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News & Views, 12/29/04


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“With the world's attention focused on the earthquake/tsunami that has claimed tens of thousands of lives in at least 10 countries that surround the Indian Ocean, media organizations like Reuters are pinning part of the blame for the catastrophe on ‘global warming.’”

- CNS News, 12/29/04


“The UN's Under-Secretary for Humanitarian Affairs has criticized the USA for only giving $15 million to the effort to help those effected by the quake and tsunami. I have to admit that when I heard on the radio yesterday that Colin Powell had announced that each of the affected countries would immediately receive $100,000, that it was the smallest amount of money I had ever heard mentioned in the same sentence with the words ‘United States.’ I mean that is less than a loaded Hummer. But then I remembered the old Davy Crockett story where-in Congressman Davy voted against giving aid to the victims of a Washington, DC fire because it wasn’t his to give.

“I think this would be a great time for Bush to announce that he could not give anything from the country, as the country itself has no legitimate authority to dispense monies for those kinds of purposes. I bet if he then asked the American people to do what they could, the folks in Sri Lanka and Sumatra would see the real spirit of American generosity.

“I guess I have finally become dependent on the government myself. When I imagine the horror experienced by those who survived the events I want to help. Then I hear my government is going to do it for me and I think ‘Great, I already gave....on April 15th.’ Then I realize all over again that when the government does it one is never sure it will be done right.”

- News & Views reader Dr. Michael E. Clifford of Las Vegas, NV (Editor’s Note: If you haven’t done so recently, go to and click on the “Not Yours To Give” button to read the Davy Crockett story Dr. Clifford refers to above)


“Charity is no part of the legislative duty of the government."

- James Madison


Should President Bush provide financial disaster aid to tsunami victims directly from the U.S. treasury...or make a public appeal for Americans to donate voluntarily to private relief efforts?

* Give the money from the government treasury
* Ask for voluntary, personal donations
* Huh?

Cast your vote by clicking the “Survey Says!” tab at


“Lots of people today claim we are living in a Mommy State. We're children to be scolded, smacked, ordered around. Wear your seatbelt, lose weight, be nice to everyone. It's worse than annoying. It can drive you batty. It's like being in kindergarten all your life, or being forced to sit at the little kid's table during Thanksgiving when you're 35 years old…

"There's truth to the theory about Mommy. I don't think it goes far enough, though. Mommy is now insane. . . . Now, we've got kids expelled from school for bringing nail clippers or aspirin…

"Freedom to slavery to going bonkers. How did all of this creep up on us? I think lots of people wanted it, without the foggiest idea of where it invariably leads. They started wanting security, to be taken care of by the Mommy State, to be protected from life, to have the world made of Nerf. It's a delusion. They'll find that out, in the long run."

- Columnist Bob Wallace


“(Donald) Rumsfeld is arguably the best defense secretary since the position was created in 1947. A brief review of Mr. Rumsfeld's record is in order to remind his critics why. He has rebuilt the U.S. military, which has freed 50 million people from tyranny, decimated al Qaeda, won two wars and is busily consolidating the second of those. None of his predecessors back to James V. Forrestal, appointed by President Truman, can claim anything approaching such a record.”

- Washington Times, 12/27/04


“Women are increasingly having fewer children and a growing proportion are choosing not to have any children at all. And those who have children are delegating their care to others."

- Columnist Neil Gilbert


“[W]e have found little to indicate that indiscriminately promoting self-esteem in today's children or adults, just for being themselves, offers society any compensatory benefits beyond the seductive pleasure it brings to those engaged in the exercise."

- Roy F. Baumeister, Jennifer D. Campbell, Joachim I. Krueger and Kathleen D. Vohs in the January issue of Scientific American


“As Americans, we must ask ourselves: Are we really so different? Must we stereotype those who disagree with us? Do we truly believe that all red-state residents are ignorant racist fascist knuckle-dragging NASCAR-obsessed cousin-marrying roadkill-eating tobacco-juice-dribbling gun-fondling religious fanatic rednecks; or that all blue-state residents are godless unpatriotic pierced-nose Volvo-driving France-loving left-wing communist latte-sucking tofu-chomping holistic-wacko neurotic vegan weenie perverts?

