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Brushfire Alert, 11/6/04


While the pundits and politicos can and will argue ‘til the cows come home over the extent and nature of George W. Bush’s re-election mandate, it is indisputable that conservatives of all stripes primarily turned out and voted for the President to continue doing three things: (1) Keep killing bad guys before they kill us, (2) Keep cutting taxes; the more the better, and (3) Keep appointing conservative, strict constructionist judges to the bench.

That the next president is likely to have an opportunity to appoint 1-4 new Supreme Court justices wasn’t some minor side issue; it was a HUGE consideration. The impact of judicial appointments lives on long after the chief executive leaves office.

And just in case there is any doubt about just how important the judicial nominations issue was on November 2, consider that Senate Minority Tom Daschle - who relentlessly blocked President Bush’s conservative judicial nominees for the past two years - became the first minority leader in history to lose a bid for re-election. Voters sent a clear and unmistakable message that they do NOT want the president’s judicial nominees obstructed.

All of which brings us to Sen. Arlen Specter, Pennsylvania Republican.

As you probably already know, Sen. Specter, by virtue of his seniority, is slotted to take over as Chairman of the Judiciary Committee next year. And in a shot across President Bush’s bow just days after the election, Sen. Specter warned the White House not to send “conservative” nominees to his committee, telling the Associated Press that “the number-one item on my agenda is to try to move the (Republican) party to the center.”

This is nothing new for Sen. Specter. He has a 20 year career of obstructing and blocking conservative judicial nominees.

Recall that Sen. Specter led the opposition to President Reagan’s nomination of conservative Judge Robert Bork, voting against Judge Bork both on the judiciary committee AND on the Senate floor.

Sen. Specter also was instrumental in blocking the nomination of another conservative Reagan appointee, Jeff Sessions, to the federal bench. In addition, Sen. Specter has refused to support the possibility of promoting conservative Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas or Justice Antonin Scalia to the position of Chief Justice should such a vacancy occur.

And let’s not forget Sen. Specter’s tortured “Scottish law” dodge in voting to let Bill Clinton off the hook in his impeachment trial.

But back to the matter at hand. Immediately after Sen. Specter’s “warning” to President Bush, a firestorm of conservative anger was unleashed. Recognizing that he hadn’t yet been elected to Chair the Judiciary Committee and may have opened his mouth too big/too soon, Sen. Specter “revised and extended” his warning the next day, saying he didn’t really mean what he clearly said. Any conservative who buys that ought to have his head examined. He meant every word of it...and then some.

The Chairman of the Judiciary Committee has enormous power to either stall or ease the confirmation process of judicial nominees. There is no doubt that once in the chairman’s seat, Sen. Specter would use every ounce of that power to block conservative judges who don’t meet his personal “moderate” litmus test. And once elected, it would take dynamite to get him out of that chair.

The only way to avoid this conservative post-election train wreck is to BLOCK Sen. Specter from attaining the Judiciary Committee chairmanship the same way he blocked Judge Bork and Judge Sessions...and would block any conservative judicial nominees down he road. A majority of Republicans in the Senate simply MUST vote AGAINST Sen. Specter for Chairman of the Judiciary Committee.

Republican senators won’t take such drastic action against one of their colleagues UNLESS a ton of grassroots pressure is visited upon them.

BRUSHFIRE ALERT: Conservatives didn’t re-elect President Bush and get rid of Tom Daschle only to have Sen. Specter stand in the confirmation doorway with a “Do Not Enter” sign. It is absolutely critical for conservatives to IMMEDIATELY contact Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist and urge him and his colleagues to find someone else to chair the Judiciary Committee. Time is of the essence here. The window of opportunity to block Sen. Specter is very short...and closing quickly.

Make no mistake: Grassroots opposition to Specter is already having an impact here. The New York Times reports that Senate aides are now saying “while it was likely (Sen. Specter) would still get the post, it was no longer a certainty.” And Sen. Specter apparently realizes it, because the Times also reports that “He has been contacting his colleagues in an effort to calm the situation.”

Yes, voting against a senator with seniority is a drastic measure...but the long-term stakes in this instance are simply THAT important. And you can’t expect Members of the Senate to take such drastic action without a FIRESTORM of protest coming from grassroots activists. So even if you’ve contacted Sen. Frist already, it sure won’t hurt to contact him again...and again...and again. By phone. By fax. And by email.

So please start by signing our “Bork Arlen Specter” online petition at

And then forward this urgent activist call to arms to everyone in your address book.

Chuck Muth


News & Views, 11/5/04


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“It was an energized (conservative) base - not moderates or independents - that sent Bush back to the White House.”

- Ron Gunzburger, Politics1, 11/4/04


“Arizona voters defied their political leadership Tuesday by approving Proposition 200, a measure against illegal immigration, in a move that could fuel similar grass-roots movements across the West. With 99 percent of the vote counted, Proposition 200 had 56 percent support. The initiative requires voters to show proof of citizenship and those receiving state welfare benefits to present proof of residency or citizenship.

