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News & Views, 1/29/05


Last October, Citizen Outreach joined a rather large group of conservative organizations who wrote to President Bush urging the White House to side with private property rights and NOT file a brief in an eminent domain case coming before the Supreme Court next month. You can find that letter on our “Letters” page at

Well, as Elizabeth Moser of the Institute for Justice - the group taking the leading role in this case and who put the coalition together - reports this week: “Thanks to your help - property rights prevailed in the latest battle! The U.S. Solicitor General did NOT file a brief in the Kelo v. New London case, due in no small part to your work encouraging the Bush Administration to defend property rights and stay out of the case.” You can read more about the case by going to:,1,3573661,print.story?coll=orl-opinion-headlines&ctrack=1&cset=true

A victory, for sure. But the big test comes February 22, when the Supreme Court actually hears the case. I’ll keep you all posted.


“It's been said that Americans will put up with anything - as long as it doesn't involve waiting in line. And as I wasted half a day mailing a gift this past holiday season, I asked myself why that sentiment doesn't apply to the US Postal Service. In the age of instant communication, with trillions of dollars crossing borders in nanoseconds and grandmas sending email, why do post offices even exist? . . . Let's take the first step and end the postal monopoly now. As the USPS collapses under its own weight, entrepreneurs will start companies that will offer today's mail carriers more productive jobs.”

- Columnist Andy Kessler, Wired Magazine, February 2005 (To read the full column, which includes actual private-sector alternatives to the postal monopoly, visit


“The nations in the Middle East are independent, except for Iraq, which began the 20th century under Ottoman occupation and is now beginning the 21st century under American occupation.”

- Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-Berkley)


“The previous Senate Democratic leader, Tom Daschle, is pursuing life in the private sector after, well, let's call it an involuntary retirement. His successor, Harry Reid of Nevada, now has to decide if he wants to lead his party with the same strategy. Mr. Reid is getting lots of advice from his peers, notably Ted Kennedy. . . . Tom Daschle lost his majority and then his own career taking Ted Kennedy's advice. Democrats who want their party to succeed had better hope Harry Reid doesn't make the same mistake.”

- “Review & Outlook,” Wall Street Journal, 1/28/05


“The most recent folly of the Democrats was to nominate leftist John Kerry as their presidential candidate. . . . Now the Democrats are involved in still another folly, the probable election of their most visible and histrionic leftist, Howard Dean, to lead the party. Democratic National Committee members should, by all means, be encouraged to support him and thus continue their policy of political suicide…

“(Dean) is so identified with the lunatic left that just the sight of his face conjures up an image of defeat for the party, as a prisoner of its radical wing. The Democrats are destined to remain a minority unless they break forcefully with their left, which is now correctly identified as an anti-American, anti-wealth cabal with no legitimacy among the growing middle class.”

- Author and former Democrat Party official Martin L. Gross


“It used to be the Democrats’ boast that Hillary Clinton is the world’s smartest woman. Maybe yes or may no, but one thing is becoming apparent: she’s smarter than most of her fellow Democrats. Else how to account for Hillary moving rightward while the rest of the party’s leadership remains stuck in a well-to-the-left-of-center rut.”

- Lyn Nofziger’s “Musings,” 1/28/05


“Memo to the unwary: Hillary's comin,' and she's gonna get you if you don't watch out. (And maybe even if you do.) The junior senator from New York not only has star power, but as strategist and tactician she's miles ahead of the neutered old Democratic bulls in Congress who think the return to power lies through potholed streets trashed by recrimination and reproach...

“Hillary, in fact, is emerging as the bright light in a party of dim bulbs, a fading galaxy of has-beens reeking of halitosis and stale underwear. . . . Hillary Clinton remains the most divisive figure in American politics. But she's also one of the smartest. We live in interesting times.”