"Yes. This is called 'diversity,' and it is why we are such a great nation - a nation that has given the world both nuclear weapons and SpongeBob SquarePants."

- Columnist Dave Barry


“Not surprisingly, calls to abolish the electoral college system are heard most loudly among left elites concentrated largely on the two coasts. Liberals favor a very strong centralized federal government, and have contempt for the concept of states' rights (a contempt now shared, unfortunately, by the Republican Party). They believe in federalizing virtually every area of law, leaving states powerless to challenge directives sent down from Washington. The electoral college system threatens liberals because it allows states to elect the president, and in many states the majority of voters still believe in limited government and the Constitution.”

- Rep. Ron Paul, Texas Straight Talk, 12/27/04 (You can read Rep. Paul full column on the Electoral College and liberal efforts to quash it on our “Issues & Answers” page at


“Ask yourself, could any living politicians with unlimited time compose anything comparable to President Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address or Second Inaugural? And as regards character, no politician for generations has come within light years of Washington or Lincoln.

“Children are taught complacency with mediocrity and jealousy of genius. Standards of achievement plunge to avoid psychological distress to the indolent. Moral distinctions among civilizations or religion are discouraged. To suggest the superiority of Beethoven over Britney Spears, or Rembrandt over Jackson Pollock is to invite an indictment for cultural snobbery.

“If the United States continues to disdain and abandon the ideals and customs of its birth, then its death, like the Roman Empire, is simply a matter of time.”

- Columnist Bruce Fein


“A federal judge in Washington has upheld the right of the American military to place its personnel under United Nations command and force those soldiers to wear insignia designed by the world body. The ruling from Judge Paul Friedman came in the case of a former Army specialist, Michael New, who resisted orders that he serve in a U.N. peacekeeping mission in Macedonia nearly a decade ago. He also refused, during unit muster in 1995, to wear the light blue U.N. cap and shoulder patch.

“Mr. New was court-martialed for failing to obey the order to don the cap and patch. He was convicted in 1996 and given a "bad conduct" discharge from the Army. Military appeals courts upheld the decision. In his 35-page decision filed Wednesday, Judge Friedman rejected all of the legal arguments put forth by Mr. New's attorneys. The judge said most of the ex-soldier's assertions involved thorny political disputes best left unresolved by the judiciary.”

- New York Times, 12/24/04

(Editor’s Note: Gee, if only Judge Friedman’s colleagues had applied the notion of keeping the judiciary out of “thorny political disputes” best left to the people and their legislative representatives when it came to, say, abortion and gay marriage. Friedman is as liberal as the day is long, as I outlined in yesterday’s DC Confidential, but on this particular point, wouldn’t it be nice if his fellow judicial activists actually took it to heart?)


“Reporters thought that Arnold Schwarzenegger made news in the event-starved days before Christmas when he supposedly told a German newspaper he wanted Republicans to ‘move a little further left and place more weight on the center,’ as the Associated Press version of his interview had him saying…

“But he was misquoted by German reporter Marc Hujer. What he actually said was: ‘I think that right now the Republican Party is all the way from the right to the center. And the Democratic Party is all the way from the left to the center. And I like the Republican Party to cross that centerline. Keep it to the right where it is, but I mean cross over that centerline a little bit, because that would take immediately away 5% from the Democrats and be home free for good. That's the trick.’

“Mr. Hujer says the governor never recommended explicitly that Republicans should edge toward the left. ‘He did not use the word 'left,’ ' Mr. Hujer admitted.”

- John Fund, Political Diary, 12/27/04


“The European Union's highest court recently upheld the E.U.'s 12-year-old ban on oral snuff, saying it serves ‘the objective of health promotion.’ Since cigarettes, a far more hazardous form of tobacco, are still legally available in Europe, the E.U.'s policy is rather like banning bows and arrows as an intolerable threat to public safety while allowing a free trade in machine guns.”