“Randy Pullen, chairman of the Yes on 200 committee, predicted yesterday that the victory would inspire similar efforts in other Western states and draw the attention of state and national lawmakers. ‘When you have the governor, your senators and your congressional delegation against it, you're outspent 5-to-1, and you still win ... it's a pretty clear message that people want something done,’ Mr. Pullen said.”

- Washington Times, 114/04


“Don’t let me down! If you haven’t voted, stop reading this and get down to the polls. Keep calling and e-mailing your address book. This is it. The homestretch. Let’s do it!”

- Filmmaker Michael Moore’s election afternoon message on his website


“The ‘average’ citizen of American voted against those whom John Kerry labeled the ‘heart and soul’ of America. They voted against the traitorous pig Michael Moore and that Whoopity Goldberg woman. They voted against Bill Maher, Barbra Streisand, Alec Baldwin, Cameron Diaz, Robin Williams, Cher, Rosie O'Donnell and the whole damn cast of ‘Friends.’ They voted against ‘celebrities’ who were rude and crude, those who profaned George Bush and his family with the most foul of commentary at each and every opportunity.”

- Columnist Ron Marr


“For a rich and powerful demographic used to getting its way, Hollywood was downbeat yesterday as President Bush - more heinous than a mid-February release date to so many celebrities and other bold-faced names - made his gracious victory speech. . . . Long decried as out of touch with ‘the real America,’ Hollywood woke up to its worst nightmare on Main Street.”

- Washington Times, 11/4/04


“This campaign may end today, but the battle for you and the hard-working Americans who built this country rages on. The battle rages for the factory worker and the mill worker who says, ‘I want to work. I just want a job.’ The battle rages on for the mother who sits in the emergency room with her daughter and wonders how she's going to pay the bill. The battle rages on for the young person who's worked hard and wants to go to college, but doesn't have the money to pay for it. It goes on for the young child who doesn't understand why they're treated differently just because of the color of their skin. And it rages on for the mother who wants to know why her son was sent over there and will not come home.”

- John Edwards’ ungracious, sour grapes concession speech, 11/3/04


“The Democrats and all of their institutions (the media, academia, unions, Hollywood, etc.) threw everything they had into this election. Their 527s outspent the Right. They knocked Nader off a vast number of ballots. They juiced turnout to unprecedented levels. They created documentaries. The lied about the draft. They lied about their candidate. They lied about stolen munitions. They fabricated memos. They even got an assist from the now completely discredited exit polls. And they lost."

- National Review Online columnist Robert Moran


“More Americans voted against George Bush than any sitting president in history."

- Howard Dean, 11/3/04


“The election of 2004 was not just a case of Bush versus Kerry. It was a contest of city versus country, blue collar versus white collar, arrogant elitist versus good ol' boy. It was class warfare in the deepest of trenches, but even after being whipped, dipped and hung out to dry, the high and mighty of the left STILL don't get it. They cannot comprehend how and why they were whomped by a bunch of hicks.”

- Columnist Ron Marr


“Watching John Kerry deliver his statesmanlike concession at Faneuil Hall in Boston yesterday -- and then watching his erstwhile spinners and boosters in the Democratic commentariat blame him for Tuesday's rout -- was like one of those nature shows in which the herd gives up its dying animal to the crocs so it can safely ford the stream. It may be expedient, but it also reflects the flaws of the species.”

- Review & Outlook, Wall Street Journal, 11/4/04


“Let's face it. It's not Kerry's fault. It's not Nader's fault (this time). It's not the media's fault - though they do bear a heavy responsibility for much of what ails our political system. It's not ‘our’ fault either. The problem is just this: Slightly more than half of the citizens of this country simply do not care about what those of us in the ‘reality-based community’ say or believe about anything.”

- Liberal blogger Eric Alterman


“No soul-searching. That was the verdict of Democratic leaders yesterday in the wake of across-the-board losses in the Tuesday elections. They lost, they said, not for the positions they took but because of a difficult election map and because Republicans clouded the issues.”

- Washington Times, 11/4/04


“…(P)ay no attention to the sissy, panty-waist, good government, sanctimonious, upstanding, highly principled, furrow-browed, chin pulling, thoughtful, easily-shocked, commentators, who complain about lying candidates, robo-telephoned slanders, whispering campaigns, stuffed ballot boxes and biased reporting. This is what a muscular, healthy democracy (or a constitutional republic, for you semantic, constitutional purists) looks like when it cares about the outcome of an election.

“This is the kind of election our Founding Fathers and their first-and second-generation sons actually ran from Adams to Lincoln. They accused each other of treason, atheism, sexual misconduct, miscegenation (inter-racial copulation and child-bearing) and whore-mongering. They attacked the wives and children of the candidates. They set up newspapers for the express purpose of lying about their opponents. They wrote nasty anonymous letters.

“They gave whiskey to the voters. They traded offices for votes. They played off class against class, the monied against the poor, the bankers against the farmers. They fought duels, sometimes to the death. They may have written a high-minded Constitution, but they fought elections about the same way that a New Orleans pimp keeps his women in line and fights off his competitors. And they approached the voters about the same way those prostitutes approached their customers.”

