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News & Views, 2/22/05


AARP is using its members’ money to run full-page ads all across the country today maintaining the screwed up Socialism Security system “is not in need of radical overhaul” and that allowing you to VOLUNTARILY put some of your OWN money into a retirement program of YOUR choice is an “extreme measure.”

In the ad, the far-left seniors’ group provides a TOLL-FREE phone number for folks to use to contact their congress-critter on the Social Security issue. So why not take this opportunity to give your member of Congress a little kick in the pants and urge them not to be intimidated by AARP’s misleading liberal advertising campaign...on AARP’s dime!

The number to call is 1-800-307-8525.


A New York City school teacher, Alex Kunhardt, oversaw a class project in which a bunch of his sixth-graders sent a slew of “demoralizing anti-Iraq-war letters” to a GI on his way from Korea to the war-torn area in the Middle East. According to stories in the New York Post, it appears the kids had been brain-washed by the teacher into penning their anti-Iraq diatribes. "It boggles my mind that children could think this stuff,” Pfc. Rob Jacobs says.

Yes. Mr. Kunhardt is a PUBLIC school teacher. Go figure. Anyway, here’s an excerpt from the original story which appeared in the Post yesterday…

* * * QUOTE * * *

February 21, 2005 -- An American soldier overseas is fuming over letters he received from Brooklyn middle-school children accusing GIs of destroying mosques and killing civilians in Iraq.

Pfc. Rob Jacobs of New Jersey said he was initially ecstatic to get a package of letters from sixth-graders at JHS 51 in Park Slope last month at his base 10 miles from the North Korea border.

That changed when he opened the envelope and found missives strewn with politically charged rhetoric, vicious accusations and demoralizing predictions that only a handful of soldiers would leave the Iraq war alive.

"It's hard enough for soldiers to deal with being away from their families, they don't need to be getting letters like this," Jacobs, 20, said in a phone interview from his base at Camp Casey. "If they don't have anything nice to say, they might as well not say anything at all."

* * * UNQUOTE * * *

If you’d like to leave a message for Mr. Kunhardt in his personal voice-mail box at William Alexander Middle School, call (718) 369-7603 and punch in extension 431.


“Newt Gingrich is demanding that the Bush administration get serious about stopping illegal immigration. The former House speaker wants the United States to completely seal off its border along Mexico and Canada, deport illegal aliens within 72 hours of their arrest and exclude U.S. courts from reviewing such deportations.
"…’It's a complete misreading of the 14th Amendment’ to the Constitution to think that illegal aliens are entitled to the same rights as U.S. citizens, he said on the closing day of the 32nd annual Conservative Political Action Conference.

“He hit all the right notes for activists at a conference where immigration proved to be the hottest issue - in speeches, panel discussions and hallway talk. Legal immigrants, he said, should ‘have to learn about American history to pass a citizenship test, and they should have to pass it in English.’”

- Washington Times, 2/21/05


“My concern is that this (President Bush’s proposed spending cuts) is really just small potatoes. I mean, you think of 150 programs in a budget that's going to cost $2.6 trillion and that funds thousands of programs every year, 150 really is just a sliver of a sliver."

- Stephen Slivinski of the Cato Institute, Washington Times, 2/21/05


“In his first term, Mr. Bush enacted some of the most fiscally reckless budgets in a quarter-century. The budget grew twice as fast as under Bill Clinton. The first-term Bush administration rhetoric of Reaganite tight-fistedness never caught up with the reality of the fiscal meltdown in Washington. Bloated Bush budgets, only padded with more grease and fat by Congress, created spending growth unmatched by any president since Lyndon B. Johnson, and a soaring $400 billion deficit.

“...Of course, the Bush administration has been forced to fight the war on terrorism. But the higher funding for guns, has not corresponded with reduced spending on butter. That has meant debt-laden budgets that have confused voters about whether Republicans still believe in smaller government.”

- Stephen Moore of the Free Enterprise Fund


“Last week PBS President Pat Mitchell lobbied Congress for more money, and Republicans on Capitol Hill floated ideas for keeping the increasingly irrelevant corporation alive. No one seems to be asking this simple question: In a world in which 85 percent of Americans pay for either cable or satellite television, and with educational videos available in shopping malls and Wal-Marts nationwide, what possible justification can there be for a publicly subsidized television network?

“Every excuse for forcing Americans to pay for a television network has been exhausted. Educational and arts programs are widely available elsewhere. C-SPAN does a better job of informing Americans about government than PBS ever dreamed of doing. PBS news shows are drowned out by a cacophony of competitors who deliver news as well or better. What's left? Reruns of British sitcoms? Simply put, PBS has no mission that cannot be realized either in the for-profit sector or by converting the network to a private non-profit foundation.”

- Manchester Union-Leader editorial


Limited-government conservatives have three party options. The primary one, of course, is the GOP. The other two are the Libertarian Party and the Constitution Party.

A number of you have written asking where you can get more information on the Libertarian Party platform in light of my speech to their convention in California last weekend. You can find a their positions on a full range of issues by going to:

Now, if you prefer your limited government mixed with a healthy dose of religion, you might want to check out the Constitution Party platform by going to:

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Published by:
Chuck Muth
1315 Wilson Point Road
Middle River, MD 21220


Anonymous Diana said...

Chuck, I don't agree with the article about pulling the plug on PBS. I am one of the 15 percent of Americans that doesn't have cable TV nor will I waste my money purchasing cable TV. PBS is something that I can receive with my antenna. PBS has programs that are actually educational and they also have the Simpsons which I think is a hilarious show. My elderly parents don't have cable TV either and also watch PBS. I do think it is programming that fills a niche in our society.

February 22, 2005 at 2:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How about an address or e-mail for PFC Jacobs so we can send him some overwhelming support letters.

February 22, 2005 at 6:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I support your effort to sink PBS as it is unused
and nearly anti-American.

I do NOT support other parties than the two big ones, look what Ross Perot gave us, two terms of Bill Clinton, let's not repeat that tragedy.

February 22, 2005 at 6:49 PM  
Anonymous JEP said...

Re: Kunhardt. It is a wasste of time to send him a comment. The Principal, the Superintendant, the School board President would all be useful contacts.

February 22, 2005 at 6:50 PM  
Anonymous JEP said...

Re: Kunhardt. It is a wasste of time to send him a comment. The Principal, the Superintendant, the School board President would all be useful contacts.

February 22, 2005 at 6:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

...anyway, Kunhart's mailbox is full, as you might suspect. On another subject, Chuck, do you have any news on the little piece that I caught on the radio about the stickers that the Belgians are putting in urinals that have GW's face and the American flag on it?
I, too, would like to see PFC Jacobs email address.

February 22, 2005 at 8:47 PM  
Anonymous JMM said...

A. PBS may have a few devotees, but it is not worth the taxpayers' money. Dump it.

B. I sent Mr Kunhardt a voicemail. It may do him no good, but at least he knows what I think about his perfidy with regard to the USA, our military, and teaching lies to sixth-graders.

C. Chuck, you say our alternatives as limited-government conservatives are three-fold: GOP, Libertarian, or Constitution. Since the GOP is no longer for limited government, that leaves two. If you don't believe in live-and-let-live, every man for himself, drugs are good, that leaves one. If you believe in God but don't agree with evangelical fanaticism, I guess that leaves zero. Looks pretty bleak to me. But then we had to endure Jimmy Carter before we got Ronald Reagan. We may have to bite the bullet again.

Spring Branch, TX

February 24, 2005 at 1:29 AM  
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