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News & Views, 2/11/05


Should government-assistance programs such as Social Security and prescription drugs be “means tested” - that is, provided only to people who earn under a certain income level?

* Yes
* No
* Not sure

Cast your vote by clicking the “Survey Says!” tab at

Results of the last Survey Says! Question: “Should airport security screening be returned to private contractors?”

Yes - 74%
No - 23%
Not sure - 3%


I gotta tell ya, I’m really looking forward to speaking at the Libertarian Party convention in Los Angeles a week from Saturday - if for no other reason than the number of people who really, REALLY don’t want me there.

First, there are the “litmus-test” Libertarians don’t think I meet their “purity” test on some issues and, therefore, shouldn’t be allowed to speak. Others are still steamed at how critical I was of the LP presidential candidate last year.

And then there are some nervous-Nellie Republicans who are scared to death my speech - the title of which I borrowed from Johnny Unitas: “Talk Is Cheap, Let’s Go Play” - will help Libertarians become more of a credible ballot-box alternative and thus drain even more votes from the GOP in future elections. But that’s silly. As long as Republicans back up their limited-government rhetoric with votes and legislation to actually limit the size, scope and expense of government, they have nothing to worry about.


Anyway, the convention is next weekend, February 18-20, at the Sheraton Gateway Hotel at Los Angeles International Airport. If you’d like to attend the full three-day convention, they have package prices ranging from $39 to $299. If you’d just like to attend my luncheon speech, the cost is $79 with the meal or $25 without the meal. But you have to pre-register online. If you show up at the door, the prices are higher (and may be sold out).

For additional details or to register, just go to:

Hope to see some of you there!


“A (state) Senate panel yesterday decided to drop the so-called ‘droopy-drawers’ bill, saying the legislation - which called for a $50 fine for exposed undies - had made Virginia an international laughingstock.”

- Washington Times, 2/11/05


“Dear Mr. Muth: I hate tobacco; cigarette smoke makes me sick to my stomach, burns my sinuses and kills my head. I have friends that have died, are dying, or battled death and won, temporarily anyway, because of smoking. I believe that for Christians, smoking is sinful. I am, nonetheless, in total agreement with you on this one.

“If people want to smoke they should have the right and if businesses want to accommodate that right they should be allowed to do so. I can find plenty of places to eat, shop, watch sports or whatever where smoking is verboten, but it should be up to the individual businessman, er, businessperson (forgive my insensitivity) to decide, not forced on them by government.”- Pastor Keith Jenkins


“Should unions be outlawed? Of course not. People should certainly be free to form a collective to negotiate with one voice with their employer. By the same token, the employer should be free to say ‘thanks, but no thanks’ and either close doors, or hire employees who have a greater sense of their own individuality.”

- Talk-show host Neal Boortz


“Congress is considering legislation that conservatives and libertarians warn will create a national ID card system, calling it a backdoor attempt to remove privacy protections gained in a law passed only last year. The Real ID Act of 2005 (H.R. 418), introduced Jan. 26 by House Judiciary Committee Chairman James Sensenbrenner (R-Wis.), would eliminate existing privacy protections and give the secretary of Homeland Security expanded powers to control states' driver's licenses and ID cards, and the data collected while issuing them.”- CNS News, 2/10/05 (The bill passed the House on Thursday 261-161)


“After more than three decades and $29 billion, it'd be nice to think Washington could learn how to run a railroad. But it hasn't, so it is entirely fitting that in his Fiscal Year 2006 budget President Bush is proposing to eliminate all funding for the operating expenses of the federal railroad known as Amtrak unless significant reform takes place.”

- “Review & Outlook,” Wall Street Journal, 2/10/05


“Some neoconservatives these days argue big government is OK so long as it is conservative big government representing values in which they believe. Big government is not OK. Every inch the government grows, the same inch is taken from the liberties of the people, starting with the basic liberty of spending your own money the way you choose rather than the way the government chooses to spend it for you.

“Massive programs inevitably have unintended consequences; government, though necessary for many purposes, is no more a precision instrument for constructive social change than a sledgehammer is for brain surgery.”

- Columnist Jay Ambrose


“Presidents come and go, but laments about the high price of higher education are eternal -- and so are calls for ever more federal aid to mitigate it. For 60 years, the federal government has been shoveling money into programs meant to make college more affordable -- yet a college degree today is more unaffordable than ever. Rarely has Washington so comprehensively worsened a problem it was determined to solve.

“...Isn't it time to stop pouring fuel on this fire? Instead of renewing the Higher Education Act, Congress should phase it out, thereby forcing colleges and universities to compete on price. That would leave financial aid to the private sector, which can target it far more effectively -- and where it should have been left all along.”

- Boston Globe columnist Jeff Jacoby


“If you've seen the film, ‘Invasion of the Body Snatchers,’ you'll know how I feel about the state of the current Democratic Party. The film, as you'll recall, depicted the bodies of decent, normal citizens being taken over while they slept by alien entities marching in conformist and destructive lockstep. . . . The culminating act of this sad transformation will come when Howard Dean is elected national party chairman. . . . With the advent of the Dean chairmanship, the Body Snatchers' takeover will be complete and the party of ideas will have been fully transformed to one of reflexive and strident opposition.”

- Columnist and Democrat activist Ted Van Dyk


* A great story about Ronald Reagan and a threatened government shut-down * President Bush whips out his American Taxpayer Express card and charges another $950 million * Conservative Republicans push to reopen the prescription drug benefit to “means test” it * Losing the battle of words over “mandatory spending” and “entitlements” * Wal-Mart sticks it to the unions...again * The Nutty Professor in Colorado might get scalped after all, due to an “ethnic diversity” loophole * A boot-scootin’ boogeyman chickens out and hangs up the spurs * And Bill Clinton’s love shack ain’t packing ‘em in like he planned.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chuck, you left out one response for your survey.... c) Not be provided at all. I wonder how many of the "no's" think that Social Security and other entitlement programs shouldn't be means tested because they shouldn't exist.

As for me, if we must have them then they should only be available to the needy, like welfare. No one should depend on Social Security for retirement income (especially anyone currently under 30), but sometimes disaster does strike. When it does, the government should be able to provide the bare necessities. The rest of, who have planned well and not had a catastrophic event, should be able to make do on our own.

February 11, 2005 at 12:12 PM  
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