- Columnist Tony Blankley


“I will never again ignore the power of conservative talk radio. I am convinced that Sen. Kerry lost because Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity and Laura Ingram, Gordon Liddy, Mike Reagan and dozens of others got their listeners to the polls in unprecedented numbers. Conservatives make a mistake in whining about the liberal print and TV media. They control radio. They have more listeners by the millions than the New York Times, Washington Post, Boston Globe, et al combined have readers. And network TV news has all but lost its credibility.

“In the meantime conservatives on talk radio pound away on the issues, most of them for three hours a day. They arouse their people. They make them aware of the importance of the issues and of the need to vote. They get them to the polls. Conservative talk radio plus the internet bloggers have made the public aware of issues, such as Kerry’s war record, that the mainline media would deliberately have hidden. Without conservative talk radio, John Kerry would have won. There is no other way to look at it.”

- Lyn Nofziger, Musings, 11/3/04


“Mr. Bush could send an early message here if Chief Justice William Rehnquist decides to retire soon due to illness. He could do worse than elevate Antonin Scalia to Chief Justice and nominate Miguel Estrada as an Associate Justice, even as a recess appointment if that becomes necessary. Mr. Estrada is a distinguished lawyer who had the support of enough Democrats to be confirmed for the federal bench but was filibustered by Mr. Daschle. Mr. Bush's voters do not want another David Souter.”

- Review & Outlook, Wall Street Journal, 11/4/04


“The Republican expected to chair the Senate Judiciary Committee next year bluntly warned newly re-elected President Bush on Wednesday against putting forth Supreme Court nominees who would seek to overturn abortion rights or are otherwise too conservative to win confirmation. Sen. Arlen Specter, fresh from winning a fifth term in Pennsylvania, also said the current Supreme Court now lacks legal ‘giants’ on the bench.

“‘When you talk about judges who would change the right of a woman to choose, overturn Roe v. Wade, I think that is unlikely,’ Specter said, referring to the landmark 1973 Supreme Court decision legalizing abortion. ‘The president is well aware of what happened, when a bunch of his nominees were sent up, with the filibuster,’ Specter added, referring to Senate Democrats' success over the past four years in blocking the confirmation of many of Bush's conservative judicial picks. ‘... And I would expect the president to be mindful of the considerations which I am mentioning.’

“With at least three Supreme Court justices rumored to be eyeing retirement, including ailing Chief Justice William Rehnquist, Specter, 74, would have broad authority to reshape the nation's highest court. He would have wide latitude to schedule hearings, call for votes and make the process as easy or as hard as he wants.”

- Associated Press, 11/3/04


“Cupcakes became contraband at Meadowside elementary school (Milford, CT), after Principal Robert Davis banned all celebratory sweets - a move that has made some parents sour. Health officials said Davis adopted a new policy of using games and crafts instead of baked goods to fete birthdays, holidays and special occasions, and praised it as a way to combat childhood obesity. Parent Jack Fowler said no one should dictate what students can bring to school for special events. He said health and school officials have turned into the ‘fat police,’ in an attempt to rid schools of foods children enjoy.”

- Associated Press, 11/3/04

Published by:
Chuck Muth
1315 Wilson Point Road
Middle River, MD 21220


News & Views, 11/4/04


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“We'll admit to being heartbroken by the outcome of yesterday's election. It's a dark day.”

- Email note to supporters from, 11/3/04


“Earlier today, I received a call from President Bush and we discussed the need for reconciliation. I appreciate the President reaching out, and I look forward to working with him on important issues for Nevada and the nation. At the same time, I will not shirk from my responsibility to stand up and fight for Nevada values and Democratic principles. . . . We must...confront serious domestic problems such as affordable health care, a clean environment and access to a quality education for every American. ”

- Sen. Harry Reid, Nevada Democrat, widely expected to become Tom Daschle’s replacement, serving notice he intends to continue obstructing Republican legislation and nominations, 11/3/04


“(E)very state should adopt a few voter integrity rules. That means showing an ID to prove who you are and where you live before being allowed to vote. If anyone wheels out the old ‘voter intimidation’ scare card, the rest of us should tell them to stuff it. If you are that afraid of the ‘authorities’ finding out your identity, why are you showing up at the polls in the first place?”

- Brendan Miniter, Political Diary, 11/3/04


“It takes a deliberate act of fraud and bias to get an exit poll wrong. Since the variables of whether or not a person will actually vote are eliminated in exit polling, it is like peeking at the answer before taking the test. But these exit polls were wrong. And the fact that they were so totally, disastrously wrong is a national scandal. There should be a national investigation to unearth the story behind the bias.

“In this election, we have seen CBS go with a story on Bush's National Guard service based on forged documents. We have seen the New York Times and CBS report 377 missing tons of explosives that were not missing, not that many tons and confiscated by American troops. And now we have seen exit polls that were wrong, quite possibly deliberately biased."

- New York Post columnist Dick Morris


“President Bush may be celebrating victory today, but he owes it to a group he never acknowledged during the campaign. I'm talking about the Swiftboat Veterans for Truth. They are responsible for keeping Bush in the White House – or, more precisely, keeping John Kerry from snatching it from him. There is not a doubt in my mind this was the difference in the race. The vets did Bush's dirty work. They took Kerry on and told the American people the truth about this fraud, this liar, this deceiver. Just enough Americans got the message to preserve a win for Bush.

