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News & Views, 2/1/05


What makes idiot leftist Michael Moore tick? Check out Lowell Ponte’s recent in-depth look at the anti-American propagandist on our “Issues & Answers” page at A real eye-opener.

Also, I’m changing the name of my op/ed column from Muth’s Truths to “Uncommon Sense.” An archive of past columns can be accessed on the Citizen Outreach website under the “Uncommon Sense” page.

Due to popular demand, I’ve changed the Muth’s Truths page to a master list of some of my favorite quotes which I’ve featured occasionally in News & Views, primarily dealing with the proper role of government as articulated by the Founders. If you have any additional quotes you think should be added to the list, please send ‘em to me at A great resource for those arguments with that “black sheep” liberal in your family or office!

Lastly, I’ve posted the following new Survey Says! question on the aptly-named Survey Says! page: “Which is the biggest potential national crisis facing the country today?”

* Social Security
* Medicare
* Gay Marriage
* Terrorism
* Hillary’s 2008 presidential run
* Illegal immigration
* Something else

Cast your vote by clicking the “Survey Says!” tab at


“Now...let's discuss Democratic reaction to this historic weekend. In short, this (elections in Iraq) is not what Democrats wanted to see. They wanted negative news this weekend, not positive. . . . We have reached a point in this country where one of our own political parties is rooting for the enemy. Their side lost. Stand by for the whining.”

- Neal Boortz, Nealz Nuze, 1/31/05


“(John) Kerry did not, actually, offer a credible and coherent alternative. That had a lot to do with Bush being re-elected."

- George Soros, who dumped $26 million of his own money into campaign efforts to defeat Bush last year


“Now, in choosing their new national leader, the Democratic Party is publishing a much more succinct suicide note. It reads 'Chairman Howard Dean'... So why are the Democrats selecting Dean? And why is Harold Ickes, the putative spokesperson for the Clintons, embracing the choice? Because Dean's momentum is unstoppable and nobody wants to stand in the way of the avalanche of self-destructiveness which is pouring onto the Democrats from their left-wing supporters.”

- Columnist and former Clinton adviser Dick Morris


“A multibillion dollar lawsuit against McDonald's for making people fat has twice been laughed out of court since it was first filed in 2002. But last week the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit partially reinstated it on a technicality...

“What has the personal-injury set so excited is that the appellate court ruling will allow them to collect more ‘evidence’ to support their far-fetched case. These discovery proceedings will cost defendants millions of dollars, which gives the plaintiffs leverage in any potential settlement talks.

“The main effect of the ruling, notes legal scholar Ted Frank in the Web log, ‘will be to raise the cost of defending against meritless claims -- which will encourage nuisance settlements, which in turn will encourage more meritless claims in the hopes of extorting such nuisance settlements.’ This is the economic damage wrought by frivolous lawsuits and a legal system that doesn't do nearly enough to discourage them.”

- “Review & Outlook,” Wall Street Journal, 2/1/05


“Immigration is certainly more complex than many border-control advocates would have you believe. But supporters of rational reform that would regularize the flow of immigrant labor should recognize that it must be accompanied by measures to address the legitimate concerns of Americans who worry the federal government has completely lost control of the borders. Many voters don't trust any plan coming out of Washington, whether it's by Mr. Bush or anyone else.”

- John Fund On the Trail,, 1/31/05


“The political lust for ever-more tax revenue is a bipartisan affliction, as Indiana voters are finding out to their regret. Their reward for electing their first Republican Governor in 16 years looks like it will be a big tax increase.

“This pocketbook raid comes courtesy of Mitch Daniels, the former White House budget director whose victory last November also brought in GOP control of the Indiana house. (The party already controlled the senate.) He's now helping to define Republicanism in the Hoosier state by proposing a 29% tax increase, levied largely on anyone making $100,000 or more -- including married couples filing jointly and small business owners.

“...In Washington, President Bush called Mr. Daniels ‘The Blade’ for his budget carving. It's a shame that the people he's giving the knife to in Indianapolis are his own voters.”

- “Review & Outlook,” Wall Street Journal, 1/31/05


On Saturday, the Providence Journal reported on a decision by Lincoln, Rhode Island’s school district NOT to participate in the state’s annual spelling bee because, as the Assistant Schools Superintendent Linda Newman explained it, spelling bees violate the spirit of the No Child Left Behind Act, jeopardize students’ self-esteem...and spelling really isn’t all that important. According to Newman, it’s “writing” which is important...though I fail to see how writing misspelled words is consistent with the No Child Left Behind Act. But I digress.

The decision not to allow kids to participate in this year’s spelling bee was apparently made a year ago, but only became public knowledge last week when it was reported in a weekly community newspaper...followed quickly by talk radio. Then more mainstream media picked up on the story, including our friend James Taranto over at Best of the Web. A “hubbub” over the decision then broke out in the community, with a lot of folks apparently agreeing with state Education Commissioner Peter McWalters who said, “This is just so bizarre.”

According to the Providence Journal, “Newman doesn’t understand what all the hubbub is about.” She told the paper that she never even considered sending a letter home to parents informing them of the decision and had only received three phone calls from parents over it. Of course, maybe if Ms. Newman had informed the parents, she might have received more calls. But we’re probably just being nit-picky.

Now, I was all prepared to help get Ms. Newman a few additional calls by posting this incident and her phone number as a Brushfire Alert. I mean, this would be RIGHT UP OUR ALLEY. A stupid decision by government bureaucrats in our public schools which offends common sense.

But when I called the school district to confirm the accuracy of the story, I was informed that a meeting was held yesterday morning and the bone-headed decision was reversed. The kids in Lincoln’s elementary schools WILL participate in the spelling bee on February 17th.

I guess just the THOUGHT of News & Views readers getting tuned up was enough to rattle their chains and force them into making the “right” decision! :)

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