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News & Views, 2/24/05


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“The Brooklyn teacher who sent an American soldier demoralizing letters written by sixth-graders apologized yesterday and admitted blame. In a statement issued by the Department of Education, social studies teacher Alex Kunhardt said he regretted offending Pfc. Rob Jacobs.”

- New York Post, 2/23/05


For those of you who wrote asking how to contact Pfc. Rob Jacobs with some more encouraging thoughts than those expressed by Mr. Kunhardt’s sixth-grade class, you can send your letters to:

Pfc. Rob Jacobsc/o Christine EngallenaPO Box 1067Jackson, NJ 08527


“A postal carrier who authorities say was stealing mail on his routes and trading it to identity thieves for drugs has been arrested. Kenneth Herman, 40, is being held in lieu of bail and is scheduled to be arraigned in San Diego Superior Court tomorrow, District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis said. Dumanis said investigators found stolen mail with Herman when he was arrested Saturday.”

- San Diego Tribune, 2/23/05


“A 49-year-old Big Spring, TX postal carrier, Emmitt Howard Bartee II, bonded out of the Howard County Detention Center on charges of manufacturing, delivery and possession of methamphetamine on Thursday. Detectives picked Bartee up after watching him make what they said was a drug delivery, West Texas Narcotics Enforcement Task Force Investigator Scott Knight said. . . . Knight said Bartee now faces state charges, but investigators may pursue federal charges as well, since Bartee is accused of delivering narcotics from a postal vehicle.”

- Odessa American, 2/19/05


“A U.S. postal carrier who delivered mail in St. Charles, IL, is accused of stealing a credit card from mail on her route and using it to purchase $4,000 in merchandise from two stores. Cindy M. Lucas...stole a credit card from a resident of the subdivision where she delivered mail and used it to purchase merchandise at [two stores] in St. Charles in December, according to police.”

- Daily Herald, 2/19/05


“A former U.S. Postal Service clerk from Pike County, PA was convicted by a federal jury this week of feigning impairment to collect disability benefits. . . . During the investigation, postal inspectors videotaped him splitting wood, operating a log splitter and installing road signs.”

- Scranton Times Tribune, 2/18/05


“Guess what? I don’t care if members of the Harvard University faculty are mad at the school’s president, Lawrence Summers for implying that their sex means women generally don’t do as well in mathematics and the sciences as men. I don’t care if they force his resignation. I don’t care if he stays or goes or apologizes another hundred times in the vain hope he’ll get these crybabies off of his back.

“...Furthermore I think Summers was dumb for waving a red flag at his faculty and dumber for apologizing for what he said. One explanation, maybe, and then shut up was about all he owed them. The fact is, no job is worth putting up with the unmitigated crap being thrown at him by a bunch of petulant, spoiled brats passing themselves off as academics.”

- Lyn Nofziger, “Musings,” 2/24/05


“Utah's state Legislature is poised to repudiate the No Child Left Behind Act and spurn $116 million in federal aid tied to it because state policy-makers are fed up with federal control of education and dictates. ‘This is not a partisan issue; this is a states' rights issue,’ said Rep. Margaret Dayton, a 55-year-old Republican and mother of 12 who has led the rebellion to make Utah the first state to opt out of No Child Left Behind.

“Mrs. Dayton's bill and another giving primacy to state education standards won unanimous House approval last week. . . . Bush administration officials have conducted round-the-clock negotiations in an attempt to prevent Utah from becoming the first state to ignore the school accountability law. . . . Eight other state legislatures -- in Colorado, Connecticut, Idaho, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, Vermont and Virginia -- are considering challenges to No Child Left Behind.”

- Washington Times, 2/23/05


“The media is aflutter today about George Bush's ‘Hit List.’ This would be the president's proposal in his new budget for fiscal year 2006 to cut or eliminate 154 programs. You would expect the Democrats to be screaming bloody murder. However, the latest lawmakers to be squealing at the trough include Republicans. That's too bad. “Scaling back Medicaid? The Republican governors are jumping up and down. Ending vocational subsidies in Pennsylvania? A GOP member of the house will have none of it. Killing a $2 million program to teach people about the underground railroad? A Republican member of the Senate opposes it.“The Republican Party used to be the party of low taxes and limited government. No more. It is now the party of big government, and the record of the last several years bears this out. We are rapidly reaching a point that when it comes to domestic policy, there isn't much difference between either party.”

- Talk show host Neal Boortz, 2/23/05


“(Secret taper Doug) Wead's behavior doesn't surprise political activists in Arizona, where Mr. Wead won a GOP Congressional primary in 1992 for an open seat. But the former Assemblies of God minister ran into a buzz saw of opposition not just from moderate Republicans turned off by his social conservatism. Many conservatives resented the fact that he was running for Congress only 18 months after having moved into the state.

“...In the last days of his race for Congress, Mr. Wead's campaign was dealt a fatal blow when the late Barry Goldwater took the extraordinary step of endorsing his Democratic opponent Karan English. ‘He told friends that he just didn't trust the fellow,’ recalls Tom Patterson, a former president of the Goldwater Institute. If George W. Bush can be faulted for anything with regard to the tapes, it's that it took him over a decade to come to the same conclusion that Barry Goldwater did.”

- John Fund, Political Diary, 2/23/05


“A state prosecutor in Florida's island city of Key West was under arrest after he reportedly ran naked and drunk across a parking lot and hopped into the wrong car, a newspaper said yesterday. Albert Tasker of the local state prosecutor's office told police he had been drinking with friends and thought it would be funny to take off his clothes and run to a friend's car in the parking lot, according to the Florida Keys Citizen newspaper. But Mr. Tasker, 28, apparently got into the back seat of the wrong car, to the distress of the woman in the vehicle. The legitimate occupant screamed and called her boyfriend, who telephoned police.”

- American Scene, Washington Times, 2/23/05


How would you best describe the nature of the Social Security system?

* A welfare program
* A government assistance program
* An insurance program
* An entitlement

Cast your vote by clicking the “Survey Says!” tab at


* “Money Quotes” from Chris Rock and Barry Bonds * Big Apple mayor misses the boat...again * Prez backs feds against state voters...again * High school entrepreneurs cash in on obesity scare * The real problem with sex ed course in public schools * ACLU turns blind eye to “illegal” aliens * Smoke nannies protest Hollywood in Washington

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“Your money has never been safe in the government’s hands, and it never will be. Governments spend money; it’s just their nature.”

- Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The survey about what is the Social Security program leaves out the option of calling a spade a spade. As currently configured the program finances the expansion of government and the enslavement of future generations to pay for it. Social Security is an enslavement program!

February 24, 2005 at 11:27 AM  
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