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News & Views, 2/16/05


The News & Views item yesterday titled “NATIONAL ID TROJAN HORSE” was penned by Rep. Ron Paul, Texas Republican. An editing error clipped off his attribution. Mea culpa.


Got something new for DC Confidential subscribers which I think many of you are REALLY gonna like.

Until about a year ago I hosted a one-hour political talk-show - which was only available via the internet - featuring prominent public policy experts and government officials discussing “hot” topics of the day. Unfortunately, if you weren’t sitting in front of your computer when the interview aired...tough luck.

Which was a those “Always Right with Chuck Muth” interviews went WELL beyond the 5-minute surface coverage of such issues you generally get from watching Hannity or O’Reilly, et. al. These interviews were not only entertaining, they really got into the “meat” of the issues; a treat for the SERIOUS grassroots activist.

Well, although I no longer do the “live” internet show, I’ve found a way to automatically have phone interviews transcribed into text by an internet service which can be posted on the web (God bless Al Gore for inventing this thing!). And I *think* I’ve also found a service whereby I will be able to post the actual AUDIO interview on our website so folks can listen to it whenever it’s convenient for YOU.

Anyway, these EXCLUSIVE “Always Right” interviews will now be provided to DC Confidential subscribers as an additional “thank you” for your financial support of Citizen Outreach.

But I’m going to share the one I did yesterday with EVERYBODY...for two reasons.

First, we have a lot of new News & Views subscribers who probably never caught an “Always Right” interview when we were doing them over the ‘net. In fact, a lot of old subscribers probably never heard them either. So I want to give you a taste of what you were MISSING.

Second, the interview I did yesterday was truly “hot.” I mean, the topic is deadly serious - with potentially catastrophic consequences for our military service personnel and our national defense. It’s an interview EVERYBODY should read.

So without further ado…


When there’s something the neighborhood...who ya gonna call? Ghost-Busters!

And when a member of the U.S. military finds himself in legal trouble associated with his military service...who’s he gonna call? Well, there’s a good chance it’ll be...Charles Gittins.

Mr. Gittins is an attorney who has not only handled some of the highest profile cases in recent years involving members of the United States military...but has an impressive win/loss record in those cases, as well. See if you don’t recall some of these cases from the headlines over recent years…

* Commander Robert Stumpf, a decorated Navy pilot falsely accused of misconduct in the Tailhook scandal, who was being denied a promotion by Sen. Sam Nunn and the Senate Armed Services Committee
* Sergeant Major Gene McKinney, the Army’s first black sergeant major, who was accused of sexual misconduct by six military women after the Army created a “sexual harassment” website
* Commander Scott Waddle, skipper of the USS Greenville, a nuclear submarine which collided with and sank a Japanese fishing boat near Hawaii, resulting in the deaths of nine Japanese students
* Major Harry Schmidt, a fighter pilot and former Top Gun instructor accused of manslaughter in the “friendly fire” deaths of four Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan in 2002

Mr. Gittins is currently representing Marine Second Lieutenant Ilario Pantano, accused of murdering two Iraqi insurgents who were attempting to speed away in an SUV last April. If you haven’t heard or read about this one yet, make sure you’re sitting down...and take your blood pressure medicine. You’re about to get REALLY hot under the collar.

When it comes to military legal trouble, Charles Gittins is the American GI’s best friend. Find out about his remarkable career “defending the defenders,” the military’s outrageous prosecution of Ilario Pantano (if you don’t know already, you won’t BELIEVE the job this guy left to do his patriotic duty in Iraq!) and what YOU can do to help Lt. Pantano...and others who may come after him.

Just go to and click on the “Always Right” button in the left-hand column. Then click on the “Interview with Charles Gittins” link at the top of the page.

And when you’re finished...make sure you don’t miss any future “Always Right” interviews by subscribing to DC Confidential TODAY (subscription information below).


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