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News & Views, 11/30/04


Hot off the press!

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“Everybody is going to write what they're going to write, think what they're going to think, but we know the fact of the situation is my stepping out of the anchor chair is not connected to the storm over the 60 Minutes (Bush/National Guard fake documents) story. This is separate and apart from that."

- Dan Rather, soon-to-be former CBS Evening News anchor, New York Observer


“Eleanor Clift wrote a column calling (Howard) Dean ‘a centrist.’ What's next? Is Clift going to run a column calling Bill Clinton a symbol of morality?”

- Talk show host Neal Boortz, 11/29/04


“Liberals cannot win when Americans are allowed to vote, so they jam their insane ideas down our throats through the courts.”

- Columnist Ann Coulter


“Democracy is messy. It is messy whether you've been doing it since 1789 or whether you're going to do it for the first time in 2005. The trouble with Democracy is, you hold elections. The trouble with dictatorships is … you don't.”

- Rich Galen’s “Mullings,” 11/29/04


“Just when everybody was getting bored with the Terrell Owens/'Desperate Housewives' teaser, the Detroit Pistons and Indiana Pacers put on a nice little riot for television to run and rerun. . . . The fracas in Detroit was not scripted but it was, nevertheless, inevitable. The NBA sells a product that might as well be called 'gangstaball.' The players are world-class dunkers, exhibitionists, and malcontents.”

- Columnist Geoffrey Norman


“A country whose political dialogue is all about values is either a country with no serious problems or a country hiding from its serious problems. When I want values, I go to Wal-Mart."

- Liberal columnist Michael Kinsley


“What most liberals don’t understand is that, while most talk radio hosts are Republicans they are only incidentally Republicans; they are first and foremost conservatives and the agenda they push is a conservative agenda based largely on individual freedom, apple pie, the constitution, national sovereignty and the American way. They are not tools of the Republican party.”

- Lyn Nofziger’s “Musings,” 11/29/04


“Steven Williams is a fifth grade teacher at Stevens Creek. He has filed a lawsuit against Stevens Creek principal Patricia Vidmar and other school officials claiming discrimination. Williams claims that he has been forbidden to use the Declaration of Independence in his classroom instruction. And why? Because it contains references to God and to Christianity, that's why...

“Need I say that this is a government school we're dealing with here? Is this story going to be enough to convince some of you out there to at least give some thought to sending your child somewhere other than to the government for an education? You know in your hearts that government doesn't do anything real well, few things well and most things horribly. Why, then, do you continue to entrust the most precious things in your life to government? Maybe I just heard a few heads being pulled out of the sand.”

- Talk show host Neal Boortz, 11/29/04


“At last weekend's APEC summit, President Bush made clear the administration will try to justify its planned amnesty of illegal aliens as something necessary for greater border security. Despite unending criticism of his January call for the amnesty, the overwhelming passage of an Arizona state ballot initiative that prevents the use of public money on services for illegal aliens and every poll showing roughly 80 percent of Americans favor greater enforcement of our immigration laws, the president has decided the first political capital expenditure will be on an item Americans decidedly do not want.”

- Columnist Matt Hayes


“Republicans in Congress have been patting themselves on the back since Election Day, but maybe they should pay more attention to the pummeling they've been taking in the past two weeks. Democrats have been scoring by attacking the majority GOP as the party of big, intrusive government. Never mind the irony, Republicans have only themselves to blame.

“...One terrible habit is to pass most of the annual federal budget in one, giant, last-minute spending bill. Democrats refined this technique to escape Ronald Reagan's veto scrutiny, but now Republicans use it to stuff their own goodies into corners that might be overlooked by the media and White House.”

- Review & Outlook, Wall Street Journal, 11/29/04


“There is no discipline, no sense of responsibility, apparently not even a love of country or sense of patriotic duty among most members of Congress, for if there were you would never get the 3,000-page, omnibus-bill abomination that is economically threatening and virtually an act of mass thievery.”

- Columnist Jay Ambrose


“The 1996 Republican National Platform called for ‘defunding’ the NEA (National Endowment for the Arts). In 1997, a Republican House voted to do just that. But a House-Senate conference committee revived the agency, giving it $98 million. . . . In the catchall fiscal 2005 spending bill it approved last week, Congress provided about $121.26 million for the NEA, up about $291,000 from last year and more than 23 percent from 1998.