“...It is impossible to overstate just how significant the impact of ‘Unfit for Command,’ the best-selling book by John O'Neill and Jerome Corsi, was in this campaign. It kick-started the independent effort of the Swiftboat vets, gave their TV ads more publicity and helped make Kerry the issue. The Bush campaign should have no illusions that yesterday's victory was their own doing. It was not.

- Joseph Farrah of, 11/3/04


“I'm greatly relieved that Bush eked out a victory. But he hurt his own chances every step of the way. Clinging to ridiculously unpopular and disastrous policies like amnesty for illegal aliens – whatever euphemism he gives it – probably robbed Bush of 2-3 percentage points in his race. His domestic spending binge in the last four years, plus his even bigger proposals for the next four years dampened enthusiasm for the president, who was re-elected on the basis of his handling of the war on terror.

“If I don't sound happy today, it's only because I fear Bush and his handlers will learn all the wrong lessons from victory. There will be a temptation to congratulate themselves for a job well done, a campaign in which they pushed all the right buttons. The truth is that Kerry was an incredibly weak candidate - one who should have been trounced by an incumbent, wartime president the way Richard Nixon trounced George McGovern, the way Ronald Reagan trounced Walter Mondale. Kerry was a bigger embarrassment than both those losers.”

- Joseph Farrah of, 11/3/04


“Now that President Bush is a lame duck he can concentrate on doing the things he thinks ought to be done and not worry about getting re-elected. However, he is wrong if he thinks his victory gives him a mandate to move leftward. He was re-elected by conservatives, many of them unhappy campers who voted for him only because they were deathly afraid of John Kerry and what he would do to the country.

“Bush has a choice now. He can become what many of his supporters thought he would be in his first term--the clear successor to Ronald Reagan. Or he can continue along the road of go-along-to-get-along moderation that has dogged Republican leadership so many times in the past. It is going to be up to conservative Republicans now to keep the pressure on the president to steer a rightward course. Without such pressures all presidents tend to drift left.”

- Lyn Nofziger, Musings, 11/3/04


“The Founding Fathers sought to protect certain fundamental freedoms, such as freedom of speech, against the changing whims of popular opinion. Similarly, they created the electoral college to guard against majority tyranny in federal elections. The president was to be elected by the 50 states rather than the American people directly, to ensure that less populated states had a voice in national elections.

“This is why they blended electoral college votes between U.S. House seats, which are based on population, and U.S. Senate seats, which are accorded equally to each state. The goal was to balance the inherent tension between majority will and majority tyranny. Those who wish to abolish the electoral college because it’s not purely democratic should also argue that less populated states like Rhode Island or Wyoming don’t deserve two senators.

“...Those who call for the abolition of the electoral college are hostile to liberty.”

- Rep. Ron Paul (R-Tex.), Texas Straight Talk, 11/1/04


“Government is not the solution, it’s the problem.”

- Ronald Reagan

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Published by:
Chuck Muth
1315 Wilson Point Road
Middle River, MD 21220


News & Views, 11/3/04


Hey, kids, WELCOME TO CAMPAIGN 2008!

What’s up with Joe Scarborough and Andrea Mitchell over at MSNBC? Their body language is unmistakable and the friction between these two is palpable. She clearly disdains the young punk conservative and he clearly harbors no respect for the political opinions of this Grand Dame of the “old” media. Break out the dueling pistols. OK, on to the important stuff…

Bush won...but there was NO mandate for any agenda other than to keep killing bad guys. This was NOT a decisive victory. It was a skin-of-your-teeth victory. Which, frankly, surprised me. The country’s at war, yet the economy is humming along just fine, thank you very much. Plus Kerry is a bigger liberal than either Mike Dukakis or Walter Mondale. How in the world was this thing so close?

Well, at least the President received a majority of the popular vote. That should help shut up people like Al Gore and Michael Moore. Yeah, right.

Ralph who?

Biggest loser: Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle. Who’s the “saddened, saddened” now, Tommy? Good riddance.

Picking over Daschle’s carcass, conventional wisdom says Nevada Sen. Harry Reid will move up from the #2 spot to the Top Dog seat. But don’t be surprised to see Sen. Chris Dodd of Connecticut give him a run for his money.

Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist said this morning that the Daschle loss, combined with increasing the GOP majority in the Senate to 53-55 seats, means the obstruction of judicial nominees is over. It should be. Democrats *might* still try to block votes on nominees using the Daschle-inspired, unconstitutional filibuster, but if they do, Frist BETTER “go nuclear.”

There could well be a new problem in this department, though. With his re-election, Sen. Arlen Specter, Pennsylvania Republican, is slotted to take over the Judiciary Committee. Recall that it was Specter who cut off conservative judicial nominee Robert Bork’s legs. Specter could well become a huge pain-in-the-butt for conservative judicial nominations.

Biggest loser runner-up: Alan Keyes. He didn’t just lose. He was crushed by Barak Obama...whose wife gave a victory celebration introduction of her husband which seemed to last longer than the length of the campaign itself.

