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News & Views, 2/2/05


Which is the biggest looming national crisis at this time?

* Social Security
* Medicare
* Terrorism
* Gay Marriage
* Hillary’s 2008 presidential run
* Illegal immigration
* Something else

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So I’m on ABC satellite radio yesterday talking with my friend and show host Brian Wilson when it struck me that I made a mistake in changing the name of my op/ed column from Muth’s Truths to Uncommon Sense...while naming our new webpage of historical quotations about government Muth’s Truths. In reality, the quotes from our Founders were, at the time, common sense...but in this day and age, they are certainly and unfortunately all too UNcommon. So I’ll continue to publish the op/ed columns under the Muth’s Truths label...and you can find my treasure chest of invaluable political quotations on the Uncommon Sense page.

Does that make sense?


“The sensitivity police in Vermont have nothing better to do this winter than examine teddy bears for possible offenses against the emotionally thin-skinned. And so the Vermont Human Rights Commission has officially urged the Vermont Teddy Bear company to stop selling its ‘Crazy for You’ bear. The reason? The bear, which comes wrapped in a straight jacket with a little heart on it, might offend the mentally ill. . . .

“This letter was sent the day after the New Hampshire House voted against putting ‘Live free or die’ on the state flag because the state motto is allegedly ‘political’ and might offend some people. Next thing you know, Killington, Vt. and Greenland, N.H. will have to change their names. Pacifists and the colorblind might take offense.”

- The Manchester Union-Leader, 2/2/05


“The thing about (John) Kerry is: No one cared what he thought about important issues of the day before he became the Democratic nominee. And no one cares now. Fifteen minutes, baby. Fifteen minutes of fame.”

- Rich Galen’s “Mullings,” 2/2/05


“I hate the Republicans and everything they stand for."

- Likely new Democrat Party chairman Howard Dean, quoted in the New York Daily News


“A recent Web chat that famed fantasizer Michael Moore had with the U.K.'s Channel 4 was quite revealing. When Moore was asked why most Democrats voted to confirm Condoleezza Rice as Secretary of State, Moore replied that the vote ‘was a disgusting sight and indicative of who the Democrats are - they are lazy and they're cowards and I'm just hoping that the more they continue to act like that the more it will encourage Americans to run against them and put the U.S. back in the hands of the working class, where it belongs.’

“Moore's response to an inquiry about whether he thought Jeb Bush would run for the presidency in 2008 brought more Dem derision. ‘The Democrats are going to have a very hard time winning the next election,’ Moore moaned. ‘The Republicans have a number of star players and the Democrats have a lot of wimps and losers.’"

- Left Coast Report, 2/1/05


“The chairman of the House aviation subcommittee said Monday he is drafting a proposal to get rid of all government security screeners at the nation's airports and replace them with employees working for private companies. Rep. John Mica, R-Fla., said that air travelers would face fewer long waits at checkpoints if the Transportation Security Administration hired companies to do airport screening. About 45,000 TSA screeners now handle airport security. ‘I want to get TSA totally out of operating screening,’ said Mica, who has accused the agency of being too bureaucratic and only marginally effective.”

- USA Today, 2/1/05


“Unfortunately, the president's program, in its current form, is truly a case of good intentions gone awry. The grant concept is deeply flawed and I predict that the organizations getting these federal grants will in short order start looking like the same government programs we were trying to get away from. For starters, the circular logic is compelling. Faith-based programs are successful because they are faith-based. If in order to get federal funding the services must be delivered devoid of the faith component, what exactly is a faith-based initiative? We serve up the doughnut on condition you only get the hole.”

- Star Parker of the Coalition on Urban Renewal and Education


“Since the CAN-SPAM Act went into effect in January 2004, unsolicited junk e-mail on the Internet has come to total perhaps 80 percent or more of all e-mail sent, according to most measures. That is up from 50 percent to 60 percent of all e-mail before the law went into effect."

- The New York Times


“How can parents not understand that turning over their children to the state to be educated will have consequences? Can anyone truly expect that their child will survive such an experience with even the most shallow understanding of the dangers of too much government?

“If your child is educated in a Catholic private school you would reasonably expect that your child will come away believing that the Catholic way of looking at things is pretty much on mark. Ditto for a Baptist or a Hebrew school. And you somehow think that government schools don't work the same magic? Doesn't it stand to reason that if you send your child to a government school that your child will ‘learn,’ if that's the word, that government is the answer to most of the problems they will face in their lives?”

- Neal Boortz, Nealz Nuze, 2/1/05


“Tennessee Gov. Phil Bredesen is just two years into his first term, but already he's attracting attention as a possible presidential contender in 2008. His state of the state address last night shows why. He's a clear thinking, fiscally conservative Southern Democrat who enjoys hunting and fishing and is able to mention God without sounding politically patronizing. His address last night showed that he can pepper his speech with folksy metaphors and manage to come across as being effortlessly in tune with the concerns of average Americans in a way John Kerry, Howard Dean and Hillary Clinton simply don't.

“He's also begun to amass a fiscally conservative record that most Republicans would be hard-pressed to match. Facing tight budgets, he's leading the charge to cut health care costs by dismantling the state's costly entitlement program, TennCare. Although he wants to leave in place the benefits it provides for children, he's been successful at holding spending down and amassing the largest rainy day fund in the state's history. Notably, he has also firmly refused to go along with any proposal to raise taxes. In contrast, his predecessor in the governor's mansion, Republican Don Sundquist, spent much of his last years in office trying to enact an income tax.”

- Brendan Miniter, Political Diary, 2/1/05

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