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News & Views, 2/18/05


“Retired Marines set up a security watch yesterday around the North Carolina home of accused 2nd Lt. Ilario Pantano, after a Pakistan-connected Web site depicted a beheading of the Marine Corps officer. ‘It's a show of solidarity for Pantano,’ Charles Gittins, his civilian attorney, said of the former Marine volunteers. Mr. Gittins said Lt. Pantano has been charged unfairly with premeditated murder by the Corps at Camp Lejeune, N.C., arguing that he killed two Iraqi insurgents in self-defense.”

- Washington Times, 2/17/05 (Read this week’s “Always Right” interview with Charles Gittins about the Pantano case, as well as the other high-profile cases Mr. Gittins has taken on behalf of accused military men, by clicking on the Always Right link at


“It would appear that in their quest for left-wing ideological purity, the Democratic Party is determined to fall off the proverbial election cliff. So be it. While George W. Bush is bringing the country into the 21st century, the Democrats are stuck somewhere between the 1930s and the 1970s. It's a political death wish. But they don't seem to realize it.”

- Columnist Lawrence Kudlow


“Republicans swept to power in Congress 10 years ago championing state prerogatives, and one of their first acts was to repeal federal speed-limit requirements. Another was aimed at ending unfunded state mandates. So last week's House vote to require costly and intrusive federal standards for state drivers' licenses is a measure of how far the party has strayed from these federalist principles.”

- “Review & Outlook,” Wall Street Journal, 2/17/05


“Democrats and some Republicans, however, have argued that the partial privatization plan needs to be offset by raising the amount of a person's annual income subject to the payroll tax above the current $90,000. The president was asked about an increase in the cap at a press conference yesterday and refused to rule it out...

“Steve Moore, an influential conservative and president of the Free Enterprise Fund, said Mr. Bush's refusal to rule out increasing the cap is ‘only compromising with himself.’ ‘I've talked to a lot of leading conservatives today who are extremely irritated that he's opening the door to raising taxes,’ Mr. Moore said.”

- Washington Times, 2/18/05


“The fact is, Congress has a spending addiction, and appears to be incapable of curbing its appetite regardless of which party is in the majority. And, the mainstream media continues to poison the public discourse with its unrelenting attacks on even modest proposals to cut spending. At the same time, the administration has done itself no favors by failing to make a serious attempt at controlling spending. Social Security reform, overhaul of the tax code, and even the permanence of the president's previous tax cuts are in jeopardy as a result.”

- Veronique de Rugy of the Cato Institute and Tad DeHaven of the National Taxpayers Union


“It is time to rethink the nearly half-billion dollars in aid we send to U.N. peacekeeping operations.”
- Columnist Michelle Malkin


“I am conflicted by this whole Ward Churchill business. Churchill is the University of Colorado professor who made disgusting comments in an essay comparing 9/11 victims to Adolph Eichmann or more precisely ‘little Eichmanns.’

“...Tenure at the University of Colorado is awarded to promote academic freedom, which is, according to University documents, ‘defined as the freedom to inquire, discover, publish and teach truth as the faculty member sees it, subject to no control or authority save the control and authority of the rational methods by which truth is established.’

“...Which brings us around to the question of whether (Prof. Ward) Churchill's views were arrived at by ‘rational methods’ and whether the publication of those views constitutes ‘serious misconduct or incompetence.’ The answer is no. On both. Churchill's statement (is) disgusting, but is not so virulently dangerous that it merits his dismissal as a tenured member of the university faculty.”

- Rich Galen, Mullings, 2/17/05


Should government-assistance programs such as Social Security and prescription drugs be “means tested” - that is, provided only to people who earn under a certain income level?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

RE: 'Ward Churchill'
Giving Churchill media space tends to verify him. Ignore him, he is not worth your time. Joanna in OH

February 18, 2005 at 10:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The WSJ wrote:

"Republicans swept to power in Congress 10 years ago championing state prerogatives, and one of their first acts was to repeal federal speed-limit requirements. Another was aimed at ending unfunded state mandates. So last week's House vote to require costly and intrusive federal standards for state drivers' licenses is a measure of how far the party has strayed from these federalist principles."

Would these federal standards be more "costly and intrusive" than, say, having the Jihadis nuke New York City?

Incidentally, the WSJ is notorious for knee-jerk open-borders advocacy.

February 18, 2005 at 11:12 PM  
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