All the pundit talk about “rising stars” has centered on Obama for the Democrats. Not getting anywhere near the attention in this category is Bobby Jindahl, an Indian-American, who handily won a Louisiana House seat. This kid is SHARP. And a conservative. Keep your eye on this guy. Sen. Mary Landrieu better had.

That elusive youth vote that Howard Dean, Puff Daddy and the liberal talking heads said was going to turn this thing for Kerry...again failed to materialize. Vote or die, huh? Not.

Sen. Jim Bunning, Kentucky Republican, should have won re-election going away. He almost went away. Talk about dodging a bullet.

Rep. Martin Frost, a particularly distasteful Texas Democrat, was defeated by House Majority Leader Tom “The Hammer” DeLay. OK, Frost’s opponent was actually Rep. Pete Sessions, but it was the redrawn district at DeLay’s behest which ultimately took Frost out. Hasta la vista, baby.

The Hammer’s redistricting map also took out Democrat incumbent Reps. Charlie Stenholm, Max Sandlin and Nick Lampson. No wonder Democrats hate DeLay.

A conservative lion sleeps tonight. Rep. Phil Crane, Illinois Republican, bit the dust after a long, LONG career...which included a run for the presidency back in 1980.

Going into the election, Democrats had targeted Rep. Max Burns, Georgia Republican, as the most vulnerable GOP incumbent. Their optimism wasn’t without merit. Max Burns eats worms this morning.

Rep. Dennis Moore, Kansas Democrat, was the top targeted Democrat incumbent due to the fact that he represents a very GOP-friendly district. But a contentious primary fight between social conservatives and economic conservatives for the Republican nomination appears to have once again snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. Republicans sure didn’t blow this opportunity to once again blow this opportunity.

Hollywood actor George “Looney” Clooney’s Democrat dad got his clock cleaned in his Kentucky House race.

Rep. David Dreier, California Republican, who was under political assault by a pair of talk-radio hosts over the illegal immigration issue, held on and won handily in his solid GOP district. Now if he’ll just drop his anti-First Amendment FEC complaint against John & Ken...

Because of some late-breaking stories about a college sex incident, many folks were predicting that incumbent Rep. David Wu, Oregon Democrat, was toast...especially in light of the quality of his opponent, Iranian-American Goli Ameri. It didn’t pan out that way. Wu won re-election with almost 60 percent of the vote. Power of incumbency...or pure left-wingerism?

Despite having a big-government Republican on the ballot, the Libertarian Party candidate, Michael Badnarik, turned in a PATHETIC showing. It appears Ralph Nader, who was on nowhere near as many ballots, still out-pulled Badnarik.

If the LP couldn’t make electoral gains in THIS election, they may as well start drinking the Kool-Aid. An absolute, complete, total embarrassment. If they were a horse somebody would have to shoot them in the head in order to put them out of their misery.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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News & Views, 11/2/04


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Whew. It’s finally here. And thankfully, it’ll be over soon (we hope).

Just a reminder in case you missed it on all the news reports: Due to the anticipated high level of interest and expected turnout for this election...and in an effort to keep the lines and waiting times at the polls as short as possible, Republicans are to vote today and Democrats will vote tomorrow. All others don’t really matter and can vote on either day.

Vote early. Vote often.


“When it's over, it won't have been the debates or the ads or the rallies. It won't even be the dead goose that John Kerry may or may not have shot or the munitions in Iraq that may or may not have vanished on Bush's watch. It will be, instead, about which ground army does a better job today. For what it's worth, I am convinced that if the Bush ground army that the president's managers have labored so hard to put together works, they'll win. If it doesn't, George Soros will elect our next president.”

- ACU Chairman David Keene, 11/2/04


“Osama bin Laden warned in his October Surprise video that he will be closely monitoring the state-by-state election returns in tomorrow's presidential race - and will spare any state that votes against President Bush from being attacked, according to a new analysis of his statement.”

- New York Post, 11/1/04


“We agreed with the general commander Muhammad Ata, may Allah have mercy on him, that all operations should be carried out within 20 minutes, before Bush and his administration would become aware. We never imagined that the Commander in Chief of the American armed forces would abandon 50,000 of his citizens in the twin towers to face this great horror alone when they needed him most. It seemed to him that a girl's story about her goat and its butting was more important than dealing with planes and their ‘butting’ into skyscrapers. This allowed us three times the amount of time needed for the operations, Allah be praised.”

- Osama bin Laden in his pro-Kerry independent expenditure video last Friday


“I'm a little inclined to think that Karl Rove, the political manager at the White House, who is a very clever man, he probably set up bin Laden to this thing [videotape]."

- Walter Cronkite on Larry King Live this weekend


“It's obvious to me that bin Laden is trying to help George Bush, because George Bush is the best recruiter that al Qaeda has."

- Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell (D)


“The ‘honorable discharge’ on the Kerry Web site appears to be a Carter administration substitute for an original action expunged from Mr. Kerry's record, according to Mark Sullivan, who retired as a captain in the Navy's Judge Advocate General Corps Reserve in 2003 after 33 years of service as a judge advocate. Mr. Sullivan served in the office of the Secretary of the Navy between 1975 and 1977.

