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News & Views, 3/1/05


* Lyn Nofziger reveals the safest bet in Washington * Big Labor’s dramatic decline * Arnold Schwarzenegger on mixing politics and religion * Girl wearing tux banned from high school yearbook for “dressing like a boy” * Michael Jackson and the new Bic ban on airplanes * Santorum goes wobbly, stops dancing with the ones who brung him * First state prepares to leave “No Child Left Behind” behind * The Nutty Professor in Colorado turns prostitute, UC plays the “john” *

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Thanks to some generous technical assistance from my friend Rodney Helm in Las Vegas, we’re now able to offer the actual audio of the “Always Right” interviews. Wanna hear my interview with attorney Charles Gittins, the man representing the Marine being charged with murder in Iraq? Just go to the “Always Right” page on and click on the “Play” button of audio icon there. That’s it. Enjoy. And I’ll let you know when other interviews are posted in the future.


“This week's Survey Says! question is one of the most important of the whole postal debate. I voted ‘once a week’ since the only thing I get is bills, belated birthday cards, and junk mail. They only collect the garbage once a week, seems to me they should only deliver it once a week.”

- News & Views reader Douglas Harrison


Considering the tremendous drop in overall volume due to cheap long distance phone rates and the internet, how many days a week does the post office need to deliver residential mail these days?

* One
* Two
* Three
* Four
* Five
* Six
* Seven

Cast your vote by clicking the “Survey Says!” tab at


“Don't expect the Bush administration to get much credit, but the wall holding back Arab democracy is beginning to crack. From elections in Afghanistan, Iraq and Palestine to reforms throughout the region, it's unlikely any of it would've happened under a different U.S. president. In a surprise move over the weekend, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak used a nationally televised speech to call for a constitutional amendment to allow opposition parties to participate in presidential elections.”

- Brendan Miniter, Political Diary, 2/28/05


“Hillary, in her true skin, is too stridently liberal and unlikable to be electable in a national election. But who says she has to show her true skin? . . . Hillary has done a far better job than I expected in faking her ‘centrism.’ She'll only get better in her ‘performances’ as time rolls on. . . . Hillary will never be a conservative. She'll never be a moderate. She'll never be anything other than a liberal. But she is getting quite accomplished at making it appear otherwise.”

- Columnist David Limbaugh


“We know that the amnesty (for illegal aliens) program didn’t work. We have done that once before under the Reagan years, and it backfired big-time.”

- California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger


“Republicans have figured out a way to erode their majority. We gave away governorships we shouldn't have lost in Tennessee, New Jersey and Wisconsin because GOP governors increased spending and taxes. We recaptured California because [Arnold] Schwarzenegger ran on lowering taxes and spending."

- Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax Reform, Washington Times, 2/28/05


“As the nation's labor leaders gather tomorrow in Las Vegas for their annual winter meeting, they face a decline in membership, dissent within the labor movement and shrinking political clout.”

- Washington Times, 2/28/05


“I have one question. If cigarette lighters are such a threat to air security, why is OK to take them on a plane on April 13th, but not April 14th? I'd really like to hear the line of reasoning for this from the enlightened TSA. If they are such a huge threat, why aren't they being confiscated immediately?- News & Views reader Matthew Best


“Home-school success is not a new phenomenon. The vast majority of the Founding Fathers were home-schooled or received private one-on-one tutoring. The advantages of one-on-one tutoring are clear: no distractions and an environment where a child can learn at his or her own pace. So much more learning can take place in the home, which is the main reason home-schoolers score an average of 20 to 30 percentile points higher on standardized tests than public school students.”

- Michael Smith of the Home School Legal Defense Association


“(Actor/director Clint) Eastwood says the controversy over (“Million Dollar Baby’s”) ending is overblown. He says people often assume his politics are tied up in the films he chooses, but adds, ‘If somebody thinks they know who I am because of a character I've played, it just means I played the role well, which is what you're supposed to do.’

“However, he is happy to sound off on his personal political views, which can be broadly described as libertarian. He stirred up a fuss a few years ago by speaking out in favor of a flat rate income tax. ‘Generally speaking, I always believe in being fiscally conservative, though it doesn't seem either party is in that category,’ he told Outside magazine in 2003. ‘I just think we should get off everybody's backs. We don't have to micromanage our society. It has to be run, but it doesn't have to be beaten to death.’"

- John Fund, Political Diary, 2/28/05


“The World Trade Organization, which the United States joined in 1994, has been disastrous for American sovereignty. . . . Make no mistake about it: WTO ministers tell Congress to change American laws, and Congress complies. In fact, congressional leaders obediently scrambled to make sure the corporate tax bill passed before a WTO deadline. Thousands and thousands of bills languish in committees, yet a bill ordered by the WTO was pushed to the front of the line.

“...Our membership in the WTO is unconstitutional, which is to say illegal. The Constitution grants Congress, and Congress alone, the authority to regulate trade. . . . Fortunately, Congress has an opportunity this year to withdraw our membership in the WTO.

“When the U.S. first joined the organization in 1994, a rushed lame-duck Congress inserted a 5 year review clause to garner some last-minute votes. This clause allows members of Congress to bring a resolution every 5 years calling for a vote on our continued membership. I plan to join with other House colleagues this year in demanding withdrawal from the WTO.”

- Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas), Texas Straight Talk, 2/28/05

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Re the TSA and cigarette lighters -- obviously matches are also verboten (if they can be found). And I guess a passenger may have one wooden stick, but not two ...

March 1, 2005 at 4:28 PM  
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