- Columnist Jacob Sullum (Editor’s Note: Sullum’s column is relevant to similar insanity over cigarettes and smokeless tobacco products being put forth by our own FDA here in the good ol’ US of A. Catch his full column on our “Issues & Answers” page today at


“Although it is true that the USPS has ended their relationship with Lance Armstrong, they have created a new sponsorship of NASCAR! Their ridiculous desire for advertisement and sponsorship has not ended yet. If they are so concerned about keeping customers, why not put that money towards hiring competent employees, rather than advertise for a ‘business’ that has been around longer than any of us?”

- News & Views reader M.R. of Las Vegas, NV


“You left out of your recent ‘Goin' Postal’ issue that while the USPS finally dropped Lance Armstrong, they sponsored the Major League Baseball playoffs this year. I almost ran my car into the median the first time I heard on the radio ‘Tonight’s broadcast of the Major League Baseball division series is brought to you by the United States Postal Service.’ At least that’s something they brought to the right address and delivered on-time. It would be funny if it weren't true.”

- News & Views reader from Long Beach, CA


“Think about this one: A person sends a first class letter and pays the .37 cent stamp. The postal service will deliver it to your home for that .37 cents. This costs them for employees, autos, gas, oil, tires and whatever else the costs are of delivering that letter, right?

“Yet if you rent the smallest PO box from them in the same post office where the letter is sorted - and they don’t have all the extra costs they have with delivering the mail to your door - it will cost you a minimum of $60.00 dollars a year. They charge you more for them doing less. Make sense? Only with the Post Office.”

- News & Views reader Bob Lippincott of Grand Saline, Texas


“The letter from Lou Cook of Goldsboro, NC (regarding how the post office doesn’t pay to license and register its vehicles with the various states) prompted me to provide a few other items of interest. The USPS takes land in municipalities to build its facilities – usually prime commercial property. The property is promptly taken off the tax rolls as the USPS is not only exempt from vehicle taxes, but also real estate and utility taxes. The large Regional facilities, similar to the one in Carol Stream, utilize the services of our police and fire departments, they have hundreds of trucks travel our roads daily adding to the wear and tear, but never contribute a dime to the governmental bodies that incur this cost. The taxpayers of our municipality – commercial and residential – pay those tax dollars.”

- News & Views reader Pamela J. Fenner, Carol Stream Village Trustee, Carol Stream, IL


“Many times the large USPS office here has a long line with 20+ people waiting and only one or two windows, out of eight open. I dug around and got the local phone number for that USPS Office and added it to my cell phone. The next time I went and found 25 people in line with only two windows open, I called the Post Office and asked for the Postmaster. When she came on the phone, I asked if she would personally come out and take a look at the long line and get more clerks to open the closed windows and not close even one until the line was eliminated.

“The other people in line, who could not avoid hearing my call cheered when I hung up. Chuck, it was like magic. Five obviously non-working clerks appeared from their playroom in less than one minute and began opening the windows. I've done this twice and made 25 new friends each time. The biggest obstacle to this solution is their resistance to giving out the direct phone numbers for an office. With a little work you can get it, though.”

- News & Views reader John Falk of Redding CA

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Re: This Can't Be a Good Thing

I can understand how you may feel that parents who choose to have children but turn the raising over to others is a bad thing. But people choosing to have fewer or no children? How is this NOT a good thing? People should have as few children as they want or feel they are capable of raising. With the wide availability and high reliability of birth control, it is an easy thing to plan one's parenthood. Furthermore, some people really shouldn't be parents because they don't want the job. It is good if they realize this early on and choose not to have children. If they are female, they can avoid the "mommy track" and focus on their career, their marriage, and their own lives rather than follow someone else's lifescript.

December 29, 2004 at 9:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

RE: Goin' Postal

USPS just returned a Christmas card to us that was mailed to a friend in Arizona who'd obviously moved in the past year. On the envelope was a yellow sticker with our friend's new address and the notice that "forwarding had expired". Only the post office would think it more efficient to ship the card back to us in Ohio rather than to deliver it one mile away to the correct address. No wonder they want to increase postage rates!

December 29, 2004 at 10:53 AM  

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