“On behalf of the Kerry campaign, Michael Meehan and others have repeatedly insisted that all of Mr. Kerry's military records are on his Web site at, except for his medical records. ‘If that is the case,’ Mr. Sullivan said, ‘the true story isn't what was on the Web site. It's what's missing. There should have been an honorable discharge certificate issued to Kerry in 1975,if not earlier, three years after his transfer to the Standby Reserve-Inactive. . . . Kerry has failed to sign a Standard Form 180 giving the electorate and the press access to his Navy files."

- New York Sun, 11/1/04


“Iowa Sen. Tom Harkin says John Kerry has been gaining in the polls every day since Oct. 21, and George Bush has been going down every day. ‘That's how God wants it to be,’ Harkin told a group of about 25 people at the Benton County Headquarters in Vinton on Thursday afternoon.”

- Cedar Valley (Iowa) Daily Times, 10/29/04


“Anyone who still thinks Kedwards' invocation of Mary Cheney in the debates was innocent should consider what Ben Johnson, deputy chairman of the Democratic National Committee, had to say about President Bush's daughters in a radio debate with conservative commentator Armstrong Williams this morning. The subject was the possibility of black Americans voting for Bush over moral issues like abortion and same-sex marriage: ‘No one has a monopoly on morality in this country. And if you want to talk about morality, I mean, look at George Bush's daughters. If he was such a heck of a father, why couldn't he keep those girls from drinking?’ “

- James Taranto, Best of the Web, 11/1/04


“After filing more than 40 lawsuits in 18 battleground states in recent weeks, and in keeping with their Election Day playbook, Democrats are prepared to execute an Election Day litigation strategy. As soon as the polls open in the morning, their touted 10,000-plus lawyers will systematically file litigation to change the rules in battleground states across the nation and create a sense of chaos. Before the day is out, Democrats will begin to argue that every provisional ballot should be counted, regardless of the circumstances or legality in which it was cast, thus allowing them to convert third party registration fraud into voter fraud on behalf of John Kerry.”

- RNC Communications Director Jim Dyke, 11/1/04


“John Kerry is already gearing up to contest the outcome of the election even before voters go to the polls. . . . If Mr. Kerry goes down to defeat on Election Day, there almost certainly will be an avalanche of lawsuits claiming that the Democrat somehow was cheated out of the presidency. . . . The reality is that the rash of election-related litigation precipitated by Mr. Kerry and the Democrats is doing lasting, perhaps irreparable, damage to the democratic process in this country.”

- Columnist Joseph Perkins


Will the presidential election be definitively decided by breakfast on Wednesday morning?

· Yes
· No
· Let me check with my lawyer

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“Two years ago, a suspicious surge in votes from South Dakota's Shannon County, home of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, gave Democratic Senator Tim Johnson a second term by 524 votes over Republican John Thune. Now Mr. Thune is running again, this time against Tom Daschle, the Senate Minority Leader. And once again, allegations are surfacing about shenanigans in Shannon County. State's Attorney Lance Russell has launched an investigation into suspicions that some residents have already cast multiple ballots. ‘We do have a few people who have voted more than once,’ he told reporters.”

- John Fund, Political Diary, 11/1/04


“I've been warning you for months that politicians would step forward prior to the election and use the Campaign Finance Reform Act to try to shut down talk radio. Well, I was both right and wrong. Politicians have indeed stepped forward to use this hideous law to try to shut down talk radio, but they were Republicans, not Democrats as I had predicted.

“Believe it or not, the Republican Party has filed a complaint with the Federal Elections Commission against KFI radio in Los Angeles. The National Republican Campaign Committee is complaining that when John and Ken endorsed a Democratic congressional candidate named Cynthia Matthews they were in fact giving Matthews an unlawful campaign contribution valued at more than $25,000.

“The Democrats haven't been left out in this scenario. They used the same excuse to complain about Sinclair Broadcasting planning to air that ‘Stolen Honor’ documentary last week. OK .. you expect that of Democrats. I'm just sad that the Republican Party is playing the same game. If the Libertarian Party was only up to fighting terrorism…”

- Talk show host Neal Boortz, 11/1/04 (Note: Please sign our online petition to the NRCC chairman asking him to immediately withdraw this anti-First Amendment FEC complaint by going to )


By Jim Treacher
Monday, November 1, 2004 12:01 a.m. EST
Wall Street Journal

10. Do you really think it's a good idea to be Hitler, George? Hitler killed millions of people and his approval ratings are in the toilet. Why can't you be somebody people like? Regis, maybe, or the Prophet Mohammed. Anybody but Hitler! Being Hitler = BAD IDEA.

9. Two words: You. Are. Dumb.

8. When Karl Rove used the remote-control device implanted in your upper back to force you to murder Iraqi babies and American soldiers for oil and/or no reason because Saddam was mean to your dad, plus what about the WMDs you lost after you lied about them even being there in the first place, and then Rove tried to make everybody think your Thanksgiving turkey wasn't plastic by planting fake documents about your military service and forcing Dan Rather to say "Sorry, I guess" on national TV, did you really think we wouldn't figure it out?