- Wes Pruden’s “Pruden On Politics,” 1/28/05


“Sixty-four Border Patrol agents have been assaulted in the past three months along a 260-mile stretch of the Arizona-Mexico border - the country's busiest illegal entry point - as the U.S. government continues its fight for "operational control" of the region. As law-enforcement efforts have increased, so have the incidents of violence and the intensity of the attacks on the agents in the stretch known as the Tucson sector - which are averaging one assault every two days and are on pace to increase this year by 80 percent.”

- Washington Times, 1/28/05


“Congressman Tom Tancredo (R-CO) issued a statement on Thursday blasting soon to be former Homeland Security Sec. Tom Ridge after reports that funding for 2,000 additional border patrol agents mandated by the recently passed intelligence reform bill would likely not be included in the DHS budget proposal. ‘I'm disappointed but not surprised as Mr. Ridge has never taken border security too seriously,’ said Tancredo, head of the Congressional Immigration Reform Caucus. ‘It's equivalent to denying a crime ridden city more officers for protection, it simply makes no sense.’"

- Talon News, 1/28/05


“A Mexican government official has threatened to use international courts to block an Arizona law meant to limit public benefits and voting rights to legal residents of the U.S. Foreign Secretary Luis Ernesto Derbez said in a radio interview Wednesday that an international strategy would be used if other attempts to reverse Proposition 200 fail, the Associated Press reported…

“Mexican officials have repeatedly complained about Proposition 200, which went into effect Tuesday. The statewide measure denies most taxpayer benefits to illegal aliens and requires state workers to report applicants for such benefits who may not be eligible. It also requires anyone registering to vote in the state to show proof of citizenship and bring a government-issued ID to the polling place.”

-, 1/28/05


“Students at the University of North Texas protested President Bush's proposed guest-worker program on Wednesday by staging a ‘Capture the Illegal Immigrant’ game on the campus of the school in Denton, about 35 miles north of Dallas. As part of the game, three members of the Young Conservatives of Texas ‘walked around campus wearing bright orange T-shirts with the words 'Illegal Immigrant' on the front and 'Catch me if u can' on the back,’ the North Texas Daily reported.

“People were encouraged to find these members and ask them why the organization does not support Bush's plan. Participants who caught the 'immigrants' were rewarded with a...candy bar.’ The purpose of the game was ‘to bring illegal immigration to the forefront of campus debate,’ said Michele Connole, a UNT junior and publicity director for Young Conservatives of Texas. The game provoked heated confrontations with some Hispanic students.”

- Greg Pierce’s “Inside Politics,” 1/28/05


“John Candy's title character in 1989's Uncle Buck had the right idea, at least as far as smokeless tobacco giant UST is concerned. ‘Hey, I stopped smoking cigarettes. Isn't that something? I'm on to cigars now. I'm on to a five-year plan. I eliminated cigarettes, then I go to cigars, then I go to pipes, then I go to chewing tobacco, then I'm on to that nicotine gum.’

“In this year's annual earnings report, UST noted that the plans it put into place last year to attract some of America's 50 million smokers to switch to smokeless tobacco were well ahead of its original expectations. UST points to a growing segment within the public health community that says that a switch to smokeless tobacco is a pragmatic strategy for smokers to continue enjoy tobacco products without the same level of health risk posed by cigarettes.”

- The Motley Fool, 1/27/05


“Of all the things that I say on the air, there are two things that are absolutely, positively guaranteed to bring hellfire, damnation, condemnation and the worst wishes of loving people down about my head and shoulders. The first would be any statement which would indicate that I don't hate, fear, loathe and condemn homosexuals. The second would be an expression in my belief in evolution.

“So, just to stir the puddin' a bit more today, let me quote Richard Burton who, if we can draw anything from his experiences with Elizabeth Taylor, was NOT a homosexual: ‘I have never known anyone who took great exception to homosexuals...that there wasn't something drastically wrong with that very person himself.’ Uh oh. Here comes the email. Why do I keep doing this to myself?”

- Talk show host Neal Boortz, 1/28/05

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