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News & Views, 12/23/04


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“Since the attack of 9-11, we've won two wars, liberated millions of people from monstrous regimes, presided over one election in Afghanistan and are about to see elections in Iraq and among the Palestinian people. Focusing like a laser beam on the big picture, liberals are upset that, during this period, the secretary of defense used an autopen.”

- Columnist Ann Coulter


“House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, R-Texas, blasting congressional and media critics of Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, said yesterday that the constant drumbeat of attacks on the Pentagon chief was undermining the war effort. . . . The repeated attacks on Rumsfeld are only emboldening terrorists and their allies, the Texas conservative said. ‘Their only hope for survival, their only hope of winning, is to undermine the will of the American people to finish this war and win this war on terrorism.’"

-, 12/21/04


“The federal agency in charge of airline screening yesterday changed its policy on patdowns, in part because of complaints by women passengers about searches of their chests. Starting today, the federal Transportation Security Administration is telling its screeners to keep their hands to the ‘chest perimeters’ of women unless handheld metal detectors beep when waved over their breasts.”

- Boston Globe, 12/23/04


“The NGA (National Governors Association) -- along with its buddies at the National Conference of State Legislatures, the National League of Counties, the National League of Cities and the U.S. Conference of Mayors -- desperately wants to tax Internet use. And they're hoping that Internet phone calls, the latest hot Web application, will pave the way…

“State politicians...want the Internet classified as one giant telephone for tax purposes. That's because telecom levies are some of the highest in the country, averaging 17.9%, according to the Council on State Taxation, and producing a cool $20 billion or so every year for state and local coffers.

“In a good call last month, the Federal Communications Commission excluded VOIP -- the new technology that allows consumers to place calls over the Web -- from state regulation. Unfortunately, the agency was silent on the issue of taxes and fees, and states have taken that silence as a cue to go on the offensive. Business Week reports that in the name of simplification and modernization, these state officials want to tax ‘all phone services equally -- no matter what technology delivers them.’"

- Wall Street Journal, 12/22/04


“While bone-chilling winter temperatures don't deter illegal aliens from crossing the border, the U.S. is taking measures to provide what some might call a warm welcome for the lawbreakers. Border Patrol agents in Arizona are now being issued blankets and ‘heat packs’ to help those suffering from the effects of cold weather.”

-, 12/22/04


“A federal judge on Wednesday lifted an order barring Proposition 200 from becoming law, clearing the way for state, county and municipal employees to immediately start reporting to immigration authorities suspected undocumented immigrants seeking public benefits.

“U.S. District Judge David Bury's decision allowed Gov. Janet Napolitano to issue an executive order enacting the controversial voter-approved legislation Wednesday afternoon. . . . Attorneys for the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund, the legal advocacy group that sued to stop the government from enforcing the initiative, plan to appeal the decision to the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco today or Monday.”

- Arizona Republic, 12/23/04


“Congressman Tom Tancredo (R-CO) issued a statement on Tuesday contrasting the government's zeal in preventing parrots from Mexico from illegally entering the country with their efforts to stop illegal immigration in general. Under the headline ‘Apparently There Are No Jobs Available That American Parrots Won't Do,’ Tancredo said he was surprised to learn of the ‘incredible success that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers enjoyed in apprehending smugglers attempting to illegally smuggle 150 Lilac Crowned and Mexican Redhead Amazon Parrots into the United States.’

“The statement points out that ICE, however, has not had the same luck in preventing an estimated 3 million illegal alien human beings from swarming into the U.S. annually unchecked. ‘It's nice to see that ICE has their priorities in order,’ quipped Tancredo, head of the Congressional Immigration Reform Caucus. ‘Now that we appear able to successfully identify and apprehend parrots attempting to enter the U.S. illegally, perhaps doing the same with people is just around the corner.’"

- Bobby Eberle, Talon News, 12/22/04


“The size, scope and purposes of our government are no longer anchored in and limited by our Constitution. For conservatives who want to restore limited government, their first order of business is to restore the authority of the Constitution's original intent.”

- Tom Krannawitter of the Claremont Institute


“Emboldened conservatives in Congress say they will oppose the White House next year on at least a half-dozen issues where they say President Bush has strayed from Republican values. The points of contention conservatives plan battles over:

• Immigration. Hard-liners oppose Bush's plan to give guest-worker status to illegal immigrants. They prefer to see amnesty laws tightened.

• Abortion. Conservatives such as Sen. Sam Brownback, R-Kan., say they'll oppose Supreme Court nominees friendly to abortion rights. Bush opposes a ‘litmus test’ on nominees.

• Spending. Conservatives will seek deeper cuts in non-defense spending than Bush is expected to request.

• Education. Rep. Mike Pence, R-Ind., says Congress ‘must undo’ Bush's signature No Child Left Behind Act, which sets national standards for education. He says Washington should stay out of schools.

• Political money. Conservatives want to repeal limits on political fundraising that Bush signed into law in 2002.

• Prescription drugs. Fiscal conservatives such as Pence want to limit the new Medicare benefit to poor seniors and those without coverage before the program starts in 2006. Bush opposes such a move.”

- USA Today, 12/19/04


Rep. Steve King and 108 cosponsors introduced the English Language Unity Act in the last Congress which would require the United States government to conduct official business in English. Specifically, the measure requires that ‘all laws, public proceedings, regulations, publications, orders, actions, programs and policies’ be conducted in the English language. Numerous common sense exceptions are included in the legislation to protect the well-being of all Americans, including public safety, national security, and commerce.

BRUSHFIRE ALERT: Rep. King intends to re-introduce his bill next year and is recruiting additional co-sponsors. If you happen to run across your congress-critter this CHRISTMAS holiday season, you might want to put a bug in his or her ear about joining this effort. Or you can send him or her an email message to that effect by filling out the webform you’ll find here:


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Blogger Ray Tuntland said...

Even the geniuses at the TSA know that many women wear underwire bras, especially those with larger (more grope-worthy breasts). These bras will set off the handheld detectors. Well done TSA, let the groping begin ....eerr continue!

December 23, 2004 at 12:48 PM  
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