7. People might make fun of me. Maybe you're used to it by now, but I'm not.

6. I mean, black hoods? Fa-shion dis-a-a-a-ster. Wasn't Abu Ghraib dreary enough already? (More like Abu Drab!) I would have started a riot--a laugh riot. While pointing at you!

5. How dare you taunt a dying Christopher Reeve with a big brown bottle of stem cells? The man was on his deathbed, you sick monster. Why did you have to hold the spoon right in front of his lips? "C'mon, Chrissy, it's right here. You can do it, bwah! Just another coupla inches. Oooh, yer close. Close!" Shame on you, Dubya.

4. I can't really think of anything for item No. 4, and for that I blame you. (Also the Jews.)

3. Where's Osama? C'mon, Shrub, we all know you've got him in some secret Ashcroft prison and he's running around loose in the world, plus also besides which everybody just saw him live on tape giving the dramatic reading of "Fahrenheit 9/11" that the Halliburton PR department wrote for him to swing the election your way. Well???

2. The Internet.

1. I can no longer afford the premiums on my falling-sky insurance. Adios, chimp!

Mr. Treacher writes at Editor's note: This is a satire of the Angry Left. Please do not take it seriously.


OK, because some Democrats truly are dumb as door-knobs, I better fess up. The rotating election day note in the first item was a JOKE. Everybody votes TODAY. Unfortunately, the part about Democrats voting “often” probably isn’t a joke. It’s fraud. And it will run rampant for the next several hours. Watch for it at a polling location near you.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Published by:
Chuck Muth
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News & Views, 11/1/04


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I’ll be on-the-air with talk radio guru Brian Wilson this afternoon at 1:30 p.m. (EST) on satellite radio to discuss tomorrow’s elections. Tune in to ABC-radio on Channel 125 on Sirius or 124 on XM.


Based on the volume of email I received yesterday in response to my column “An Undecided Decides,” apparently I wasn’t the only one agonizing on the fence over tomorrow’s presidential election. I received a ton of emails in the past 24 hours along the exact same lines as the one below...

“I read your article today and I found it most enlightening,” writes Pastor Dave. “I thank you for helping make up my undecided mind. I, too, have no use for Kerry and thought of using a protest vote because I, too, am a limited government conservative. I will vote for Bush for we must present an united face against our true enemies, radical Islam.”

In case you missed yesterday’s Muth’s Truths column, you can still catch it here:


Osama bin Laden
Abu Musab al-Zarqawi
The United Nations
Jane Fonda
Jimmy Carter
Al Gore
Jesse Jackson
Ted Kennedy
Al Sharpton
Howard Dean
George Soros
Michael Moore
Sean Penn
Whoopi Goldberg
Barbra Streisand
Alec Baldwin
Martin Sheen
Ambulance chasers
The teachers unions


The tens of thousands of soldiers in the field right this very minute doing life-and-death work in order to make it safer for you and I to cast our vote freely.


Will the presidential election be definitively decided by breakfast on Wednesday morning?

· Yes
· No
· Let me check with my lawyer

Cast your vote by clicking the “Survey Says!” tab at


“Because he's on nearly all the ballots - with the exceptions of Oklahoma and New Hampshire - (Michael) Badnarik could siphon enough votes from either President Bush or Democrat John Kerry to shift the outcome in a swing state. That's exactly what the Libertarians want. They've focused their efforts and advertisements on two states - New Mexico and Nevada, where competition between the two main candidates is tight. ‘We were looking for battleground states. We were looking for states where we could make the margin of difference one way or the other,’ operations director Geoffrey Neale said Thursday.”

- Associated Press, 10/29/04


“A college instructor has apologized for kicking a student because he was wearing a Republican shirt. Fort Lewis College student Mark O'Donnell said he was showing people his College Republicans sweat shirt, which said, ‘Work for us now...or work for us later,’ when Maria Spero kicked him in the leg at an off-campus restaurant. . . . Spero, a visiting part-time instructor of modern languages, apologized to O'Donnell in a letter dated Oct. 29. “

- Associated Press, 10/31/04


Cal Thomas, one of my favorite syndicated conservative political columnists, published an analysis of the two presidential candidates yesterday. He concluded that “George W. Bush should be given four more years as president of the United States.”

Now, here’s the problem with that column. It was published in the Washington Times yesterday, as well as other newspapers. The Washington Times is incorporated. Therefore, according to the legal line of thinking of the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC), Thomas’ “endorsement” of President Bush is an illegal corporate in-kind donation and should be banned under the provisions of the McCain-Feingold law.

That’s the only conclusion you can draw from the FEC complaint the NRCC has filed against a pair of talk show hosts out in California.

John & Ken of the “John & Ken Show” have been opposing incumbent Rep. David Dreier and supporting his opponent on the air because of what the two consider to be Dreier’s failure to take the illegal immigration issue seriously. And according to an FEC complaint filed on October 14 by the NRCC, since John & Ken broadcast on KFI 640 AM radio...and KFI 640 AM radio is incorporated...all three are in violation of McCain-Feingold. The NRCC maintains that John & Ken’s political speech is “criminal” and urges the Justice Department to prosecute them.