“...Article 1, Section 8 provides a short list of things ‘Congress shall have the power’ to do. The section was designed to limit the power of federal legislators. It says nothing about funding an arts agency. . . . Our constitutional republic flourished for 176 years before liberal Democrats discovered this ‘necessity.’ It may never be solvent again if, even in a time of war and mounting debt, conservative Republicans cannot discover the will to shut down the NEA.”

- Columnist Terence Jeffrey


“Given the irresponsible behavior of past, present, and I'm sure, future Congresses, the only way I would be in support of a national sales tax would be if the tax rate were mandated by a Constitutional amendment; and that rate could only be increased by a 3/4 ratification vote of all the respective states. That way, tax rates could not be increased at the whim of some future reckless Congress. If a restriction of this nature is not applied, politicians being what they are, might, and probably would, create an out of control monster that would soon be devouring 50, 60, 70, or even as much as 85 percent of our income in the sales tax rate.”

- News & Views reader Bill Corbett


“Ten states have legalized the use of marijuana for medical purposes. The Bush administration will be before the U.S. Supreme Court today (Monday) arguing that federal laws prohibiting such uses overrule any state laws. The Bush administration is arguing that these state laws set back the war on drugs.

“The war on drugs needs some setbacks. In fact, the war on drugs needs to be ended ... the sooner the better. It accomplishes almost nothing while criminalizing some poor sap who is trying to make life a little easier for his wife suffering from terminal cancer.”

- Talk show host Neal Boortz


“If you traveled by air last week for the Thanksgiving holiday, you undoubtedly witnessed Transportation Security Administration agents conducting aggressive searches of some passengers. A new TSA policy begun in September calls for invasive and humiliating searches of random passengers; in some instances crude pat-downs have taken place in full public view. Some female travelers quite understandably have burst into tears upon being groped, and one can only imagine the lawsuits if TSA were a private company. But TSA is not private, TSA is a federal agency--and therefore totally unaccountable to the American people…

“TSA has created an atmosphere of fear and meek subservience in our airports that smacks of Soviet bureaucratic bullying. TSA policies are subject to change at any moment, they differ from airport to airport, and they need not be in writing. . . . Think you have a right to know the laws and regulations you are expected to obey? Too bad. Get in line and stay quiet, or we'll make life very hard for you. This is the attitude of TSA personnel.

“Passengers, of course, have caught on quickly. They have learned to stay quiet and not ask any questions, no matter how ludicrous or undignified the command. It's bad enough to see ordinary Americans bossed around in their stocking feet by newly-minted TSA agents, but it's downright disgraceful to see older Americans and children treated so imperiously. But any objection, however rational and reasonable, risks immediate scrutiny. At best, complainers will be taken aside and might miss their flight. If they don't submit quickly and attempt to assert any rights, they will end up detained, put on a TSA list that guarantees them hostile treatment at every airport, and possibly arrested or fined for their ‘attitude.’"

- Rep. Ron Paul, Texas Straight Talk, 11/29/04


“Several weeks ago we took my 84-year-old mother-in-law to the Tulsa airport for a return flight to Houston. As she passed through security she was asked to leave her wheelchair and walk through the metal detector. She had nothing metal in her pockets, but the metal arch supports or eye leys in her shoes set off the alarm. She was asked to remove her shoes and take a seat.

“When she was seated, a security agent asked her to stand and proceeded to do a full body pat-down. She patted her legs, inside and out, all the way up to her crotch, and then proceeded to examine her breasts. My wife was appalled at this treatment and said, under her breath, ‘This is ridiculous.’

“The agent heard her and yelled, ‘SUPERVISOR!’ My wife thought she would spend the rest of the day in a jail cell. If all of these indignities are taking place because liberals are afraid of racial and ethnic profiling, perhaps we should start doing full body cavity searches on all liberals. They would very quickly demand racial and ethnic profiling.”

- News & Views reader Paul R. Hollrah of Locust Grove, Oklahoma


“I went through three airports each way for Thanksgiving - Tampa, Charlotte, and Fayetteville - and had no problems. Why is it others are so sensitive? I did wear drawers this time in case I had to take off my pants again or be strip-searched, but no one blew up the plane and I got home safely. So why snivel about a little extra procedure in boarding?”

- News & Views reader Wayne Rutland


“They that can give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety."

- Benjamin Franklin


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