in Russia.

“...Female passengers say the experience is humiliating and men also are complaining of unexpected checks of their private regions. . . . In a report on WJLA Channel 7 News last night, unidentified screeners at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport said women were being selected for private screening based on breast size and strip-searched. The searches were required after screeners kicked equipment to set off alarms.”

- Washington Times, 11/25/04


“The government's airport screeners are determined now to eliminate modesty and manners in the world aloft. They're conducting intimate body searches, reaching into secluded nooks and sequestered crannies with the boisterous abandon that aggressive cruisers in gay bars can only dream of. . . . ‘People should be outraged, fuming, doing something to change this,’ says Rhonda Gaynier, a New York City lawyer who submitted to an airport ‘breast exam’ in Tampa, Fla., that was more thorough than any she ever got from her gynecologist.

“...George W. promised to take sex out of the Oval Office, and he delivered. We just didn't know he was going to send it to the airport.”

- Wes Pruden’s “Pruden On Politics”


“I took my wife to the airport Tuesday to see her great-grandchildren. The airport is in Eugene, Oregon, so it is quite small and she was flying to Boise, ID. My wife is an insulin dependent diabetic and wears an insulin pump. The pump is plastic but the battery (AAA) isn't. As the only metal on her body it should not have set off the detector, but since Eugene is so small and the TSA people don't have anything to do besides rifle through our ‘unlocked’ luggage, it did. They used a wand on her and the pump beeped it.

“She showed them the pump but their ‘procedure’ was that since she beeped, she had to be patted down. They also told her that it was voluntary. She could be patted down voluntarily or she could not fly. Quite a choice. She was totally humiliated and went into the bathroom and cried until it was time for the flight to board. Two days later she was still upset and now doesn't want to fly again.

“What is it with these Gestapo TSA agents that they can humiliate a great-grandmother for no other reason than they can?”

- News & Views reader Fred Chamberlin


“No one is talking about it, but Bill Clinton might be this year's biggest political loser. . . . Every candidate that Clinton endorsed, raised money for, or conducted a campaign appearance on behalf of, lost. Tossup Senate races in which Clinton appeared all went against the Democrats: Betty Castor in Florida, Chris John in Louisiana, James Hoeffel in Pennsylvania and outgoing Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle in South Dakota. In swing states where Clinton put in appearances, such as Arizona and his home state of Arkansas, Kerry also lost."

- Weekly Standard columnist Eric Pfeiffer


“With Congress’ completion of its work on the 2005 budget this week, President Bush and congressional leaders have achieved a significant victory in the battle for spending discipline in Washington.”

- OMB Director Josh Bolten


* $70,000 for the Paper Industry Hall of Fame in Appleton, Wisconsin.

* $80,000 for the San Diego Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Center.
* $335,000 to shield North Dakota's sunflowers from blackbirds.
* $1.5 million for a demonstration project to transport naturally chilled water from Lake Ontario to Lake Onondaga.
* $2 million to relocate a kitchen in Fairbanks, Alaska.

- Source: Citizens Against Government Waste


“I am hoping that the appropriators could explain to me why we need $1 million for (the Wild American Shrimp Initiative). Are American shrimp unruly and lacking initiative? Why does the U.S. taxpayer need to fund this ‘no shrimp left behind’ act?”

- Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.)


“Can Capitol Hill Republicans ever convene without humiliating themselves? Evidently not. The lame-duck 108th Congress recently considered matters left unfinished before the November election. After just a week in Washington, the GOP Congress once again spent money like the LBJ Fan Club. They voted on immaculately-conceived legislation and lowered their own ethical standards. They fouled things so badly that the 109th Congress will have difficulty lampooning themselves so swiftly.”

- Columnist Deroy Murdoch


“Americans spend more than six billion hours a year complying wit the tax code, just figuring out how much they owe. That is more man hours than are used to build every car, van, truck, and airplane manufactured in America. What many Americans want most from tax reform is clarity and simplicity: They want the postcard tax return, or, better yet, no tax return at all.”

- Steve Moore of the Club for Growth


“(President Bush) shouldn’t try to mend the unmendable. He should start over. Replace (the current tax system) with a flat tax, which would also be a tax cut. You could have generous exemptions for adults and individuals. Under the proposal I proffered in the 1990s, a family of four would owe no federal income tax on its first $36,000 of income. You could literally fill out a federal income tax return on a single page. Half the lobbyists in Washington would have to find new employment, as would most of the Internal Revenue Service staff and countless tax lawyers. Compassionate conservative George Bush would probably be willing to provide these folks federally funded job retraining.”

- Steve Forbes, Forbes magazine, 11/29/04


“The flat tax will not cause the people who are not turning in tax returns now to do so then. The only way to tax all equally is with a sales tax. Then all pay. The rich who spend more would pay more, and the drug dealers who pay none now would pay, and all the ones getting paid under the table would pay also. It's the only way to go and a fair tax for everyone.”

- N&V reader Robert Lippincott


“I must take exception to a sales tax in place of the present income tax system. I am one of thousands of Americans who is on a ‘fixed income.’ My Social Security and widow’s pension amounts to $1,021 per month, out of which I must pay rent, Medigap insurance, auto insurance, prescriptions that are not covered under any program, food, clothing and other little incidentals of life. At present I do not pay any income tax. With a sales tax, please tell me what I should give up in order to pay my ‘share’.”

- News & Views reader Del Stutzman of Washington, NC


Which do you think should be the #1 priority for any tax reform efforts next year?

* Lowering tax rates
* Establishing a single flat-tax rate
* Simplifying the tax code
* Moving toward a national retail sales tax

Cast your vote by clicking the “Survey Says!” tab at

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Chuck Muth
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please, Chuck. You must have had be-toweled Trish Stratus on your mind, otherwise I would be disappointed that you would post this 'seasoned' citizens concern about the sales tax without taking a minute to assuage her too real fear. The fact is that if Del is living on $1021 each month, under the Sales Tax program, she would automatically receive a check each month from the government for an additional $224 (22%) to refund 100% of any sales tax she paid. Everyone under the poverty level would receive this refund each month based on their income. If you want to find out what a truly wonderful program this would be, Rep John Linder of Georgia can best explain it on his website, or you can go to
Maudie in Mandeville

November 30, 2004 at 2:40 AM  
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