The NRCC should be ashamed of itself. This is DEADLY serious stuff here, folks. This McCain-Feingold crud is getting WAY out of hand. This isn’t about John & Ken. It isn’t about illegal immigration. It isn’t about David Dreier. It’s about free speech. Political speech. The First Amendment.

I know this sort of issue doesn’t get your juices flowing like gay marriage or pork barrel spending...but it should. This is a VERY dangerous slippery slope the NRCC is starting us down. And as Republicans, they should know better.

So PLEASE...take a minute and sign our online petition to NRCC Chairman Tom Reynolds urging the NRCC to immediately withdraw this offensive FEC complaint. And then be prepared in the next Congress to work for repeal of McCain-Feingold. To sign the petition, just go to:


“Maxim magazine features Rep. Jim Gibbons in its November issue as one of the ‘worst of the wurst’ for his infamous pork project in Sparks. Gibbons is listed with the likes of porkmeister Robert Byrd for $225,000 given to a swimming pool ‘that Gibbons himself caused to shut down in the 1950s by filling the drain with tadpoles. When asked about earmarking his money for his own special interests, Gibbons replied, 'Who cares about the process? The process is irrelevant.' ’ “

- Jon Ralston’s “Flash,” 10/29/04

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
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Chuck Muth
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Muth's Truths, 10/31/04

by Chuck Muth

A week ago in this column I announced that I was still undecided on who to vote for (or against, depending on how you look at it) in Tuesday’s presidential election. I’ve now made my decision after receiving some valuable input from several readers.

To review, I’m under no illusion that this race is between anybody but George W. Bush and John Kerry. None of the other third-party candidates has a prayer and are factors only in their ability to “spoil” the race for somebody else or provide a haven for “protest” votes.

And while I’m not “for” President Bush because of SO MANY disagreements with his version of big-government Republicanism, I’m definitely against John Kerry. He’s a naïve, ignorant fool who will get a lot more of us killed. And as to all the talk, mostly by him, about his being a war hero and all, I was reminded this week that Benedict Arnold was ALSO a war hero early on in the Revolutionary War. And we all know how THAT turned out, don’t we?

No, the only reason I was considering a vote for a candidate other than George W. Bush is the fact that I reside in a state, Maryland, which is already safely in John Kerry’s column. The president is elected by the Electoral College, not the popular vote. So folks who live in states solidly for Bush or Kerry *could* comfortably cast a “protest” vote without it impacting on the actual final result.

Nevertheless, some rabid Bush partisans wrote telling me to vote for Bush anyway because...well, just because. Pure, blind, lockstep partisanship. Forget about runaway spending, McCain-Feingold, steel tariffs, Teddy Kennedy’s education bill, amnesty for illegal aliens, etc., etc., etc. Don’t think. JUST VOTE FOR BUSH, you idiot!

On the other hand, some other readers actually provided three very rational, thoughtful reasons for casting a ballot for the President Bush even in a non-battleground state.

First and foremost: A huge popular vote victory for President Bush, in addition to an Electoral College victory, will send an unmistakable message to Islamic terrorists that this country is united to wiping them out, not negotiating with them. This argument became particularly relevant in light of Osama bin Laden’s last minute pro-Kerry independent expenditure on Friday. A “protest” vote sends a message to Republicans that we we’re gonna hold their feet to the fire, but a vote for the President sends a message to the terrorists that we’re gonna kick their…

Secondly, although the rules of the game mean competing for victory in the Electoral College, failure to win the popular vote convincingly will cut loose the horde of lawyers the Democrats have amassed to challenge any close election. And that could drag the decision out for weeks...if not months. We do NOT want our presidential elections decided by lawyers. The time to put a stop to this foolishness is NOW.

And lastly, although I still believe the president should win going away on Tuesday, we are seeing indications of MASSIVE vote fraud from the left. In addition, we’ve witnessed sustained acts of violence and vandalism by forces backing John Kerry. Frankly, if this race IS indeed as close as the pundits and pollsters say it is, such fraud and intimidation by the left could actually be successful. This wouldn’t be the first election the left has stolen. We simply cannot allow cheaters to prosper.

The bottom line: There is a time and there are elections where registering a “protest” vote is wholly appropriate. This election in wartime isn’t one of them.

An electoral loss combined with a close popular vote would give Kerry a PR victory which he could then use to unleash his plague of legal vultures on the nation. This would, in turn, give aid and comfort to our enemies. To avoid this nightmare, one must trust that Sen. Kerry will ultimately do the right thing for the good of the nation. Well, he never has before. Why would he start now?

So on Tuesday I’ll be casting my vote to re-elect President Bush. Others may come to a different conclusion, and I respect that. The president hasn’t made it easy for limited-government conservatives in this election. But the stakes are just too high...literally life and place this country’s future in the hands of a man who would subject it’s security to a “global test.” John Kerry must not only be defeated...but be defeated convincingly. This undecided has decided.

# # #

Chuck Muth is president of Citizen Outreach, a non-profit public policy advocacy organization in Washington, D.C. The views expressed are his own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Citizen Outreach. He may be reached at